July 26, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 2.22, Parental Discretion Advised: “We Won’t Survive This”

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Go cry, emo boy

Summary: This week’s movie-night offering, The Age of Innocence, is interrupted when Dawson decides he’s sick of sad love stories. He and Joey talk about love stories, happy endings, blah blah blah. She thinks sad love stories are more powerful than happy ones. She notes that the characters in the movie continue loving each other despite the negative circumstances around them.

The next day, Dawson asks Gail for advice on how to handle a situation in which someone has done something bad (obviously talking about Mike possibly getting drugs). She tells him she’s going to go to Philadelphia and accept the job she was offered there. Dawson goes to the Potters’ house to pick Joey up for school, and Mike tells them they can use the closed-for-renovations Icehouse to study for their finals.

Jen tells Jack that she’s been researching teen suicide for a class, and has learned how many teens consider it. Grams shows up and asks Jen to come home. Jen declines, saying that she’s going to learn from Jack how to take care of herself. Pacey’s father drops him off at school in his cruiser; Pacey overhears something on the radio about cops staking out the Icehouse. He asks his father to leave Joey alone since her life is good right now. Sheriff Witter complains about how Pacey’s been acting since Andie left, telling him that no girl is worth screwing up his life over.

Dawson goes to the Icehouse after school and admits that he saw Mike with his friend who seemingly gave him drugs. He’s mad that Mike would use his family’s business to traffic drugs after talking about how much he wants to change. Dawson calls him selfish, and when Mike says he’s “stuck,” Dawson tells him to get himself unstuck without hurting his family.

Gail and Mitch discuss Dawson’s living arrangements after she goes to Philadelphia; she knows Dawson’s happy in Capeside. Mitch complains that she’s doing what’s best for her, not their son. He seems shaken to hear that she’s leaving the next day. Sheriff Witter shows up at the Icehouse looking for Mike while Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, and Jack are there studying. The sheriff asks Mike about his drug-dealing friend, and Mike claims that his recent visit was just social.

Joey asks Mike if everything’s okay; she’s upset that the police are harassing him. Mike conceals himself in the office with a bagful of drugs while Jack bugs Jen about their living arrangements. She takes this to mean that he wants her to move out of his house. Jack just wants her to consider Grams’ view. He adds that Mr. McPhee is going to have to sell the house soon and they’ll have to find somewhere else to live. Jen flippantly replies that she’ll just have to kill herself then.

As something fiery flies through a window of the Icehouse, Sheriff Witter confronts Pacey about a call he got from his guidance counselor reporting that Pacey’s not completing his finals. He tells Pacey he shouldn’t be hanging out at the Icehouse with a known felon. The sheriff orders his son to get his things to go home, and when Pacey says no, his father hits him. Inside, the other kids realize the Icehouse is on fire.

Pacey runs inside as Joey goes looking for Mike, who yells for her to get out. Jen freezes and Jack grabs her, getting her out of the building. Dawson gets a fire extinguisher, but instead of using it on the flames, which are too big to combat, he breaks the window to the office and frees Mike. Everyone gets out all right, but the Icehouse is in bad shape. Dawson suspects that Mike is somehow to blame and urges him to tell the police what’s going on.

Joey calls Dawson a hero, but he says the situation is “too tragic to have a hero.” Sheriff Witter tells Pacey that Mike has to be lying to him. There’s no way someone would randomly commit arson in Capeside. Sheriff Witter tries to send Pacey home, ribbing him in front of some colleagues and saying he’s upset because Andie left. Pacey hits him, telling him never to touch him again and warning him to shut up about Andie. He adds that Mike is ten times the father Sheriff Witter ever was.

Mike and Bessie discuss insurance until Joey asks why the fire is being investigated as arson. She tries to get Mike to promise that he had nothing to do with what happened. He looks her straight in the eye and tells her has no idea who started the fire. Dawson tells his parents about Mike and they urge him to tell the police. Gail argues that Joey’s in danger and needs Dawson’s strength.

Jack asks Jen why she didn’t move when she saw the fire. She tells him that she doesn’t remember what happened. She assures him that she’s not the sort of person who would kill herself, but when she saw the fire, she didn’t care enough to get out. Jack encourages her not to push away the people who love her.

