August 9, 2011

BH90210 1.19, April Is the Cruelest Month: Could I BE Any More Homicidal?

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Yes. That is exactly who you think it is

Summary: Brandon watches a guy named Roger (Matthew Perry, hee hee hee) play tennis, then talks to him about all his extracurricular activities. Roger doesn’t want to do an interview at first, but Brandon notes that he can’t be famous without press. He wonders who Roger pictures when he slams the ball. Brenda’s stressed about her SAT scores, apparently having taken the test sometime since the last episode, but Kelly and Donna aren’t. Brandon tells Andrea that he got an interview with Roger for the paper’s senior spotlight. She’s thrilled.

Brandon asks Steve for background info on the guy, and Steve tells him Roger’s father, George, is really rich. His mother once dated George, who’s rumored to have built a library at Stanford so Roger can go there. Brenda’s excited to get her test scores at home, and is way too happy to get an 1190. She also wants to see Brandon’s scores to find out which twin scored higher. Brandon hangs around Roger’s house waiting for their interview and spots a cabinet full of guns. Roger shows him one and tells him his father started teaching him to shoot when he was six.

The writers seem to think we’ll be interested in a tax-related conversation between Jim and Cindy. The writers are wrong. Jim wonders which of their children did better on the SAT, trying to make a $5 bet (though he doesn’t say which one he thinks scored higher). Roger asks Brandon not to record their interview, which is interrupted when George comes home. George mentions that he had lunch with someone from Stanford admissions, which makes Roger uncomfortable. George also tells Brandon that Roger wrote a screenplay, and George is trying to get him an agent.

Once Brandon gets home, the other Walshes ambush him, excited to see his SAT scores. He also got an 1190. Brenda notices that Brandon’s doing an interview with Roger, and Jim talks about how awesome George is. Brandon’s borrowed Roger’s screenplay, and Brenda wants the two of them to read it out loud. It strikes them as a little autobiographical. As they read, we see imaginings of the characters, “Robert” and “Janine,” doing the characters’ actions. Robert wants to kill his father.

Kelly got a 1050 on her SAT (which Brenda also thinks is great), but Donna won’t spill her scares. Brenda tells Kelly about Roger’s screenplay, and Kelly tells her they used to date. George made Roger dump her because she wasn’t good enough for him. Brandon reads on in the screenplay, coming across a scene where Robert plans to use the same gun he showed Brandon to kill his father.

Brandon tries to get Andrea to ditch Roger’s interview because he doesn’’ think Roger is the great guy everyone thinks he is. He asks for any advice she can give from her experiences at the teen hotline. She tells him to listen to whoever it is who’s having a problem, and tell the person that he or she isn’t the only person who’s ever felt that way. She asks what kind of trouble Roger’s in, and Brandon tells her about the screenplay and how he thinks Roger really wants to kill his father. Andrea thinks he’s overreacting.

Brenda and Kelly look through a book of colleges and try to get Donna to talk about her future plans. Donna doesn’t want to discuss college. The girls then take a history test, but Donna doesn’t write anything on her sheet. She then fakes a contact emergency so she can leave. Roger asks Brandon what he thinks of the screenplay, telling him that truth is stranger than fiction. Brandon says the screenplay is “riveting.” Roger offers him box seats to a Dodgers game, saying he won’t be around for it.

Brandon awkwardly asks Dylan if he ever wanted to kill his father, and what stopped him from following through. Dylan says it was Brandon and Brenda. (Awwww.) Brenda, Dylan, and Kelly spot Donna smoking with someone in the parking lot and wonder what’s going on with her. Roger goes to a session with a therapist and complains about how controlling George is. He admits that he wishes George were dead. That night, he goes home and shoots his father. Or at least he does in the screenplay.

Brenda and Brandon commiserate over being unable to read Donna and Roger, respectively. She suggests that they fix them up. Steve tries to make small talk with Roger about Stanford and George, but Roger gets edgy. Brenda and Kelly learn that they did well on their history test, but that Donna missed a meeting with their teacher. They note that she’s not even at school today. Brandon gets a ride with Roger, wanting to ask him some questions. Roger wants to drag race with Dylan, who isn’t game, then speeds off like a maniac.

Donna’s spent her day shopping, which Brenda discovers when they run into each other in a store. After some hounding by Brenda, Donna admits that she only got a 620 on the SAT. She guesses her mom is right that she should find a rich guy to marry since she’s too dumb to take care of herself. (Okay, that’s actually sad.) Brandon asks Roger if “Robert” is supposed to be him, but Roger won’t answer the question. They go to Roger’s house and find out that he got a rejection letter from Stanford.

As father and son start fighting, Brandon slips out of the room. George accuses Roger of throwing his love back in his face. Roger sends Brandon home, but on his way out, Brandon finds a gun in Roger’s car. He calls Andrea at the hotline and tells him Roger’s been driving around with a weapon. He’s already called the police, but they can’t do anything. (Um, what?) Andrea isn’t sure that Brandon’s right about Roger wanting to kill George, but Brandon is still suspicious.

Brandon tells Jim about the situation, and Jim advises him to talk to Roger. “Maybe he needs a friend,” Jim says. Great advice, Mr. Walsh. I hope you don’t get called to testify at Roger’s murder trial. That night, Brandon goes back to Roger’s house, finds a key (which he knew the location of from the screenplay), and lets himself in. It’s a waste, though, since he doesn’t find any dead bodies or anything.

Brenda asks her history teacher to help Donna rather than just writing her off. The teacher says she’s meeting with Donna that afternoon to talk about her future. Brenda thinks the teacher is only looking at Donna’s test scores, but the teacher truly wants to help her. Brandon looks all over the school for Roger but no one’s seen him. George is also MIA. Andrea tells Brandon again that he’s overreacting, but he thinks he can use the screenplay to figure out what’s going on. He borrows Dylan’s car to go find Roger.

Donna meets with the teacher, saying she understands what they talk about in class, she just can’t concentrate on tests. The teacher suspects that she has a learning disability. Donna thinks she’s just calling her stupid in a different way. She admits that she has trouble processing visual information and operating within time limits. The teacher promises that they can work on both things.

Brandon goes to Roger’s and finds him drinking in the poolhouse. He has a loaded gun and uses it to shoot one of George’s numerous awards. He tells Brandon the screenplay is just a screenplay and he’s not going to kill his father – he’s going to kill himself. He turns the gun towards himself and tells Brandon to leave. Brandon offers to be his friend, apparently thinking that will solve everything. However, he does manage to convince Roger to give him the gun.

Donna tells Brenda and Kelly that her future’s looking a lot better. She’s going to be allowed to take an oral SAT without time limits. Brandon offers Steve his Dodgers tickets, then goes to see Roger in the hospital, where he’s being treated by psychiatrists. George thanks him and reports that they’re both getting help. Brandon promises Roger that he won’t write about his near-suicide in the paper, but Roger thinks he should. He notes that Brandon’s not at the Dodgers game, and Brandon tells him he wanted to watch the game with him.

Thoughts: When I play tennis, I also wear turquoise shorts and a belt!

1190? Not exactly Harvard-quality, there, Bren. Simmer down.

I’m sorry, seeing Matthew Perry with a gun is not at all intimidating.

Sneaking into the home of people who have a lot of guns is Brandon’s dumbest move yet. But it’s only the first season, so I have no doubt he’ll top himself many, many times over.

Roger: “I’m going to kill myself!” Brandon: “Naw, man, let’s be friends.” Great work, Brandon.


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