July 3, 2011

BH90210 1.12, One Man and a Baby: Teen Dad

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Insert Joey Lawrence-like "whoa!"

Summary: Brandon meets a girl named Melissa who wants to get into Harvard. She leaves behind an essay with her full name on it, which enables Brandon to look her up in the school directory. When he tries to call her, Brenda’s on the phone, trying to call a radio station. Brenda and Kelly learn that Brandon’s trying to call a girl and egg him on, telling him to be confident but nice, and not to take no for an answer, unless she says she’s babysitting. That happens to be the exact excuse Melissa gives for why she can’t go out with him. Brandon convinces her to find a replacement.

Melissa’s surprised to learn that Brandon knows nothing about her and hasn’t even heard any rumors. Brenda tries to call the radio station again, this time getting interrupted by Jim, who wonders if they should put in another line. In the car on the way to their date, Brandon and Melissa hear Brenda get through to the station and ID a bunch of songs, winning herself and Kelly skydiving lessons. Brandon laughs since Brenda’s afraid of heights.

At the end of the date, Melissa decides to tell Brandon what everyone at school already knows about her. She takes him inside and shows him Joey, who he thinks is her baby brother but who is really her son. Cue Brandon’s “huh?” face. Jim and Cindy tell Brenda she can’t go skydiving, something they don’t think she wants to do anything. When Brandon arrives, he tells Brenda about Joey, eliciting a number of questions about Melissa. He admits that he’s not sure if he’s going to ask her again.

At school, Steve fills Brandon in about Joey’s father, who’s not in the picture, and warns him that if he keeps dating Melissa, things won’t be easy. Brandon doesn’t seem to care. Melissa gets a C- on a paper, which is probably Brandon’s fault. She talks to a couple of girls who are obviously not used to being friends with someone who has a child. On Friday, Brandon heads off on his second date with Melissa while Brenda confides that she and Kelly are going on their first skydiving lesson.

Kelly and Brenda watch a video about skydiving and agree that their instructor, Don, is cute. When Brandon arrives to pick up Melissa, she asks him to take her to a noisy restaurant. They go to the Peach Pit with Joey, since Melissa’s parents weren’t able to watch him during the date. She talks to Brandon about her decision to have Joey and take responsibilities for her actions. Nat thinks Joey is Brandon’s son, then proceeds to demonstrate why he should never try to talk to children. Melissa tells Brandon that having a baby is “like jumping off a cliff.”

Brandon tells his parents about Melissa being a mother, adding that he likes her but can’t stand Joey. The next morning, Melissa brings Joey over and begs Brandon to look after him while she goes to her Harvard interview. Brandon tries to hand Joey off to Cindy, but she and Jim have to leave. Brenda’s also leaving for another skydiving lesson, so Brandon’s stuck taking care of Joey on his own. At least until Steve comes over to watch a basketball game.

Steve tries to rent Three Men and a Baby for baby tips, but it’s a no go. Brandon proves inept at changing diapers. As Steve tells him that Kelly used to talk about their future kids when they were dating, Kelly tells Brenda that Steve was actually the one who would bring it up. Brandon and Steve tape Joey’s diaper to him, then try to get him to stop crying. Singing, dancing, and food don’t work. At her lesson, Brenda has a fantasy about being a World War II skydiver assigned to jump by Paul.

Melissa returns from her interview to find Brandon feeding Joey ice cream. She’s upset with him for being irresponsible and he notes that she dumped the baby on him. Melissa tells him that her interview didn’t go well; the interviewer doesn’t think she can handle Harvard while raising a child. She knows her parents expect her to go to Harvard, but if her grades keep dropping, she doesn’t know how it’ll happen. Brandon tells her that his grades dropped when he first moved to Beverly Hills. Melissa points out that he stopped being the new kid, but she’ll always be a mother.

Brandon tells Brenda that Joey really liked him, and she replies that babies usually like other babies. (Heh.) Cindy suggests a family day, leading Jim to note that she’s been feeling like nesting since she spent some time with Joey. Brenda makes up a story for where she’s going, telling Brandon that she doesn’t want to lie to their parents, but she wants to prove that she can accomplish something. She also comes up with a way Brandon can make things up to Melissa. The two lovebirds go for a drive, during which Melissa says she feels like doing something crazy.

Speaking of doing something crazy, Kelly and Brenda go up in a plane for their first skydive. Neither girl wants to leave the other alone with Don, so they force each other out of the plane. Melissa tries to make out with Brandon while he’s driving, then gets him to pull over. He doesn’t think she’s acting like herself, which is fine with her, since right now she’d rather be someone else. She suggests staying out all night, admitting that she feels guilty about Joey all the time. She wants to feel like a teenager for just a second.

Brenda tells Jim and Cindy that she went skydiving and she’s sorry she lied. No punishment is given, in case you’re keeping score. The next day, Melissa takes Joey over to Brandon’s and tells him she got in trouble for staying out late. Apparently things got bad enough that her parents either kicked her out or she left. Brandon offers to look after Joey for a little while, but Melissa thinks she needs to give him up. She doesn’t think she can make her dreams come true with him in her life. Brandon admits that he thought Joey was annoying at first, but now he thinks parenting is awesome.

Cindy talks to Melissa about how difficult parenting is, as well as how it gets better. Melissa tells her about feeling like she needs to get away from Joey sometimes, but how she can’t wait to see him again. Cindy tells her that “no one can do everything.” She needs to figure out what she wants. Back at school, Melissa tells Brandon that Joey said “Mama” for the first time. She’s also worked out a better school schedule and will defer Harvard so she can spend more time with Joey. However, she wants to take a break from Brandon. Poor Brandon – no girl and no baby. Waaaaaaah!

Thoughts: This was just like an episode of 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom, only boring. And without that annoying Amber chick.

When did Brandon get his license back?

Don is played by Paul Satterfield, who is better known as a soap actor and who I don’t think has aged a day since this episode aired. (And yes, he is quite attractive.)


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