August 13, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.2, Homecoming: Welcome Home, Cheater

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Your pigtails are ugly, cheater

Summary: Pacey’s nervous to see Andie after school for the first time in months. He tells Dawson that Joey’s going to come with him to get her. He asks Dawson what happened to Eve, and Dawson tells him she disappeared. She doesn’t even work at the strip club anymore; she was only a temp. Pacey’s disappointed since Eve was “the ultimate transitional woman.” Dawson needs to hook up with someone but not get emotionally involved. As Pacey’s going on about this, Eve grabs Dawson and pulls him into a closet for a makeout session. He’s surprised to see her at school, since she seems too old for high school.

Mitch and Principal Green ask Dawson to meet them after school to help them come up with a way to put the pep back in pep rally. Mr. McPhee has moved his business to Capeside so Andie and Jack can stay there, but he thinks Jack should stay with Grams and Jen instead of moving home. Jack says he’s scared to have a gay son and kicks him out. Pacey goes to the facility where Andie’s been staying and tries to get in to see her early. It’s after hours, so he can’t talk to her and get permission to take her home. Joey helps by trying to get herself a session with a therapist, then telling the receptionist all of her issues to distract her so Pacey can sneak in.

Back at school, Principal Green asks Dawson to use footage that’s already been shot of the football team to create a promo video for the pep rally. Dawson notes that it’s propaganda since the football team hasn’t won in three years. Principal Green reminds him of all the positive ways film has affected people. Dawson spots Eve outside and agrees to do the video just so he can leave. Eve accuses Dawson of still being in love with Joey. He says he isn’t, but she doesn’t believe him. She only asked him because she wanted to see if he would lie. She still wants to do him, though.

Pacey finds Andie in her room, where she’s hanging out with a guy named Mark who is clearly more than just a friend. Joey arrives during their awkward reunion and Mark’s departure. Jen is having little luck getting the cheerleaders peppy for the pep rally, as they’re now following a pep-less head cheerleader. Stray football from the team’s practice keep flying towards her and Jack, and he keeps catching them. Meanwhile, some kid named Henry begs Mitch to let him play. Mitch is more impressed with Jack.

Dawson buys a bunch of random stuff at a drugstore, quietly trying to ask the cashier for condoms. The cashier notes that they no longer keep them behind the counter. Dawson goes to the condom aisle and proceeds to be traumatized by helpful customers. Pacey and Joey help Andie pack her things and Pacey asks about Mark. Andie thinks he’s jealous, which he admits he is. Mitch puts Henry in as second string, and the team keeps practicing, this time with Jack. The cheerleaders now have something to cheer about.

Andie tells Pacey she’s happy to be with him and be going home, but it’s obvious she’s distracted by something. She returns to school the next day, happily reuniting with Jack. Pacey wants to do something alone with her that night, but she wants to do something as a group, even if it means going to the pep rally. Mitch tells Jack he wants him to join the team. He loved the way Jack and Henry worked together. Jack thinks he can’t be a gay jock. Mitch says he took the coaching job because it couldn’t have been worse than the last year of his life. Now the team has a chance of winning, which he knows both they and Jack could use.

Jen finds Dawson’s condoms and asks who he’s planning to hook up with. She warns him that he’s facing certain expectations, then gives him advice on pacing, using an ice cream sundae as a metaphor. That night, Jen leads the cheerleaders in a less-than-enthusiastic cheer at the pep rally. Andie, Pacey, and Joey arrive (Pacey and Joey immediately want to leave) and soon learn that Jack is the new wide receiver. Mitch has also made Henry, a freshman, the starting QB. Henry trips in front of Jen and they have one of those TV love-at-first-sight moments.

Pacey tries to instigate a PDA with Andie, who wants to stay at the pep rally for a little while. As Dawson’s promo video airs, Eve comes to find him and pull him away for sex. Pacey also pulls Andie away, asking her why she’s acting so weird. She promises that she doesn’t want to break up. She tells him how she connected with Mark right away but she didn’t tell Pacey about him because she didn’t want him to think they were anything more than friends. As Andie tells him about how much she and Mark had in common, he figures out that she slept with him. She begs for his forgiveness, but he’s too disgusted to even talk to her anymore.

Speaking of disgusting, Dawson and Eve start going at it behind the screen where his video’s airing. He accidentally leans on some controls and the screen starts to go up and down. Their clothes are halfway off when it goes up all the way and the entire pep rally, including Mitch and Joey, sees them together. Dawson’s embarrassed but finds the humor in the situation, at least until he sees how upset Joey is. After the rally, Eve (who still hasn’t put her shirt back on) asks Dawson if he wants to give it another shot. He’s reluctant, noting that he still doesn’t know her last name. He also wants to make sure his first time having sex is for the right reasons. Eve talks about how his eyes attracted him to her, then gives him her last name, Whitman.

Pacey drives Joey home and she tells him he has to hear Andie out. She knows they’re young and are going to screw up a lot in their lives. The only real thing they can give each other is forgiveness. She doesn’t want Pacey to let himself get so angry that he stops loving, then wakes up one day and realizes that the person he loves is gone. Mr. McPhee shows up after the rally, having been told by Grams that he should go. He apologizes to Jack for his previous assumptions; when he saw Jack in his football jersey, he saw himself in his son. Mr. McPhee wants Jack to come home. Jack says no, which his father expected. Jack tells him to ask again sometime.

Pacey finds Andie by the waterfront, even though he knows there’s nothing she can say to change his feelings. He doesn’t think she ever realized how powerful their relationship was. She changed his life and inspired him to be the person he’d only ever dreamed he could be. When Andie got sick, Pacey started to see that she might not see him as that person to her. He can’t go back to loving her the way he loved her before, knowing that it wasn’t enough. He might be able to forgive her, but he’ll never forget what she did. Andie says she still loves him, but Pacey pries his hand out of hers, says goodbye, and walks away.

On the pier outside the Leerys’, Joey tells Dawson she’s drawn to his house sometimes. He tells her they can’t go back, which she knows, bringing up the expression “you can’t go home again.” Dawson apologizes for what she had to see him doing at the pep rally. (Where’s my apology, Dawson?) Joey thinks she was meant to see it; in a weird way, it helped her. She realizes now how wrong it would be for them to get back together. They need to move on and have new relationships. They agree that they still love each other, but not the same way as before. Joey asks what they are now, since they’re not friends or a couple. “Dawson and Joey,” he says, giving her his necklace. She wonders if every Dawson has a Joey and every Joey has a Dawson. He hopes so.

Thoughts: Thank God I’ve never had to buy condoms. But I liked the episode’s twist on the usual condom-buying TV cliché.

I wonder if they put Meredith Monroe in pigtails and overalls to make her look younger than 31, the age she was at the time. Instead, it makes her look like a teenager with horrible fashion sense.

Thanks, Jen. I’m never eating ice cream again.


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