July 10, 2011

SVH Magna Edition, A Night to Remember: Welcome to the Jungle

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This cover could use a lot more jungle

Summary: It’s Jungle Prom, b%$@#&^.

The twins (mostly Elizabeth) decide that Sweet Valley needs to have a prom, specifically one with a jungle theme. They’ll team up with an environmental organization and donate the prom’s proceeds to them. The organization later decides to give the prom queen a trip to Brazil and the job of spokesperson for their organization. Elizabeth has recently decided that she needs to a) loosen up and b) stop worrying about Jessica and worry more about herself. She figures going for prom queen is a good place to start. Of course, Jessica also wants to be queen.

The twins put together a prom committee, but Jessica skips most of the meetings and does little to no work. She and Elizabeth learn of each other’s desires to be prom queen, and things get tenser and tenser between them. To make matters worse, Elizabeth is mad that Jessica keeps shirking her responsibilities, and Jessica is mad because she thinks Elizabeth is taking over the committee and will be a shoo-in for queen. Jessica tries to make sure she’s a front-runner, giving herself a cheerleading solo at a pep rally and handing out buttons promoting the prom.

Elizabeth is coming unglued, getting more and more obsessed with the prom and becoming queen, to the point where Todd is, like, “Whoa. Chill.” A magazine wants to do an interview with the twins, and when Jessica doesn’t show up, Elizabeth does the interview on her own. So of course Jessica thinks Liz set things up so she’d be excluded. Elizabeth also gets worked up about a school rivalry with Big Mesa (more on that later), and even though she’s been saying the whole book that the Oracle shouldn’t retaliate against all of Big Mesa’s newspapers’ propaganda against them, she writes a scathing article that again has Todd going, “Whoa. Chill.” Liz also taunts Enid about dating a guy from Big Mesa, so now Enid’s, like, “Whoa. Chill.”

By the time the prom comes around, the twins aren’t speaking to each other. Jessica has realized that Todd will most likely be elected king, and since the king’s election comes before the queen’s (I don’t know why they do them separately; I’ve never heard of that being done before), she’s sure Elizabeth will be everyone’s natural choice for queen. As predicted, Todd wins king, and while he’s doing something with raffle tickets, Elizabeth starts dancing with Sam. This is the last straw for Jessica, who finds out a Big Mesa guy has brought in some alcohol and decides to spike Elizabeth’s drink with it. She doesn’t realize that Elizabeth shares some of it with Sam.

Drunk Elizabeth and drunk Sam have a great time dancing, and Elizabeth decides that she doesn’t care anymore about being prom queen. She withdraws her name, saying Jessica should win. So Jess gets the crown, but she hears that Elizabeth dropped out and can’t feel happy about her victory. A bunch of Big Mesa kids show up and create a riot, during which Sam and Elizabeth go out to the twins’ Jeep. Jessica grabs Todd, tells him Elizabeth’s in trouble, and gets him to go after them. She tells Todd that Liz is drunk but doesn’t mention that she spiked her sister’s drink. They head off to Secca Lake, coming across a bad car accident and realizing it involved the Jeep. The police have already arrived, and someone remarks that there’s no way anyone could have survived the crash.

While all this is going on, Lila’s in counseling because she’s still struggling with the John Pfeifer incident. Her counselor, Nathan, is both a guidance counselor at SVH and a volunteer at Project Youth. At first Lila hates having to meet with him, but some comments from Jessica about his hotness and niceness make Lila develop a crush. At the prom, when the riot begins, Nathan finds Lila and takes her to a classroom to get away from the madness. But she starts to think his motives aren’t genuine and that he’s going to attack her. She starts screaming, and when the cops arrive to break up the riot, she tells them Nathan tried to attack her.

Bruce is at the forefront of the SVH/Big Mesa rivalry, basically getting Club X back together to bust heads. He’s also stringing Andrea Slade along and trying to get over Regina. When the prom riot moves to the football field, Bruce gets smacked with a baseball bat and is this close to being finished off when a girl tells his attacker to leave him alone. Bruce is so out of it that at first he thinks the girl is Regina. She starts to help him up, but he gets knocked out.

To be continued on all counts…

Thoughts: This book is SO MUCH BETTER than any of the previous books in the series. It’s like the ghostwriter woke up one morning and realized, “I’ve been writing crap! I need to at least write some soapy, entertaining crap!”

So there was no prom scheduled for SVH until Elizabeth thought it up? Weird, no?

Trivia: Lila loved The Catcher in the Rye.

Hey, it’s Jeffrey! Hi, Jeffrey! Yeah, don’t get too comfortable. You’re not staying.

“Here’s something that might interest you – I know you’re a big fan of my biceps.” I miss you already, Sam.

The prom committee discusses whether they should allow Big Mesa students to buy tickets, which makes no sense to me. If it’s an SVH dance, it should only be open to SVH students and their dates. The Big Mesa students can have their own prom.

Hey, A.J.’s in this book, too! It’s like a big ol’ reunion.

If the chaperones thought Elizabeth was drunk but knew she would never drink, why wouldn’t they suspect that someone spiked the punch?

Lila, taunting Bruce for not having a prom date: “Did your inflatable doll pop when you pinned on her corsage?” Lila for president!


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