July 5, 2011

BH90210 1.13, Slumber Party: Sleepover Friends

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Trying to emote...failing...

Summary: Brandon teases Brenda for having a slumber party, which she calls “an evening of female bonding.” He’s surprised to hear that Andrea was invited. Kelly and Donna are skeptical that Brenda’s having a junior-highish slumber party and ask if they can invite guys. Brenda tells them the point is to bond as girls. Kelly admits that she’s also made plans with a friend named Amanda. Brenda tells Kelly to bring her, but Kelly’s embarrassed to bring her to a sleepover. David overhears the conversation and tells Scott they’re going.

Steve invites Brandon out to meet girls while Brenda holds her “evening of female bonding.” Donna and Kelly arrive for the slumber party, telling Brenda it’s weird. Amanda’s coming later, obviously wanting to be able to make an escape if she gets bored. Brandon and Steve go to a club, trying to come up with cover stories for the older women they might meet. Steve’s is that he’s an importer/exporter. Brandon wants to be a hockey player, but Steve tells him to say he’s taking a year off from college.

There’s totally lame dancing at the slumber party, and this is even before Cindy joins in. Amanda lets herself in and chastises Kelly for acting like a “schoolgirl,” trying to get her to go to a frat party with her. Kelly makes her stick around for a couple hours. The other girls eat junk food as Amanda looks down her nose at them. She tells them she never eats on dates but always orders something expensive to show she’s worth it. Steve tries to pay the bouncer to let him and Brandon into the club, but he’s not successful. A couple of girls, Trina and Shelly, come to Steve’s car to flirt with them, and the four of them head off together to “talk.”

Amanda tries again to get Kelly to leave, complaining about how juvenile the party is. Kelly doesn’t feel right about ditching Brenda. Andrea brings out a Ouija board, something else Amanda finds stupid, and begins a séance to try to contact her grandmother. The board spells out, “I am here,” which freaks everyone out except Amanda. The girls are further freaked out by flashes of light, at least until they realize David and Scott are taking pictures of them from outside. Andrea decides they’re messing with something too powerful and ends the séance.

Amanda realizes it’s too late to go to the frat party, and she blames Kelly for it. She announces that she wants to play Skeletons in the Closet, which is basically just an excuse to interrogate someone. Everyone’s reluctant to play until Brenda agrees. Kelly volunteers to be the first to get interrogated. Steve and Brandon take the girls to a parking lot for some alone time. Trina announces that she wants to drive Steve’s car (despite the fact that she says she’s never driven stick), so Steve makes everyone else get out. After a drive around the lot, Trina yells for Shelly to get in, then steals the car.

Steve and Brandon wait in the parking lot for over an hour, since Steve is convinced the girls are going to bring his car back. He’s sure they were really interested in him and Brandon. Brandon tries to convince him that he was scammed, then heads off to contact the police. He comes back when he hears Steve crying. He knows his father is going to be furious, and he’s worried about what people at school will say. He swears Brandon to secrecy, and is a little surprised when Brandon promises to keep his mouth shut.

The girls start with some softball questions for Kelly, but then Andrea asks her about her first sexual experience. It was with Steve, both of them were virgins, and his mom was downstairs doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Amanda calls bull, urging Kelly to tell the others about a guy named Ross. Kelly explains that Ross was a football player she had a crush on when she was a freshman. She started hanging out with people who might come into contact with him, and they all wound up at a post-game party together. Ross took her to a secluded spot, they had sex (or he raped her – it’s not clear), and he never talked to her again.

Brandon and Steve tell a police officer about Trina and Shelly, but they can’t prove the car was stolen rather than borrowed. They have to wait 24 hours before the police will do anything. Amanda asks Andrea why she pronounces her name the way she does (ha!), then asks if she’s ever had sex. (Answer: No.) Kelly asks her who she would sleep with if she could. Andrea doesn’t want to answer since, you know, his sister’s in the room. Brenda interprets her reluctance to answer as an interest in Brandon. Amanda tells Andrea that everyone at school knows she’s in love with Brandon, but they don’t care.

Just as they’re about to call for a ride home, Steve and Brandon learn that Trina and Shelly were pulled over for speeding, and the car’s on its way to the police department. Donna takes her turn in the hot seat, claiming not to have anything interesting to reveal. Amanda says she’s “either lying or a total zero.” Brenda sticks up for her, making Amanda ask her what she’s hiding. Trina and Shelly play innocent about Steve’s car, and Steve’s totally snowed. He even offers to pay Trina’s bail (she has a warrant out for a previous speeding ticket).

Amanda’s snarky comments push Brenda over the edge, and she finally tells her to shut up already. Amanda still wants her to reveal a secret. Brenda tells the girls that she stole her friend’s boyfriend just to break them up. Kelly decides to make her own confession: After she and Brenda started dating, she tried to hook up with Dylan. Brenda’s furious, and Kelly tells her she’s been unbearable since she and Dylan started dating. Donna backs this up. Andrea bashes the others for being gossipy and everyone starts to leave. Brenda notes that Amanda hasn’t revealed anything yet.

Suddenly Kelly and Brenda make up, and Kelly promises that she would never try to steal Dylan from Brenda. Brenda says that she lost one friend because of a guy and she doesn’t want it to happen again. Kelly and Andrea apologize for insulting each other. Donna apologizes for not having more problems, saying she plans to remedy that. (Heh.) Amanda ducks out, leaving her purse behind, and the girls discover that it’s full of diet pills. Amanda returns for the purse and gets a lecture/intervention from Kelly, who tells her to relax and be herself. Now Brenda wants Amanda to stay.

Trina tells Steve to call him, but instead of her number, she gives him a gift certificate for a manicure. Brandon admits that despite the scam, he had fun. When Brandon gets home, he finds all the girls asleep in the living room. Brenda wakes up but neither is forthcoming about the evening’s activities.

Thoughts: I’m guessing the line “I bought this tie in Canada” is an inside joke about Jason Priestly being Canadian?

So, Amanda, you’re 35. What’s that like?

How does Steve not have a fake ID? He should be running a fake-ID racket at West Beverly.

In the same vein, I don’t buy Andrea thinking Ouija boards are really dangerous. I do, however, buy her wearing the awful grandmotherly nightgown she wears for the bulk of the episode.

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