July 9, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.18, A Perfect Wedding: It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

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I know what you're both thinking, and I want you to stop

Summary: Dawson’s rewatching Creek Daze in his room, this time with Gail. She says the movie’s impressive and moving, but he thinks she’s just being nice because she’s his mom. He had such a clear vision for this movie and is worried that his future visions won’t work out well either. He decides to try some editing. Gail asks how Mitch likes substitute teaching, and Dawson says he thinks he likes it. He can tell that Gail misses him and tells her to take her own advice and go after what she wants.

The morning after his arrival at Bessie and Joey’s, Mike makes breakfast for his daughters, assuring Joey that he’s sticking around. She learns that he and Bessie are planning to expand the Icehouse’s business to include catering, starting with the wedding of one of Bessie’s friends. Bessie asks Joey to enlist some of her own friends to help out. She’s incredibly optimistic about the whole situation, while Joey is more realistic.

Joey discusses the catering job with Jack, who’s surprised to hear that Mike is back. She says she’s happy, which he doesn’t completely buy. She notes that she’s seen her father once in three years, and she knows their relationship is going to immediately be great. She’s also worried about him suddenly being around the rich people of Capeside. Jack urges her to work out her father’s return privately first. Joey says that she doesn’t want to ruin things for Bessie, since she’s so happy.

Dawson tells Pacey he’s going to re-edit the movie, then complains about Mitch and Ms. Kennedy being together. Jack tells the guys about the wedding, asking them to help out. Dawson hears about Mike’s parole for the first time, and Jack seems surprised that Joey didn’t tell him. Jen runs into Abby and her ridiculous feathered outfit, and though they haven’t talked in a long time, Jen starts to tell her about her current identity crisis. She’s realized that her best times over the past year have been with Abby. They make plans to hang out that weekend.

Pacey tries to get Andie excited about catering the wedding, telling her they can spend the money on a trip to New York. Andie hates weddings; they’re too sentimental and she hates “the institution of marriage.” Pacey promises that she can keep both their catering fees if she doesn’t have fun with him at this wedding. Dawson stops by the Icehouse to welcome Mike back and tell Joey he’s going to help cater the wedding. He also asks Joey how she’s handling her father’s return. She tells him she talked things over with Jack and is okay, at least until she hears someone trash-talking Mike.

On the day of the wedding, Joey organizes the servers and tries to avoid talking about Mike with Dawson. Gail shows up looking for Mitch and tells Dawson that she’s going to get him back. Too bad Mitch shows up with Ms. Kennedy as his date. Andie tells Pacey she’s not going to watch the wedding ceremony, despite his attempts to talk everything up. He likes the extravagance of a wedding for rich people, and Andie tells him it’s all a cover-up because nothing’s perfect. They get in a fight that destroys the cake.

Dawson finds the bride having a panic attack, and she tells him she’s not going through with the wedding. She’s worried that the marriage will be the biggest mistake of her life. Jen and Abby hang out in Jen’s room, trying to figure out what to do that night. Jen complains that her friends didn’t invite her to work at the wedding. Abby decides that they should crash and make it really memorable. Meanwhile, the wedding’s supposed to begin but the bride is still freaking out.

Jack finds Dawson in the bride’s room and offers to talk to her. But when Dawson’s out of the room, she takes off. Joey’s also freaking out since nothing’s happening on schedule and they’ve taken on too much. She tells Bessie that she was blinded by the possibility of getting out of debt and didn’t think about reality. Bessie’s still optimistic and tells Joey not to involve Mike in the damage control. Joey complains that Mike made their lives horrible in the first place and now thinks he can fix everything in a day. Mike overhears this.

Dawson and Jack track down the bride, who’s worried that her fiancé isn’t her soulmate. Jack notes that she could give everything up for her true love and still not be happy. (Wrong answer.) He also doesn’t believe in soulmates. Jack assures the bride that everything will be fine, predicting that when she walks down the aisle and sees her fiancé, her fears will disappear. This works, and the wedding gets back on track. Mitch and Gail give each other meaningful looks, as do Dawson and Joey.

