July 4, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.17, Psychic Friends: You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger

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I probably should have foreseen this career move...

Summary: Joey watches a rough cut of Dawson’s movie, Creek Daze, telling him it’s the most moving thing she’s ever seen. (This must be a dream.) She gushes some more, then says that Jack will be one of their generation’s best filmmakers. (Yep, it’s a dream.) Jack comes through the window and tells Joey that he ran into Steven Spielberg in the cafeteria and was offered a job. They make out and Jack proposes. “But you’re gay!” Dawson exclaims. “I guess not,” Jack replies. Joey heads back out the window with him, telling Dawson, “That’s show business,” adding that he was never her type. He wakes up screaming.

There’s a new film teacher, Ms. Kennedy, who shows the class It’s a Wonderful Life and talks about the risks great filmmakers take. Jen (since when is she in that class?) thinks Capra’s too saccharine and his characters are unrealistic. Dawson thinks Capra’s characters are often dark, yet hopeful. Ms. Kennedy agrees, saying the best movies are ambiguous. After class, Dawson tells Jen how awesome Ms. Kennedy is (she’s on sabbatical from writing a screenplay). She encourages him to show her Creek Daze.

Dawson runs into Mitch, who’s subbing at Capeside High, and asks him to pretend he doesn’t know him at school. Dawson confides that he keeps having nightmares about his movies turning out horribly. He’s also frustrated by the fact that he keeps trying to change things he has no control over. The only thing he knows for sure is that he wants to be a filmmaker. At lunch, Joey tries to bond with Jack by checking out guys together, admitting that she’s bored with everything in her life. They agree that it’s strange to be talking about guys together when they were just dating a month ago, but it doesn’t bother them.

Andie tries to get Pacey to run the safety booth for the police department at some fair. She thinks Captain Skippy the safety dog sends out a positive message. Pacey argues that they live in a democracy, so if a kid doesn’t want to sit in a safety seat, he doesn’t have to. (Heh.) Andie offers to do something intimate with Pacey if he plays the dog mascot, and it’s an offer he can’t refuse.

Joey hangs up some art at an exhibit at the fair and tells Jack she’s been thinking about kissing. Specifically, that she misses being kissed guys, since she’s sworn off relationships. Dawson stops by and is awkward with Joey and Jack. She confides to Jack that she can’t get their friendship back on track. Jack’s sure it won’t take long for them to get back into each other’s lives. He suggests that they go visit a psychic with a tent at the fair. Andie encourages Pacey to do the same, but he’s not interested in being told how horrible his life will be.

Jack and Joey go see the psychic, Ms. Zenovich, who sees the letter C but can’t connect it to anything meaningful. Something clicks and Ms. Zenovich sees that Joey’s had a lot of pain in her past and cuts herself off from new adventures. She needs to say yes to new opportunities. Joey’s come to a fork in the row and needs to choose the right path. “You will be safe as long as you follow your heart,” Ms. Zenovich says. Also, a tall, dark man will come into her life.

Ms. Kennedy has heard about Dawson’s movie from Mitch and asks to see it. Dawson tells her it’s a romance. Her presence in Capeside gives him hope that he can become a big filmmaker. Ms. Kennedy isn’t surprised that the movie is a love story since Dawson has a romantic nature. Joey laughs off the psychic’s predictions, then immediately meets a cute guy named Colin who admires her art. Jack can’t believe she doesn’t get him to stick around, but Joey reminds him that she’s not looking for a guy. However, she remembers that she’s supposed to say yes to all new opportunities.

Jen helps Grams out at a booth with quilts, then tells her a man at another booth is checking her out. He’s Whit, and he knows Grams from 30 years ago. She resists his offer to have dinner, and Jen teases Grams that Whit was having impure thoughts about her. Joey finds Colin and introduces herself, making both her and Jack happy. Dawson finally asks Ms. Kennedy to watch his movie. Colin gushes over Joey, telling her she has “sensuous lips” and asking to photograph her.

Whit comes back over to Grams’ booth and asks her out again, this time with a rose. Grams finally accepts. She looks happy at first, but as soon as Whit leaves, she gets teary. Jen thinks she’s upset that she’ll be moving on from her late husband. Grams says that her life from 30 years ago is completely over. She’s also self-conscious about looking too old. Jen promises to give her a little makeover. Meanwhile, Pacey has a way with children that only Pacey can, and Andie visits Ms. Zenovich, who seems to see something disturbing.

