August 21, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.4, Home Movies: Varsity Blues

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I'm making this my computer wallpaper

Summary: Pacey brings over a Betamax so Dawson can look at a bunch of Gail’s old news footage and turn himself into a documentary expert. If he can, he might get to air a human-interest story on her news show. Pacey tells him that real life is much more interesting than fiction anyway. Dawson’s planning to do his piece on Jack, noting that it’ll be more difficult than it sounds. He and Pacey watch footage of Dawson and Joey meeting for the first time and instantly becoming friends.

Jen’s ready for school, wearing her cheerleading uniform with combat boots, fishnets, and crimped hair. Grams thinks she should show more school spirit. The school is showing plenty of it, decorated in the school colors. Pacey suggests that he and Joey skip class together, though he won’t tell her what he wants to do. He gives her ten seconds to make up her mind, and she winds up agreeing to go with him (with four seconds to spare).

Dawson interviews Jack, who thinks his football talents are really just instinct. Dawson also wants to interview Mitch, but he wants to stay focused on the upcoming game. Henry shows everyone his good-luck charm (Doug Flutie’s mouthpiece), getting dumbstruck when Jen arrives. He begs Jack to help him out. Jen learns that the other cheerleaders are auctioning off a kiss with her. She puts her foot down, telling the girls that she’s sick of pep and all the cheerleading activities she’s had to endure. She’s done with the squad.

Andie runs into someone from the testing service responsible for the PSAT and pretends to wonder if someone at Capeside High has done something wrong. Pacey (who’s carrying a package he just picked up from the post office) takes Joey to the edge of town and tries to get her to hitchhike while he hides in the bushes. She gets the first car driving by to stop…but it’s driven by Principal Green. Pacey tells him they were working on a botany assignment and got lost. Principal Green tells him he’s holding poison ivy.

Dawson tries again to interview Mitch, who’s surprised to hear that his piece is for an actual news broadcast. He’s worried that Jack will lose focus. Dawson’s angry that Mitch isn’t taking his movie dreams seriously. Mitch says he’ll have other opportunities. He won’t tell Dawson he can’t film Jack, but he knows Dawson will make the right choice.

Later, Dawson visits Joey at work, looking for advice on the Jack story. Joey thinks Dawson’s piece is more important than a football game. Dawson, however, can see Mitch’s side of the argument, since he could use the ego boost of the team winning. Joey says that some father/child fights end with mutual respect, but some end with loss. Dawson needs to decide what he’s willing to lose. To thank Joey, he gives her a tape of their first meeting.

The cheerleaders wake Jen up the next morning and ask her to reconsider participating in the auction. Grams notes that someone bid $500 to kiss her. Jen continues to refuse until she learns that the proceeds from the auction go to an orphanage. Principal Green asks Andie to stop by his office on Monday to discuss a “disciplinary problem.” (Way to ruin someone’s weekend, Green.) He then comes up with a way to punish Pacey and Joey for skipping.

Jack finds Andie sitting alone on the steps (I’m sure the other students love having to step around her) and asks her what’s going on. She babbles about making a mistake that could ruin her life. She’s worried about public exposure and their father being disappointed. Jack thinks she’s talking about him, so she goes with it, reminding him that all actions have consequences.

Dawson shows Mitch some of the footage he’s shot of Jack and the opposing team’s coach. Mitch is upset that now the other team knows how good Jack is, so they’ll be targeting him. Dawson’s angry that Mitch isn’t happy for his “first professional success.” (You haven’t been successful yet, buddy.)

Dawson’s also mad that Mitch never talks to him anymore, since he has all his football players to talk to. Mitch points out that the players respect him. Dawson says he respects Mitch, but he knows Mitch wishes he were more like the players. Mitch tells him he needs to stop living in a fantasy world and think about someone else. Dawson shoots back that he’s more of a parent and an adult than Mitch is.

Dawson and Jen watch the football game together, unhappy to see Jack take a beating. Jen admits that it’s Dawson’s fault, but at least he doesn’t have to kiss someone after the game. He also doesn’t have to dress up as a mule like Joey and Pacey do. Andie practices confessing to Principal Green; her plan is to blame her breakup with Pacey for her cheating.

The Capeside Minutemen finish the first half of the game down 21 points. Mitch starts to give them a pep talk (it involves Sun Tzu), but Dawson has a better idea: smudge the players’ numbers so they can’t find Jack, then have the cheerleaders put makeup on them to make the other team wonder which is the gay player. This helps, and Capeside wins the game. Andie approaches Principal Green and starts to tell him about her “error in judgment,” but he has no idea what she’s talking about. He wants to form a student disciplinary committee, and he wants her to be in charge of it.

Henry won the kiss with Jen, and he gets to ride over to her on Joey and Pacey. He sold the mouthpiece to get the $500 to win the auction. Jen’s touched that he sold his good-luck charm just to kiss her. Henry tells her she doesn’t have to go through with it, but she kisses him in front of everyone. Oh, and Jen won homecoming queen. She’s not at all happy about it. Andie tells Jack that she knew everything would turn out great. “So who won the game, anyway?” she asks.

Pacey and Joey wind up at a boatyard, having gotten two students to take their place as the mule. Pacey’s working on restoring a boat and plans to sail it around the world. Joey doesn’t think he’ll have enough room for all the supplies he needs. Pacey opens the package he got earlier, which holds a sign with his boat’s name, True Love. Joey sticks around to help him with some sanding.

Mitch finds Dawson at the football field and tells him how happy and scared he was when Dawson was born, because raising a son is difficult. He can’t give Dawson the whole picture, since he can’t see it himself, but he can help him with pieces of the puzzle. Mitch doesn’t want Dawson to let anyone get in the way of his dreams and his future. Dawson notes that he was just doing what Mitch always tells him to do: think for himself.

Mitch suggests going home and watching a movie, but Dawson wants to toss around a football. Joey watches the video Dawson gave her, which includes him throwing a football with Mitch, as well as playing with her.

Thoughts: Really, Grams? You’re okay with Jen getting paid to be kissed?

Pacey: “I hurled myself upon the flames of responsibility!” Joey: “I hope a deer tick crawled in your eye and laid eggs.” Best exchange ever.

Yeah, I bet all the football players would agree to wear makeup.

I wish we’d gotten to see Andie actually give her big speech to Green. I doubt he would have shown her the compassion she was hoping for.

Hey, writers, if I wanted to watch football, I would…well, I’ll never want to watch football. Anyway, cut it out.


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