Dawson goes over to Joey’s and tells her that a) Mike is dealing drugs again and b) the fire is at least partly his fault. Joey insists that her father told her the truth when he said he wasn’t responsible for the fire. Dawson tries to convince her to go to the police and work out a deal for Mike. She blasts him for getting involved and begs him to stay out of the situation, not just for her family but for their relationship. “We won’t survive this,” she warns. Dawson tells her that if she won’t be responsible, he will.

Dawson, Joey, Gail, and Mitch all go to Sheriff Witter, who wants Joey and Mike’s help getting the arsonist. He notes that Mike’s putting the Potters in danger, but Joey just wants the family to be together. She still trusts her father. Once they’re alone, Joey tells Dawson that she doesn’t appreciate being backed into a corner. He argues that there’s no other option. Joey says he feels that way because he sees the world as black and white, while she sees the gray.

Mitch and Gail talk about how successful they’ve been in raising Dawson. Mitch is happy that Dawson felt he was able to count on them. He asks Gail to stay in Capeside and put the family back together. Gail says she prayed for Mitch to come back, and when it didn’t happen, she started thinking that going to Philadelphia was the right choice. She tells Mitch that he wants what they used to have, and they’ll never have that again. She thinks Philadelphia is right for both of them. She’s moving in the hopes that whatever they lost will be found again.

Jen goes back to Grams’ house, telling her grandmother that her return is conditional. First, she wants to discuss the reasons they had their falling-out in the first place. She never felt comfortable or that she was good enough. Jen also wants Grams to support her rather than judge her. Grams agrees to this. Jen says she doesn’t need a legal guardian, but she wants a family. She wants the two of them to take care of each other. “I don’t want to be alone anymore,” she says. Grams feels the same. Jen has one more condition: that Jack come live with them as well. Grams has no problem with that either.

Sheriff Witter finds Pacey on a pier and expresses a little pride over his son hitting him. Andie called and Sheriff Witter talked to her; he thought she was sweet and admits that he knows nothing about her. However, he feels like he knows even less about Pacey. Andie told him a little about what the two of them have been through and called Pacey her hero. Sheriff Witter called the school and got Pacey permission to make up his finals. He apologizes for not being the kind of father Pacey felt he could talk to. Then, on Andie’s urging, he hugs his son. Pacey cries over missing Andie, and his father comforts him.

Joey tells Mike that she met with the police, then asks if he’s dealing drugs again. He starts crying and admits that he is. Joey just wants to know why. Mike says he wanted to provide for the family rather than just help them get by. She argues that he served his time and was supposed to get a new start. Mike feels like a failure and was too weak to admit it to his daughters. Joey’s angry that he ruined what she and Bessie worked for, adding that she could have died in the fire. Mike’s sorry but doesn’t know how to fix things. “I’m sorry, too,” Joey says, pulling up her shirt to reveal that she’s wearing a wire for the police.

Mike goes outside to find Sheriff Witter waiting for him. Bessie’s there as well but won’t speak to him or Joey. Dawson’s also hanging around, and he tells Joey that she did the right thing. She disagrees, saying he did the right thing. Joey hopes that one day she can forgive Mike, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to forgive herself, but she knows she won’t be able to forgive Dawson. “There are certain circumstances that love cannot overcome,” she tells him, “and from now on, I don’t want to know you.”

Thoughts: This was actually a really good episode! I’m sad that I’m so surprised!

I don’t think I buy Joey wearing a wire, though. Admittedly, I’m torn – I know she felt like she didn’t have a choice, and that she was mad at Mike for what he did, especially for lying about it, but this was a pretty harsh move. On the other hand, I also thought she forgave him fairly quickly when he came back. The whole story arc was kind of inconsistent.

Can we stop with the opening scenes where Dawson watches a movie that fits the theme of the episode?

With all the daddy issues on this show, you’d think it was created by Joss Whedon.

Hey, I’m done with the second season! That went fast.



  1. karibestrycki said,

    “I don’t wanna know you.” What a slap in the face to Dawson. So glad Joey moves on to Pacey


  2. Sarah said,

    Pacey’s sexiest episode (; he finally stood up to his father and defended his woman’s honor by punching him. He looked really hott doing it since his face was a little dirty from the fire. I also think it’s kinda funny that he is the one who saved Joey from the fire and comforted her when they didn’t know whether Joey’s dad was alive or not.

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