Joey catches up to Jack and tells him about Colin. He’s concerned that she’s going to meet him alone in the media arts building when she barely knows anything about him. Joey thinks she’s in for a learning experience. Jack announces that he’s going with her. Dawson and Ms. Kennedy watch Creek Daze together as Jen talks to Grams about safe sex and colors her hair. She thinks Grams is in for some good, old-fashioned romance.

Joey and Jack meet up with Colin and do a photo shoot. Afterward, Joey subtly sends Jack packing. Jen finishes the makeover, making Grams look completely different. Pacey asks Ms. Zenovich why she can’t just tell her clients nice things. She says they come looking for the truth. She tells him he wears a mask, showing the world that he’s strong and confident when he’s really afraid of everything. He knows that his life is “a house of cards” that could fall at any moment.

Joey and Colin get closer, seemingly about to kiss…and then he asks if Jack is seeing anyone. Joey goes back to the fair, finds Jack, and tells him Colin’s gay. She adds that Jack needs better gaydar. He’s a little upset since people don’t see him as anything other than gay. Joey tells him to meet Colin for a date she’s fixed up, but Jack’s angry that she thinks they should get together just because they’re the only gay people in town.

Ms. Kennedy is less than enthusiastic about Creek Daze, and when Dawson asks for her honest opinion, she calls it “uninspired.” There’s no emotion or message for the audience. “It’s a preposterous soap opera about a bunch of teenagers who talk too much,” she says. (I love you, Ms. Kennedy.) Dawson’s hurt by the evaluation, and Ms. Kennedy points out that Hollywood isn’t going to worry about his feelings. It’ll eat him up, and she doesn’t want to see that happen to him.

Jack brings Joey a peace offering of hot chocolate and apologizes for overreacting. He admits that he’s not ready to embark on his own new adventure of being gay. Joey notes that they’re both young and have plenty of time for romance. Dawson wanders around the fairgrounds sadly, seeing Ms. Kennedy getting into Mitch’s car, then Joey selling a drawing and celebrating with Jack.

Andie tells Pacey that she went to the psychic to find out if things are going to get better. Instead, she was told that things are going to get worse. She’s not sure she can handle any more drama. Pacey assures her that her future will be wonderful. Andie can’t quite believe that, but he says he’ll believe it for her.

Joey meets Colin to tell him Jack isn’t coming and she shouldn’t have set up the date for him. Colin confides that he’s on the rebound after ending a relationship with someone he used to be friends with. He thinks he’s trying to fill the void left behind. Joey asks why they broke up, and Colin admits that he can’t really remember. He wishes he hadn’t felt such a rush to move forward because now he can’t go back.

Jen finds Grams sitting alone at the fairgrounds and learned that Whit had to cancel their dinner because his wife wasn’t feeling well. Jen can’t believe she misinterpreted the evening as a date. She’s sorry she set Grams up for disappointment, but Grams is actually happy: She’s realized that her life isn’t over just because her husband is dead. She needs to open herself up to new friends. Jen asks if she ever gets afraid of being alone, and Grams admits that she does.

Dawson tries to get a reading from Ms. Zenovich, but she’s done for the night. He says he knows what’s coming anyway, and she tells him not to mock the spirits. She gives him a reading anyway, telling him that there’s someone in his life who he’s known for lifetimes and who sees into his soul. Dawson asks why he keeps losing her. “That which is lost can be found again,” Ms. Zenovich tells him. When Dawson turns away to get money to pay her, she disappears. Back at home, Dawson trashes the model town Jack made for the movie, stares at Joey’s picture, and tries to call her. Joey seems to contemplate going to see him, but instead she goes home, where she finds her father at the front door.

Thoughts: Ms. Kennedy is played by Mädchen Amick, who has seriously never, ever aged past 25.

Dear guy playing Colin: You are a horrible actor. Just thought you should know. P.S. You are quite handsome, though. Maybe try modeling?

Joey looks really nice during the photo shoot. Partly because her hair is finally acceptable.

Maybe it’s giving him too much credit, but I wonder if Kerr Smith knew all along that Jack was gay and that’s why he had no chemistry with Joey. They have much better chemistry as friends.

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