August 7, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.1, Like a Virgin: Frisky Business

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Yeah, I mean, who wouldn't want to hit that, right?

Summary: Dawson’s on a bus with a blonde girl who tells him he drooled while he was sleeping. They discuss the movie he’s watching, Risky Business, specifically the scene where Tom Cruise (ha!) loses his virginity on a train. The girl flirts with Dawson and asks about his girlfriend. In Capeside the next morning, Joey gets ready for school while Grams watches Jen and Jack maneuver in the kitchen like an old married couple.

Pacey comes to Dawson’s for breakfast and learns about the girl on the bus. He notes that Dawson and Joey haven’t seen each other all summer, but since it’s the first day of school, their separation is about to end. Pacey thinks the time apart will have been enough time for Joey to forgive her ex, who spent the summer in Philadelphia. Dawson is determined to stay strong and not get back together with her. Pacey then teases Mitch about his new position coaching Capeside High’s horrible football team.

Jen gets in a dig at an annoying girl at school named Belinda and is more gleeful than we’ve seen her in months. The juniors at Capeside all gather for an assembly led by Principal Green, who warns that he’s a step ahead of everyone and won’t let anyone get away with anything. He calls Pacey out for talking, partly to compliment him for acting his age, since most students at the school don’t, and partly to give him Saturday detention.

Jen and Jack jeer at some cheerleaders, and Jen decides to find out what being on the squad is all about. Dawson sees Joey for the first time in months and admits to Pacey that he’s going to break and needs to leave. Joey doesn’t see him until he’s leaving. At home, she complains to Bessie about her boss, then says that seeing Dawson was great. They immediately forgave each other and talked for a long time. Bessie buys it.

Pacey takes Dawson to a strip club, where Dawson has what he thinks is a religious experience. Pacey decides that the goal of Dawson’s junior year should be to lose his virginity. (What is this, American Pie?) He mentions the girl from the bus, but Dawson doesn’t think he’ll be hearing from her, since he bored her by talking about Joey. To his surprise, he’s already seen the girl again: She’s their waitress.

The next day, Pacey chastises Dawson for not hooking up with “bus girl”; Dawson argues that she was working and points out that he gave her his number. They enter the Leerys’ house to find the girl waiting there for Dawson, wanting to take him up on his offer of a date. Pacey pulls Dawson aside and tells him to take a moment to remind himself he’s in complete control of the situation. He tells Dawson to take the girl out on Mitch’s boat.

After a meta joke slamming the show’s theme song, Jen takes the stage at cheerleading auditions. Belinda insults her again and Jen delivers a monologue predicting that Belinda’s adulthood will suck and encouraging everyone to stop worshiping her. Joey’s creepy boss ogles her as Dawson and his new love head out on Mitch’s boat. He notes that she’s pretty confident, then asks her name. She guesses that he’s a virgin, then makes out with him. Dawson asks her name again and she tells him to call her Eve.

The boat crashes into a dock, which happens to be right where Joey’s working. After spotting Eve, Joey guesses that she and Dawson were getting a little friendly when the crash occurred. The repairs will cost $3,000, but Eve notes that things could have been worse. Dawson’s mad at her for making him crash the boat. She tells him to stop being a prude. He tells her he hasn’t been acting like himself because of her; now he’s caused a disaster. Eve really doesn’t care.

At school, Jack finds Jen walking around in a daze, trying to avoid the cheerleaders. She tells him Belinda has been impeached by the other cheerleaders and Jen has been named head cheerleader. The position comes with gold pompoms. Joey admits to Bessie that she and Dawson never made up, and in fact have been avoiding each other. She feels like his evil twin was the one who came back from Philadelphia. She’s also jealous of Eve for being everything Joey isn’t. Bessie reminds her that things are different now.

Dawson tries to scrounge up $3,000 but falls way short. Eve shows up at his house with $400 she gathered from her fellow strippers. Dawson doesn’t want the money since the boat repairs aren’t Eve’s problem. As they talk, Pacey puts on some Risky Business-like sunglasses and gets an idea. He suggests that Dawson throw a party with the strippers and charge $20 a pop for guys to come over. (Mitch is obviously out of town.) The plan is a huge success.

Dawson takes refuge in his room, where it turns out Joey has been waiting for him. She apologizes for their fight and both say they regret how they handled things. Dawson assures her that he hasn’t done anything with Eve and says he missed Joey. She tells him it’s a new year and things don’t have to be the same anymore. “They can be different. They can be better,” she says, taking off her shirt. Dawson decides this isn’t the right time for them to get naughty.

Joey’s upset, telling him this wasn’t an attempt to get him back. It’s not her fault that he’s a virgin, as she never stopped him from being with anyone else. Dawson says that they’re both still virgins because they wanted things to be that way. Joey asks if something’s wrong with her. “It’s not you. It’s us,” he tells her. He doesn’t want to go through the drama and heartbreak with her again. “So you love me. You just don’t want me,” Joey summarizes before going out the window.

Downstairs the party is still going strong, and Jen and Jack have joined the festivities. Pacey counts up the money, which totals over $3,000. He decides to open the party to the public. Eve wants Dawson to leave with her, but first Dawson tells Pacey that Joey wants him back. He asks Pacey to look after her, which Pacey reluctantly agrees to do. Then Dawson heads off to bang Eve in her boss’ boat.

Mitch arrives home early and finds the party still in full swing. Eve encourages Dawson to leave with her on the boat instead of talking to his father. She points out that their confrontation can wait until the next morning. Dawson decides to be responsible and stay behind. Pacey rows over to Joey’s and tells her she did the right thing. He also knows how it feels to let someone go, and to know that even if you’re right for someone, the timing might not be right. Pacey notes that it’s a new year full of possibilities – he and Joey might even become friends.

Thoughts: Eve is played by Brittany Daniel, AKA Jessica from the SVH TV series. My worlds collide!

Dawson gave Eve his address and phone number before he even knew her name? Who does that?

Also, I love how, when she tells him to call her Eve, he notes that it’s a Biblical name. Very good, Dawson! You pass Sunday School 101!

Joey, sneaking in through Dawson’s window is no longer cute. It’s now weird and illegal.


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