July 10, 2011

BH90210 1.14, East Side Story: Another Week-Long Relationship Down the Drain

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I've already forgotten this girl's name

Summary: Brandon comes home to find his parents having a serious conversation with Anna and some man. Brenda tells him that their parents are throwing a party for Chick Schneider, one of Jim’s clients who makes beach clothes. Brenda thinks Anna’s going to be asked to cater the party, but Brandon thinks they’re about to fire her.

The twins meet Richard, Anna’s cousin, who explains that the Walshes are going to let Anna’s niece Karla use their address so she can enroll at West Beverly. She’s smart, but the school in her area isn’t great and there’s a lot of gang activity. Brandon and Brenda agree to go along with this. At school, Steve and Dylan are both distracted by a pretty new girl, who’s obviously Karla.

Karla meets Brandon, telling him that Anna isn’t her aunt but more like a family friend. He offers to show her around, noting that he’s semi-new to the school as well. Karla quickly makes herself comfortable, and Brandon points out that she really is smart. He doesn’t think she’ll have any trouble getting a college scholarship. This sets Karla off about minority scholarships. Brandon tells her he was talking about financial aid, which he could also use, and chastises her for being mean when he was trying to be nice.

Brandon takes Karla to the Peach Pit, where Brenda promises Kelly, Donna, and Karla clothes from Chick. Steve thinks Karla’s hot for Brandon. A couple of the busboys watch Karla, making her feel uncomfortable. Brandon drives Karla home to East L.A.; she educates him on day laborers and low-income housing. She blasts him for taking his nice, rich lifestyle for granted.

Brandon tells Karla that she’s smart enough to be able to do anything she wants in life. She admits that she felt like the busboys were looking at her like she’s a traitor. He assures her that they were just checking her out because she’s hot. He thinks her paranoia is all in her head. Karla starts to go inside and spots Richard outside the door. He warns her to be careful.

At home, Brenda tells Brandon that she knows he likes Karla, adding that people are talking about them. She says that every girl he meets in Beverly Hills falls in love with him, including Andrea. Brandon wonders if Brenda has a problem with Karla being Hispanic. Brenda takes offense, saying people are people and she doesn’t care where they’re from. Brandon asks Anna if she can bring Karla to the house with her the mornings she works so they can give her a ride to school. Brenda just laughs.

At school, Andrea asks Brandon what’s going on with him and Karla. She happened to see Karla’s file and realized that her address is the same as the Walshes’. She promises to keep quiet but wants to know if Karla’s living with the family. Andrea’s worried that if Karla’s found out, there will be a chain reaction and she’ll also be found out. Brandon admits that he’s attracted to Karla, but Andrea’s more interested in knowing what kind of academic competition Karla presents to her.

Brandon tries to get Karla to accept a date with him, but she makes excuses not to see him. Later, he finds her waiting at a bus stop and gives her a ride. He tries to get her to open up about Karla’s old school, saying that Anna mentioned some issue with drugs. She changes the subject by asking if he likes to dance, then takes him to a dance at the rec center. When they get back to her place, they make out while Richard watches them creepily.

The next morning, Cindy and Jim wonder if they should tell the twins “the truth about Karla.” Brandon goes back to Karla’s place with breakfast and intentions of another makeout session. Richard arrives and Karla tells Brandon he should leave. Brandon invites Karla to come with him, but Richard says she doesn’t have time.

Brandon tells Steve about the incident at the Peach Pit, complaining that Karla always changes the subject when he asks about her family. He adds that he didn’t get a chance to invite Karla to his parents’ party, but she’ll probably have to work that night. He doesn’t know that she’s actually working at the party.

When Brandon finds out about Karla’s job, he wonders how she can work at the party “after last night,” whatever that means. He doesn’t feel right about having a friend serve him. Cindy notes that he serves his friends at the Peach Pit. Brandon says that’s different because it’s a place of business, telling Cindy to take him off the guest list.

