July 16, 2011

BH90210 1.15, A Fling in Palm Springs: “Stop Talking and Take Off Your Clothes”

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I assume this will not be the last time a girl cries after kissing David

Summary: Brenda and Dylan are making out in his car, and he’s frustrated that she’s not ready to go any farther. (So much for their agreement.) He’s also upset that she’s going to Palm Springs with Kelly and Donna for the upcoming three-day weekend. He suggests that the two of them get their own hotel room in Palm Springs. Cindy’s concerned that the girls are going off without any parents.

Brandon tells his parents he needs a new car, specifically a restored classic that will cost $25,000. (Uh, why is he still allowed to drive in the first place?) Poor Brandon also can’t go to Palm Springs because he has to work all weekend. David and Scott are way too happy about their upcoming trip to Magic Mountain.

Steve complains to David that his mom’s having their house in Palm Springs fumigated, so he and his friends can’t stay there. David mentions that his family has a house there, and his grandparents won’t be using it since they’re away on a long trip. Steve starts buttering him up, and David’s too dumb to figure it out. Brandon reminds Steve that he can’t go, suggesting they go another time. Steve’s adamant that they go when everyone else goes, though it looks like it’ll just be him and David. At least until he realizes Kelly’s going.

David tells Scott their plans for Magic Mountain need to be put on the shelf; he’s not missing the chance to spend three days with Kelly and Steve. The girls are a little amused that David’s coming with them. At the Peach Pit, Brandon deals with an annoying kid named Curtis who keeps coming to the diner by himself.

David films his and Steve’s arrival in Palm Springs, which looks like a spring break party spot. Steve advises him to be cool with any hot girls he wants to hit on. Kelly already regrets spending the next three days with the two of them. David catches the eye of a local named Tuesday who is 37 if she’s a day. He tells Steve he acted cool with her (like Johnny Depp), and she’ll be coming by the house with some friends the next day.

Brenda tells Donna and Kelly that part of her wants to have sex already because she feels like the only person who hasn’t done it. “You are,” Kelly tells her. She does her maternal thing, making sure Brenda brought protection, and she and Donna assure Brenda that everything will be fine. Except for the fact that she can’t remember the name of the hotel where she’s supposed to meet Dylan, and her wallet’s gone.

David shows Kelly, Donna, and Steve around the Silvers’ house and its giant swimming pool. There’s also a hot tub hidden away, which currently holds David’s grandparents. They’ve just come back from a long cruise and want to hang out with the kids. Brenda’s unable to get in touch with Dylan and unloads her problems on a bellhop named Tom who offers to let her stay with him.

Back in Beverly Hills, Andrea stops by the Peach Pit and meets Curtis. He asks if she gave Brandon the friendship bracelet he’s wearing. Since she doesn’t have one of her own, she must not have any friends. Dylan calls and asks Brandon if he’s heard from Brenda. A couple of girls are checking him out, and one of them, Janie, knows him from somewhere.

Tom sets Brenda up in a utility closet at the hotel, giving Brenda his address and phone number in case she changes her mind about staying with him. Kelly’s excited that David’s grandmother is going to invite all the hot neighborhood guys over the next day. The girls know Steve won’t be happy. Brenda tries to sleep in the closet as David’s grandparents discuss David’s moodiness over his parents’ divorce and how they need to spend a lot of time with him.

David promises Steve that he’ll get rid of his grandparents so they can all have the house to themselves. Steve regrets coming to Palm Springs in the first place. David reminds him that Tuesday’s bringing girls over the next day. In the morning, Brenda calls home and tells Brandon her saga of the previous evening. He tells her which hotel Dylan’s staying in, as well as where the rest of the group is.

Tuesday brings her friends to David’s; they’re clearly auditioning for spots in a female biker gang. Brenda finally makes it to Dylan’s hotel, where she finds Janie hanging out in his suite. She accuses him of cheating on her, saying she knew she couldn’t trust him. (Well, that’s a healthy relationship.) She storms off, telling Dylan she never wants to see him again.

