August 22, 2011

SVH #98, The Wedding: Margo at the Wedding

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Lila would NEVER wear that dress. For shame, cover artist

Summary: Lila decides that the only way to get Grace to stay in California is to Parent Trap her parents back together. This means getting rid of Grace’s obnoxious French boyfriend, Pierre. He unknowingly helps her out by groping Amy, who confides in Lila. Lila gets Pierre drunk and goes to dinner alone with her parents, where George takes advantage of Pierre’s absence to propose to Grace. When Pierre arrives, Lila tells him she knows what he did to Amy, but she’ll keep quiet if he goes back to France. He agrees, and George and Grace get engaged without even knowing what was going on with Pierre.

Jessica and Todd’s “relationship,” or whatever, fizzles out, so Jessica’s down one dead boyfriend and one boyfriend she was dating just to stick it to Elizabeth. She visits Sam’s grave and realizes that she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and do something. She comes up with the idea to hold a fundraising bike rally in Sam’s honor. Jessica and Elizabeth are still not talking, though they come close to a breakthrough when Jessica comforts Liz after a nightmare and almost tell she spiked her and Sam’s drinks at Jungle Prom.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she’s getting back into the swing of things but still hasn’t reconnected with Todd. She’s ticked because he was with Jessica, and because he hasn’t made an effort to talk to her since the prom (she still doesn’t know about the letter he wrote her in The Verdict, which Jessica stole). At the wedding, Todd asks Liz to dance, but they don’t talk, and when the dance is over, she simply thanks him and walks away.

Margo meets a dirt biker named James and hires him to a) enter Jessica’s rally and b) go out with her so he can get information on the Wakefields for Margo. She also gets a job as a caterer so she can gain access to George and Grace’s wedding and stalk the twins. (How does she do this? By killing someone. Seriously, this chick is twisted.) Margo’s getting closer and closer to fulfilling her plan to kill Elizabeth and take her place, but she doesn’t know that Josh, the brother of the boy she killed in The Arrest (and who she previously ran into in The Verdict), has figured out where she is.

Thoughts: Grace is the president of a multimillion-dollar stationery company. That is the least plausible part of this book.

I’m surprised Elizabeth went to a dirt-bike rally to memorialize someone she killed and organized by someone she’s not speaking to.

Winston brings a cowbell to the rally. Of course he does. If you asked me which SVH character would be most likely to bring a cowbell to a sporting event, I would definitely say Winston.

George and Grace’s wedding cake has 50 tiers. Aaaaaaand they’ve officially gone overboard.


  1. notemily said,

    Aaah, this was my favorite storyline! Margo 4ever.

    50 tiers? Yeah, I don’t think that’s physically possible unless your cake is as wide as a house.

  2. Lara said,

    How did the book described Margo? If she is to replace Elizabeth, it means they looked exactly alike right? Does Margo looked identical to the Wakefield twins? If not, perhaps she will use other ways like, “science,” to impersonate her.

    I’m just curious. Because back then, I only read many SVT, and only a few SVH. 🙂

    • Jenn said,

      Margo has brown hair, but looks enough like the twins that people actually notice.

      It’s weird because she spends more time focusing on Jessica’s mannerisms and likes than on Elizabeth’s.

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