July 23, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.21, Ch…ch…ch…changes: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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I wouldn't want to leave him either, Andie

Summary: Dawson watches Casablanca and works on an assignment for his film class on character changes. Joey doesn’t understand why he’s making such a big deal out of something that should be easy for him. She suggests that he interview someone. Dawson decides to do his final on-camera, which would be appropriate for a film class. Joey won’t help him out, though.

Andie’s surprised to see her father in the house, having been summoned back to Capeside by Jack. He wants to take her back home to Providence. Andie notes that she’s about to take finals, telling him she won’t leave. Mr. McPhee makes it clear that she doesn’t have a choice. Jack promises Andie that he didn’t know about this turn of events.

Dawson asks Jen to talk about her year for his video final. At first she thinks it’s a bad idea, but then she decides that it could be good for her. However, she’ll only talk about her haircut. Dawson also can’t get Jack to do a video interview, since he’s busy with actual problems right now. After another failed attempt with Joey, Dawson convinces Pacey to talk about how his year has gone. Pacey doesn’t see anything special about the 180 he did this year, though he went from pariah to hero in just a few months. He admits that he’s waiting for someone to expose him as a fraud. Dawson turns off the camera, and Pacey tells him that despite Andie’s best efforts and his own behavioral change, he’s failing.

Andie tells Pacey that Mr. McPhee is taking her and Jack back to Providence. She’s upset that he wants to help her and reunite the family, but he’s been absent and now wants to take her away from her life. However, she’s resigned to doing what he wants her to do. Pacey urges her to fight, but she doesn’t have much time, since Mr. McPhee wants to leave the next day.

Jen runs into Jack on a pier and he tells her about Mr. McPhee’s return. She encourages him to look on the bright side, since the family reunion could make things better. Jack replies that she should do the same with her own family, since she’s not the same girl who was sent to live with Grams. Dawson visits the Icehouse, which the Potters are renovating, and sees how happy Joey is. Dawson asks Mike if he can interview him for his film project.

Pacey drops by the McPhees’ and asks Jack why they have to leave so soon. Jack tells him there’s pretty much no way to stop their departure. Pacey meets Mr. McPhee, who says Andie’s doctors are the ones pressing them to come back to Providence. Pacey argues that Andie’s built a family and support system in Capeside. Mr. McPhee replies that Andie’s his responsibility.

Pacey notes that Mr. McPhee knew about her condition when he sent her to Capeside and basically abandoned her. Mr. McPhee says he’s being selfish by wanting her to stay. Pacey tells him he’s asking him to let Andie stay for both of them. Mr. McPhee won’t budge. Meanwhile, Jen calls her mom in New York and asks how her parents would feel about her going home.

In exchange for the interview with Mike, Dawson ineptly works at the Icehouse, which turns Joey on. (Eck.) Later, in the interview, Mike talks about how he lost everything he loved and was ashamed of the actions that put him in jail. He wondered if Joey and Bessie could forgive him for his crimes and for what he did to their mother. Joey listens in for a while, then leaves.

Jack asks Mr. McPhee to move into the family home in Capeside instead of moving them all back to Providence. He’s sure that Pacey can give Andie the help she needs. He notes that Mr. McPhee hasn’t given her a choice in the matter. Mr. McPhee replies that Andie and their mother need serious medical attention (nice of him to notice after all this time); he also seems to think Jack has problems since he’s gay. Jack tells him it would damage Andie to leave Pacey right now.

Pacey asks Andie to go out on a date for what will probably be their last night together. Andie resists since she has a lot to do to get ready for her move, but she decides they both need a night out.

Back at the Icehouse, Mike talks to Dawson about trafficking drugs, but Joey interrupts, telling Dawson he’s being intrusive. She doesn’t want her father to have to relive such a hard time in his life. Dawson says he’s focusing on the changes Mike has made. Joey tells Dawson that if he wants to do his project on something real, he should be his own subject. He admits that he can’t because he’s afraid he’ll prove he’s not enough for Joey.

Andie tells Jack that Mr. McPhee has relented and given her the choice between staying in Capeside and going to Providence. However, she’s thinking about not staying. She knows that seeing Tim was an indication of a major problem, and she hates being a burden to her family. Andie tells Jack that even if she goes to Providence, he should stay in Capeside. He’s always selfless and she wants him to think about himself for once.

Packed up to leave, Jen goes to Grams’ house to say goodbye, then stops herself from going inside. At the Icehouse, Dawson apologizes to Mike for making him talk about painful memories. Mike admits that he’s not sure how much he’s changed, but he’s trying. Joey tells Dawson that her life is perfect right now. (Way to just ask for something to ruin it, there, Joey.) All she needs is a white picket fence. He tells her he just wants to make her proud of him. She assures him that that’s already happened.

Jack informs his father that he’s staying in Capeside no matter what Andie decides to do. He knows he can’t live with Mr. McPhee the way things are. Mr. McPhee admits that he feels like he’s to blame for Jack being gay. Jack replies that he is the way he is and there’s nothing that can change it. Mr. McPhee encourages him to change his sexuality; he doesn’t know “how anyone could choose that kind of life.” Jack knows that if he goes back to Providence, he’ll sacrifice his happiness in an attempt to make his father proud of him.

Pacey and Andie go back to the spot where they first met. She starts crying, saying it’s because she’s happy to be with him. She knows she’s not getting better, and she’s made the decision to go to Providence. The two decide not to say goodbye.

Dawson goes to visit Joey bright and early the next morning, showing her the white picket fence he started making for her. Jack rushes to the bus station, where Jen’s about to head off…but not to New York. Her parents told her that they’re not ready to let her come home. They also thought she was trying to get more money out of them. Jen decided that she might as well just leave Capeside on her own.

Jack tells Jen that if his mom were capable of understanding what’s going on with him, he thinks she would be okay with him being gay. Parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally. “It is worse to be incapable of loving than to not be loved,” he says. He crumples up Jen’s bus ticket and invites her to stay at his house.

Leaving the Icehouse, Dawson sees Mike with a coworker and a bag of drugs. He decides not to mention it to Joey. Jack says goodbye to Andie and Mr. McPhee, the latter of whom says he knows he’s not a good father but he does want Jack to be happy. Pacey arrives, not to say goodbye but to thank Andie for helping him change. He reminds her of their promise to one day be together again. Dawson shows Joey his film project, which talks about change and love and blah, blah, blah, she fell asleep. Good for her.

Thoughts: So Mr. McPhee will get Andie help after she has hallucinations, but when his wife had a full mental break, he left her and their teenagers to fend for themselves. Nice guy.

Who, exactly, is Andie’s family and support system in Capeside, beyond Jack and Pacey? Because Dawson, Joey, and Jen barely ever talk to her.

In the same vein, when did Jack and Jen become such good friends? Did I miss it?

I’m sure that bag just has flour in it, Dawson. You know, since they cook at the Icehouse. Anyone buying this?


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