July 19, 2011

BH90210 1.16, Fame is Where You Find It: Laverne and Surly

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Summary: Some guy named Kirk steals a woman’s purse in the park, then pulls a knife on the girl who catches him. It turns out to be a scene in a TV show called Keep it Together. One of the day players can’t make it, so someone picks Brandon, who’s hanging out in the park, to fill in. As he gets made up, he tells the makeup artist that Brenda would freak out if she found out where he was, since she wants to be an actress and loves the show. He admits that he hasn’t watched it for a while. Which explains why he doesn’t recognize that the makeup artist is really the show’s lead, Lydia.

Brandon does his scene with Lydia, and the director’s impressed. So impressed that Brandon gets offered more scenes later on. Brenda complains to Kelly, who tells her that she went to elementary school with Lydia. Brandon asks Brenda to fill in for him at the Peach Pit, which is the last thing she wants to do. She tells him that the star, Sean, is leaving the show over a salary dispute, so she’s not surprised that they’re looking for a guy. Brandon offers to give Brenda more drawers in the bathroom if she helps him out. She asks him to throw a shirt in as well.

Apparently the deal goes through, as Brandon takes Brenda to the Peach Pit to talk to Nat. He promises he’ll only be gone for a couple of weeks at the most. Nat thinks he could become a star and be done with the Peach Pit forever. At school, David wants to interview Brandon for the radio. Brandon thinks he’s making too big a deal out of a small role, especially since other kids at West Beverly grew up in the industry. David tells everyone about Brandon’s role, and suddenly he’s the talk of the school.

Brenda complains to Kelly and Donna about how she was always the one who wanted to be famous. Kelly tells Brandon that everyone’s excited that he’s hanging out with Lydia. A limo arrives with Lydia inside and takes Brandon to the studio. Lydia signs an autograph and Brandon asks her if it bothers her to always have people coming up to her. She says it would bother her more if they didn’t. Lydia thinks Brandon could have a recurring role on the show, since the lead is being written out. She tells him she doesn’t give just anyone a ride to work.

Brandon and Lydia film a kissing scene numerous times, a task Brandon doesn’t find too difficult. After heading home for dinner, he tells his parents he’s going to a networking event. He’s also planning to be tutored on the set instead of going to school. Lydia arrives to pick up Brandon, and Brenda gets flustered at the idea of talking to her. She tells Lydia she knows Kelly and Donna, but Lydia doesn’t seem to remember them. Brandon steals back the shirt he gave to Brenda. Brenda tops off her horrible night by sucking as a waitress.

Lydia takes Brandon around at the networking party, and a girl (trivia: it’s Melissa Rivers) warns him that he’s the “flavor of the week.” Brandon notes that Lydia doesn’t like anyone there. They talk about their kissing scene and how weird it is to kiss in front of a bunch of people. Lydia says she wants to be “respected as an actress and satisfied with [herself] as a person” when her career is over. (Her publicist wrote that for her.) As Brenda tries very hard not to cry at the Peach Pit, Sean (who played Kirk in the first scene) arrives at the party and sees Lydia kissing his “competition,” Brandon. (And she’s totally hoping he’s watching.)

The next morning, Brenda tells Brandon she’s not going back to the Peach Pit. She also thinks he’s getting a big head. Brandon says that just because his new “lady” is in the public eye doesn’t mean he’s changed. She says Lydia’s a snob who has a new guy every week. (But Brandon has a new girl every week, so what’s the difference?) Brenda thinks Brandon’s already changed. At school, she complains to Kelly and Donna about everything going on in her life. Donna tells her to quit, and Kelly tells her not to take waitressing so seriously. Brenda realizes that she can turn the job into an acting experience.

Brandon finds out one of his big scenes has been cut; Lydia tells him they’re rewriting the whole script. Sean is sticking around, apparently because he didn’t want to leave Lydia. Brenda dresses as a ’50s waitress from Brooklyn and plays the role of Laverne at the Peach Pit. It goes much better than her first day on the job. Brandon’s day, however, is going poorly: Sean gets to throw water in his face a bunch of times. Dylan and Steve show up at the Peach Pit, and Nat tells them “Laverne” has been terrific for business.

Sean complains about Brandon’s acting, and the director says that Lydia pushed for him to be around more. He threatens to recast since Brandon isn’t giving him anything he can work with. “Laverne,” Kelly, and Donna are leading a lip-synching session at the Peach Pit when Brandon arrives. Andrea tells him that everyone loves Brenda. Everyone talks to Brandon about Keep it Together, but only Andrea notices that he’s not happy. At home, Brenda tells her parents about Laverne (who was inspired by an actual waitress). Jim’s surprised she’s not spending all her tips, but she wants to save up for “something special.”

Lydia tracks down Brandon in the park where they first filmed, and he accuses her of using him to get back at Sean. She claims she’s not that calculating. If he were her flavor of the week, she wouldn’t have come looking for him. Lydia says that Brandon makes her feel like she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone. He says he liked her until Sean came back. Lydia says he was never really gone, but she claims that Brandon wasn’t a rebound guy. She says the director really liked him and wants to test market his character.

Kelly, Donna, Dylan, Steve, and Andrea go to the Walshes’ for Brandon’s TV debut, only he’s been cut out of the show and replaced with Sean. Steve tells him not to feel bad; even his mom, a TV star, has been cut out of scenes. Dylan thinks he lucked out since the show’s so horrible. After everyone leaves, Brenda says Brandon’s more forgiving of Lydia than she is. He tells her to keep her job at the Peach Pit, but she doesn’t want it, even with all the money she’s making. Besides, she’s made enough money to pay for what she was saving for: acting lessons.

Thoughts: That Brandon outfit is easily the worst thing I’ve seen on anyone on this show. So far.

Dear Jim, please don’t introduce Brenda as “Brandon’s better half.” “Better half” means significant other.

I think I might have had Kelly’s denim vest with the daisies on it when I was kid. And if I didn’t, I definitely wanted it.

Brenda as Laverne is actually pretty hilarious. She needs her own spin-off.

The actress playing Lydia could pass for Jennifer Grey. I think it’s the hair.

While looking for a photo for this post, I found two awesome things. One is this blog post about the sets and locations in the episode. The other is this Tumblr featuring outfits from the series. “Fame is Where You Find It” is currently the episode on the first page, which makes it even more awesome. Sadly, there’s no picture of Brenda as Laverne, but you can see one here.

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