July 24, 2011

BH90210 1.17, Stand (Up) and Deliver: Stay in School, Kids

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There's a lot of brown in this scene

Summary: Andrea tells Brandon that he should run for president of the student government, noting that no one knows him well enough to hate him. Dylan tells Brenda that he has to go to Mexico that weekend to see his dad. She wants to go, too, but that’ll never happen. David announces Brandon as a candidate for junior class president, and now it seems Kelly wants a piece. At home, Jim and Cindy are happy to hear the news; Brandon was planning to run for the office back in Minnesota anyway. Brenda tells Cindy that she feels a little lost.

Kelly, Donna, and Brenda go to the new hot club in town, where a woman named Sky is doing stand-up. She talks about her high school experience, which involved developing a battle plan. Brandon works on his campaign speech, which Steve thinks is lame. Last year’s junior class vice president dated a bunch of girls so he could “nail their votes.” He urges Brandon to “go for the jugular.” Brandon isn’t sure he has the killer instinct Steve thinks he needs.

After Sky’s set, she chats with Brenda and they briefly bond over being new kids in high school. The next comedian, Jack, makes some snide comments about Kelly, and Brenda shoots back some insults that entertain the audience. At home the next day, Brenda tells her parents that she was excited to participant in a coffeehouse performance. They’re not listening, so she tells Jim she’s pregnant. Kelly and Donna come by and Kelly tells Brendon she knows how to help him with the campaign. She appoints herself campaign manager, which is news to the manager he already hired, Andrea.

Andrea admits to Brandon that she was originally going to run for president but backed out because she didn’t want to lose. Brandon notes that he doesn’t want to lose either, which is why he needs her help. Brenda reminds Kelly and Donna that Sky invited them to the club for a political event, but now she’s the only one who wants to go. When she arrives, she learns about an environmental rally the next day; she wishes she could go but she has school. She’s jealous that Sky dropped out of high school and gets to do all sorts of interesting things. At school, Brenda looks into the GED.

Jim and Cindy tell Brenda there’s no way they’re going to let her drop out of school. She notes that she’s not quitting, just getting her diploma early. She wants to learn from people, not memorize things for tests. Cindy and Jim tell her about the ridiculous dreams they had as teenagers, pointing out that there’s a difference between fantasy and reality. Brenda does the typical teenager snit about how her parents don’t understand.

Kelly takes Brandon’s picture for his campaign, while Andrea wants to focus on the issues. Brenda announces that she’s leaving school, so now Brandon has a crisis to solve this week. Brandon starts schmoozing the voters as Kelly asks David to make him a campaign video. David says it would be a conflict of interest since he’s broadcasting the candidates’ debate later in the week. Kelly tries to win him over with the offer of a date. “I wonder what Geraldo’d do in this situation,” Brandon says.

Brenda chats with some guy of Michael, telling him she’s trying to make amateur night at the coffeehouse. Kelly blasts her for talking to Michael, who’s Brandon’s opponent. She’s worried that Brenda gave away some sort of campaign secrets. Brenda works on her act at the coffeehouse with Sky and Jack. Sky mentions that she needs a housesitter while she goes out of town for a few days, and Brenda offers to help her out.

Kelly and Andrea watch Brandon’s campaign video, which could easily pass as the credits for a ’90s TV show. Andrea notes that it doesn’t mention anything he’ll do if he wins. She’s fed up with the campaign and walks out. Brandon doesn’t seem too thrilled to be left with just Kelly working for him. Kelly flirtatiously tells him to go after what he wants. Brandon notes that Steve would hate this (what, Kelly becoming Brandon’s flavor of the week?).

Brenda tells her parents she’s moving out. (Apparently she doesn’t understand that housesitting is a temporary thing.) Once she’s gone, Brandon turns her bedroom into his campaign headquarters. Cindy and Jim are afraid that Brenda will want to stay at Sky’s beyond the three days she’ll be there. Brenda admits to Sky that she was a little worried when her parents didn’t put up a fight, but they’ve been so preoccupied with helping Brandon that they’re too busy to care what she does.

The next day, Brenda wears some of Sky’s clothes to school, where she sees Brandon’s video. Kelly tries to give David some pointers for the debate so he’ll give Brandon an edge, slipping in her phone number. Brenda spots Brandon schmoozing a guy he hates and tells Andrea she can’t believe he let Kelly manipulate him into doing this. She also acts snobby toward Kelly, saying she’ll understand responsibilities when she’s living on her own. (Responsibilities like feeding Sky’s fish.)

Brenda comes home to Sky’s apartment to find guys taking a bunch of her stuff. They’re not robbing her, they’re repossessing her things. She tries to call Sky but can’t reach her. After the repo men leave, Jack shows up with dinner (a can of Spaghettios). Next, Kelly, Donna, Steve, Brandon, and a bunch of other students arrive to have a campaign meet-and-greet. Too bad there’s no food and the water’s now been shut off.

David comes with his camera, and Jack takes over, asking how many of the students know what Brandon stands for. Then the lights go out. Brenda complains that her friends crashed, not thinking she might have a life (ha!), and Brandon replies that she could have offered up the apartment. Brenda thinks Kelly’s jealous of her friendships with Sky and Jack, so she’s turned to Brandon for comfort. She tells her brother that considering his behavior, he’ll make a good politician. Everyone leaves, so it’s just Brenda alone in her utility-less apartment.

Just before the debate, Kelly tells Brandon he doesn’t need to talk about the real changes he wants to bring to the school until he’s been elected. Michael predicts that Brandon will get the majority of the vote; he’s lost so many campaigns that he has the instinct to know how his competitors will do. Michael notes that Brandon’s popular and has run a great campaign. Brandon naively says that people won’t vote for him just because he has a good video and has talked to people. Michael has the actual skills to be president. They share some ideas and wish each other luck.

During the debate, Brandon offers the students some superficial things he plans to do. Michael points out the flaws in his plan while simultaneously mentioning his own experiences in a leadership position (but in a nice way). Brandon admits that he’s not qualified to be president, but Michael is. Everyone’s upset to learn that Brandon’s throwing his support to his opponent. Brenda and Andrea are proud, though. Kelly and Brenda make up, and then David tells Kelly he’s planning to collect on their deals.

Jim is happy to learn that Brandon dropped out of the race, since he hated how he was campaigning. Brenda comes home seeking food and the paperwork she needs to get her GED. Cindy and Jim consider begging her to come home for good, but decide against it. Sky returns and learns that she’s had all of her stuff repossessed. She tells Brenda that real life is hard, and admits that she went out of town because she needed to get money from her parents.

Just before amateur night is supposed to begin at the coffeehouse, Brenda gets cold feet but ends up doing her act anyway. Her family shows up just in time to see it. She talks about her experiences moving out, and how being on your own is about being your own person. She’s found herself right on-stage, so she’s not going to leave high school. She ends up giving her GED test to Sky. Back at home, Brandon tells Brenda he’s jealous of what she got to experience. Though he did enjoy having the bathroom to himself.

Thoughts: Whatever, Dylan would never wear a turtleneck.

Random girl: “Aren’t you Brandon Walsh’s sister?” Brenda: “I feel like Ferris Bueller’s sister.” One, nie pop-culture reference. Two, I just mentioned Jennifer Grey in the last episode – creepy.

Jim and Cindy don’t try to keep Brenda from leaving because they don’t think there’s anything they can do. I guess they forgot the part where she’s the child and they’re the adults.

Why does Brenda keep going to school after she decides to drop out? Man, she can’t see anything through.


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