After the ceremony, the bride thanks Jack for saving her marriage. Dawson can’t believe it only took him a few minutes to do what Dawson couldn’t do in a longer amount of time. He laments that Joey no longer comes to him to discuss things. Jack replies that he may be friends with Joey, but Dawson’s her soulmate. Dawson notes that he said he doesn’t believe in soulmates. Jack says they have a bond that can’t be broken, and their lives will always be intertwined. Joey might need Dawson to force a connection between them.

Pacey and Andie try to fix the cake and keep the bride from seeing what happened to it. The bride reminds them that the top layer is supposed to be kept until the first anniversary. Andie thinks it’s an omen, and she and Pacey have cursed the new marriage. Pacey reminds her that she doesn’t like empty symbolism, getting her to admit that she’s a “closet wedding romantic.”

Mike tells Joey that being in prison made him self-absorbed and he didn’t consider how his return would affect Joey. She apologizes for her comments, but he says she was right. He’s sorry that she’s made a good life for herself and he’s screwing it up. Mike also feels bad that Joey’s trying to protect him from how Capeside sees him. Dawson tells Gail that Mitch’s date is his film teacher, and when the two women meet, Gail won’t even talk to Ms. Kennedy.

Dawson pulls his father aside and blasts him for bringing a date when he knew Gail would be at the wedding. Mitch says he has to live his life and Gail has to deal with it. He doesn’t want to put Dawson in the middle. Dawson notes that that’s tough to avoid when Mitch is dating his teacher. Jen and Abby drink champagne and look for a hot guy for Jen to hook up with. Andie kicks them out, so Abby grabs a bottle of champagne and agrees to go to the boardwalk with Jen.

In the kitchen, Dawson sees that Joey’s been crying and tries to get her to talk to him. She finally admits that she’s scared Mike will hurt her again. He tells her that she and Mike both probably thought things would be perfect when he came back, but that’s not possible. It’s okay that Joey’s hurting. She’s been really strong over the past few years and needs to show that she has nothing to be ashamed of. She’ll be okay – she has her father back, and she’ll always have Dawson.

Later in the evening, Joey tells Mike about a friend’s reaction to his arrest. Joey cried over the friend’s taunts, but the next day, she acted like nothing had happened. She knows people will always talk, but she’ll always walk with her head held high. Despite his mistakes, Mike is her father and she’s proud of him. Joey asks him not to pretend with her, promising not to pretend with him. She says she loves him and they share an emotional hug. However, he wants to keep a low profile because he’s not ready to show his face to Capeside.

Andie and Pacey manage to salvage the cake, which the bride and groom love. Meanwhile, Jen and Abby drunkenly climb a pier and sit on the back of a bench. Abby admits that she doesn’t think she’ll ever be happy – wherever she ends up, she’ll always wish she were somewhere else. Abby takes a spill, hitting her head, then tumbles into the water. Jen jumps in after her.

Pacey and Andie dance, and she admits that weddings aren’t that bad. She wants to get married in Venice. Pacey is clearly uncomfortable with them discussing their own marriage. Dawson asks Gail to dance, encouraging her to stick to her desires and keep going after Mitch. Jack congratulates Joey for pulling off a successful wedding. Mike enters, now wearing a suit, and dances with his younger daughter before switching partners with Dawson.

Joey thanks Dawson for being an understanding friend and putting up with her their whole lives. They say they love each other, then make out. At the boardwalk, Jen, now alone, cries as Abby’s dead body is taken away in an ambulance.

Thoughts: ‘Bye, Abby. It’s fitting that your last words were, “You b&$#%.”

“Kiss Me” – yep, it’s certainly the ’90s.

There’s no way a bride would wait until a few days before the wedding to hire a caterer. And there’s no way she would hire the Icehouse as that caterer.

Speaking of the bride, if she’s a friend of Bessie’s, why don’t Jack and Dawson get Bessie to talk to her when she’s freaking out?

Drink every time someone says “soulmate.” But stay away from piers.

Joey doesn’t seem like the type to call her father “Daddy.”

I’m trying to remember how I felt about Joey and Dawson being together when I originally watched the show. I think I liked them together when they first started dating, but by this point, I was sick of them. I do remember liking Joey and Pacey together a lot more.

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  1. Sada said,

    Abby Morgan, gone too soon.

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