After taking some time to freak out, Brenda goes back to the suite and kicks Janie out. Dylan denies that he slept with Janie, explaining to Brenda that they grew up across the street from each other. He did want to sleep with her, “in a theoretical kind of way,” but nothing happened. Brenda says they should just go ahead and have sex to get it over with. (So romantic.) “Stop talking and take off your clothes,” she orders.

Brandon’s back at the Peach Pit, as is Curtis. Curtis says he might not be in the next day, since he has stuff to do. (Those G.I. Joes aren’t going to play with themselves.) The kids hold a rocking pool party at David’s house, catered by his grandparents. David tries to get rid of them, but they want to spend time with him. So does Tuesday, for some reason.

Steve flirts with Kelly, wondering what it would be like if they were still dating. He tries to remind her how good they were together, telling her he wants to try again. Donna asks one of Tuesday’s friends to trade bathing suits with her. Dylan takes Brenda to the Silvers’ house and she tries to get him to leave before they can have a conversation. Kelly and Donna join them, immediately realizing that something’s wrong.

The girls whisk Brenda away while Steve and Dylan commiserate about girls and how weird they act. David’s grandparents start to make lunch for everyone, and David finally tells them that he doesn’t want them hanging around. He claims that his friends don’t like them and are just being polite. His grandparents reply that at least they aren’t rude like David.

Later, Mrs. Silver tells the girls about a time she thought Mr. Silver was cheating on her. She notes that communication goes away as soon as you’re hurt or scared. Mr. Silver tells Dylan and Steve that Mrs. Silver broke up with him a bunch of times; their solution to every problem was to run away from it. He counsels the guys to express their feelings and let people be who they are.

David takes Tuesday up to a room that holds parrots and they make out. She stops them, admitting that she wanted to hang out with him because he reminds her of her boyfriend, “except he’s better-looking and taller.” She starts crying. David then finds his grandparents all happy and lovey-dovey together, which doesn’t make his day any better.

Curtis sneaks into the Peach Pit after Brandon closes it for the night, and when Brandon goes back in to get something he forgot, he catches Curtis taking money from the cash register. He starts to call Curtis’ parents, but Curtis says they don’t have a phone. He, his mom, and his brother are homeless. Brandon offers to give him some food to take home to his mom and brother, and also gives Curtis his friendship bracelet.

Kelly and Steve end up alone together at the Silvers’ and he tells her he thinks that the Silvers’ advice about communication and honesty will help them have a successful second relationship. Kelly still doesn’t want to get back together. David patches things up with his grandparents, telling them they’re more awesome than he thought. He doesn’t want their relationship to fall apart even though the family is. He also wants to bring Scott to Palm Springs next weekend for more grandparent-hanging-out time, which the Silvers aren’t thrilled about.

Brenda and Dylan have a civil conversation until she asks if he and Janie kissed. She mentions that she could have hooked up with Tom but didn’t. Dylan makes fun of Tom, then teases Brenda by calling her Janie. At home, the Walshes tell Brandon that he’s been working a lot and deserves a new car. Brandon has decided that he can make do with his junker, and he’s realized how lucky he is.

Thoughts: This episode would have been a lot more interesting if Brenda had gone home with Tom and possibly ended up axe-murdered.

Donna will go for a high-schooler, a college guy, a grad student, or a dropout. Nice to know she’s an equal-opportunity bimbo.

Why is Brenda wearing a sweater in Palm Springs?

Don’t worry, Curtis, Brandon will solve all of your problems, just like he solves everyone else’s.



  1. Sada said,

    90210 trivia! Tom (or the actor who portrays him) actually shows up again during the college years — only we’re supposed to believe his name is Stuart — and he and Brenda FINALLY get it on. Spoiler?

    • Jenn said,

      Interesting! I’ll have to keep an eye out for him.

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