July 4, 2011

BSC #81, Kristy and Mr. Mom: Serious as a Heart Attack

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It was then that David Michael realized no one had noticed he was turning into a rooster

Summary: Watson has a heart attack and is told to stop working so hard. He decides to become a stay-at-home dad and let his vice presidents take care of his company. This works out well – too well, in fact, because Nannie decides that Watson’s doing such a good job at her job that the family doesn’t need her anymore. She announces that she’s moving into her own place.

Everything continues to go all right until Karen and Andrew show up for a month. (Of course it’s Karen’s fault everything falls apart.) Then suddenly no one in a  position of responsibility can keep it together anymore. Kristy tells Nannie how things are going and asks for help hiring a housekeeper. Nannie tells her that the family doesn’t need a housekeeper, they need her back. In the end, Watson decides to work a few hours from home each day and split the household responsibilities with Nannie. Yay, happy ending!

While this is going on, Mrs. Marshall (mother of Nina and Eleanor) keeps hiring sitters and not telling them there will be three extra kids in the house while they’re sitting. Mallory even has to call Jessi to come over and help when one of the kids gets hurt. The next time Mrs. Marshall calls, two sitters go over, and when she refuses to pay both of them, they leave. Then they realize that no one ever told their clients that there’s a club rule about sending two sitters for more than four kids. So the BSC girls realize that they made a mistake, and Mrs. Marshall realizes that she shouldn’t have sprung the three extra kids on them, but I still think she’s kind of a jerk.

Thoughts: I hate the phrase “Mr. Mom.” It implies that there are different jobs for mothers and fathers. There’s no such thing as a Mr. Mom. A Mr. Mom is a dad.

I’m not sure we’ve ever heard before what Watson does, but he’s the CEO of an insurance company.

I’m impressed with how well Watson’s ex and her husband get along with the Thomases. They even hire sitters from the BSC.

Five adults and teenagers can’t handle four kids without Nannie? Watson and the Thomases (which sounds like a Thomas Edison tribute band) are truly incompetent. Remember, just a couple years ago, Mrs. Thomas was caring for four kids on her own.

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  1. heather said,

    “thomas edison tribute band”…i read that while drinking a beer. i love American and you’ve made my day.

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