Brandon complains to Brenda, who points out that he never told Cindy how he feels about Karla. Jim comes to check in on the situation, telling Brandon that the party needs to be perfect, so he needs to chill. Brenda, Kelly, and Donna model their new clothes at the party, and Chick tells them he wants to use them in his next catalogue. Steve and Dylan hit it off with Chick, who makes some crude comments about Karla when she can’t hear him. (Something tells me those photos of the girls for his catalogue are…not so much for his catalogue.)

Brandon takes Karla upstairs to get some chairs, but it’s really so they can make out. Karla yells at him for trying to tell her how to feel or think. Brandon mentions Richard, and she says she doesn’t need to be protected. Anna sees Karla come downstairs, followed a minute later by Brandon, and reminds Karla that Richard told her to stay away from Brandon. She orders Karla to show her and the Walshes respect.

Brandon overhears Chick telling Jim that he just opened a new factory in Mexicali. Brandon asks how much the workers get paid, then goes on a rant about exploitation. Chick has to pull Jim aside so he won’t yell at Brandon too much (though he totally deserves it). Karla takes off, but Anna won’t let Brandon go after her.

After the party, Brenda tells Brandon that he’s been so obsessed with Karla that he’s lost his sense of humor about everything else. Obviously there’s something going on with Karla that he doesn’t know about. She adds that Richard was staking out the house for the entire party, and when Karla left, she went with him.

Brandon semi-apologizes to Jim, who remarks that his behavior at the party was odd. Brandon’s upset that Cindy and Jim have been keeping secrets about why Karla’s really using their address. He says he’s never felt this way about anyone before. Jim and Cindy tell him they can’t tell him what’s really going on. Brandon heads back to Karla’s place, but Anna tells him she’s not coming back. She’s gone back to her family.

Stalker that he is, Brandon finds Karla in a park and asks for an explanation. She tells him her father is the head of the Hispanic culture department at a college in Pomona. She does volunteer work in some projects and witnessed the shooting of a little boy. Karla heard that any witnesses would be in danger, so Richard, a cop, sent her to live with Anna, her former babysitter. Karla gets to go home because the shooter confessed. However, this means she and Brandon aren’t going to be within dating distance of each other.

Karla says she’s “not a poor girl from the barrio who’s looking for a white knight.” Karla, shut up. Brandon says that they’re not that different, but she admits that that scares her. Being with Brandon would make it easy for her to forget who she is and where she comes from. Karla, shut up. Brandon heads off alone, because he’s never allowed to be happy.

At school, Donna and Kelly learn that they bought the same (ugly) shirt. Andrea’s all happy now that Brandon’s single again. He tells her he wishes every relationship he had could be as comfortable as the one he has with Andrea. He’s also happy they’re not attracted to each other, so they can just be friends. Yeah, she totally loves that, too, Brandon.

In other news, David keeps trying to call M.C. Hammer, wanting him to play at the prom. It turns out he’s been calling the wrong number. It’s really Debbie Gibson’s. Ha…ha?

Thoughts: It’s hard to decide who’s more annoying in this episode, Karla (for playing the race card every other second) or Brandon (for assigning himself the role of champion of the little people). Wait, why should I have to choose?

How is Brandon getting a new girl in each episode? He’s not all that.

Gotta love the completely choreographed dance routine at the rec center.

Brandon, I thought I told you not to dance. And if I didn’t, I’ll do it now.

I wish I had pictures of all of Chick’s clothes, because they’re truly hideous.

Every time David does something dorky, I just remind myself that he’s going to be hot when he grows up.



  1. Jess Chapman said,

    There is only one guy on this show who is even remotely capable of getting a new girl every episode, and it’s not Brandon. Or Steve. Or David. Or Scott. Or Jim. Or Nat. But maybe Brandon constantly smells like chocolate or something.

  2. jennifer said,

    Whatever! Brandon Walsh was absolutely all that. Atleast until they get to college. He sucks after that. He was my first crush ever. I LUVED him when I was in 4th grade!

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