August 23, 2011

BH90210 1.22, Home Again: The Best-Laid Plans

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When I inevitably proposition the man of my dreams, I hope it's while I'm on a carousel horse, holding a stuffed panda

Summary: School’s out for the day, and Steve’s celebrating by getting punched in the face by some guy. Brandon breaks things up and Steve says the guy said something mean about his mother. At work, one of Jim’s coworkers says some guy named Henry Powell is in town, which means people are probably going to be fired. Jim says he’s not worried, then learns he’s supposed to have Powell with Henry the next day. At home, he tells Cindy he’s sure the lunch means something bad.

Brandon and Brenda commiserate over their father’s possibly axing, Brandon saying that they’ve taken for granted how awesome their lives are. The next day, Jim has an awkward lunch with Powell, who’s noticed that Jim isn’t very happy in Beverly Hills. Steve (wearing an eyepatch) stops by the Walshes’ and he and Kelly talk about how great a mom Cindy is. Jim kicks them out so he can tell his family he hasn’t been fired, he’s been promoted – and they have to move back to Minnesota.

Cindy, Brenda, and Brandon aren’t too excited about leaving Beverly Hills, and Brenda notes that Jim doesn’t have to take the promotion. Jim says they’d have to move immediately, but he wants the family to make the decision together. They do a blind vote, with everyone but Jim voting to stay. He’s not surprised that Brandon and Brenda want to stay, but he’s surprised that Cindy does. Jim calls Powell to turn down the promotion offer, and Powell doubles his salary, so Jim overrides the family vote and announces they’re going back to Minneapolis.

Brandon and Brenda talk about how they felt when they first moved to Beverly Hills (she was excited to come, he wasn’t). She’s sad to leave Dylan and miss out on a summer production of Romeo and Juliet. She’s worried that people will think they’re going back to Minneapolis because they couldn’t hack it in Beverly Hills. Cindy tells the twins that they have to move by June 1st. Brandon doesn’t think his mother ever adjusted to life in California, but Brenda disagrees. The twins make a list of pros and cons about their two states.

At school, with everyone now aware of the Walshes’ move, Kelly offers to let Brenda move in with her, and Steve does the same with Brandon. At the Peach Pit, Nat’s also sad to see Brandon go. Andrea wants to have a “goodbye dinner” with Brandon, who’s too dumb to realize that this is really a date, even when Brenda tells him it is. Jim distracts Brandon from his request to stay with Steve by giving him his old car (his promotion comes with a new one). He then heads back to Minneapolis by himself.

Brandon notices that Steve is acting weird around him, but can’t get him to talk. Dylan’s all mopey over Brenda’s impending move, lamenting all the things they haven’t done together yet. Kelly tells Brenda that her mom said no to Brenda moving in (not like Jim was going to allow that anyway). At home, Cindy encourages Brenda to trust that Dylan won’t go out with any other girls after she leaves. Brenda and Brandon complain that their friends are either not speaking to them or are moving on without them.

Andrea and Brandon go to the boardwalk and ride a carousel while she teases that she has a surprise. Her goodbye present is…herself. She wants them to have a memorable goodbye with each other. (Wink wink.) The next day, Brandon tells Brenda that he thinks Andrea’s pretty, but he never wanted to do anything with her because they’re just friends. Brenda encourages him to bed her. They run into Dylan, and Brenda lets it slip to Brandon that they’re sleeping together. He hopes she’s being careful. (Foreshadowing!)

Out in cold, gray Minnesota, where there’s snow on the ground even though it’s June, Jim goes back to his old office and learns that work requires a lot of work. Back at the beach, Brenda tells Dylan that she’s not sure a long-distance relationship will work for them, considering it didn’t for Brandon. He suggests running away together, but instead they just make out. At school, Brandon tells Andrea he’ll sleep with her, then kisses her. At home, Jim calls Cindy and tells her how busy things are. She worries that he’ll be working a lot when the rest of the family joins him.

Andrea drops by the Peach Pit to tell Brandon that she actually can’t have sex with him that night because of a family get-together. They can’t find a time when they’ll be able to be alone at her house, so Brandon suggests that they meet at the Peach Pit on Sunday. (That HAS to be a health-code violation.) Steve arrives, is short with Brandon, and leaves. Brenda and Dylan hook up at his place before she tells him she came over to break up with him. He can’t talk her out of it.

On Sunday, Brenda’s still bummed over the breakup, as well as Kelly declining to hang out with her. She tells Brandon she thinks Steve’s just mad at him for leaving. (Ya think?) Brandon takes Steve to the beach and forces him to talk about his feelings. He admits that he dreamed about coming to California and being in the ocean, but the first time he went in, he got pounded by waves. He hasn’t been back in since the fall, and he thought he’d share his “last wipeout” with Steve.

Brenda and Cindy pack, and Brenda complains that Jim’s job is ruining her life. Jim calls to say he has to take a later flight (I guess to come back and help pack). Brandon falls asleep on the beach and dreams about hooking up with Andrea. As Jim arrives back in California earlier than expected, Nat calls to ask Brenda to help out with a private roast at the Peach Pit that night (since he can’t get a hold of Brandon). She reluctantly agrees to go.

Brandon and Andrea meet at the Peach Pit and make out before letting themselves in…to find a surprise party organized by their friends. Andrea quietly assures Brandon that she wasn’t setting him up. When Brenda arrives, the party starts, with David filming people saying nice things about the twins. Jim and Cindy look on, hearing how much their kids’ friends like them. Dylan says his goodbyes to Brandon in person, saying that Brenda saved him from going back to drinking. “You Walsh people are the only family I got,” he says.

Jim thanks everyone for accepting them in Beverly Hills. He gets all cliché, saying “home is where the heart is,” then announces that the promotion and raise aren’t what he really wants. The family is staying in Beverly Hills. Andrea thinks this means she and Brandon are destined to just be friends. He asks if she would have really slept with him, and she tells him he’ll never know. Cindy wonders why Jim didn’t tell her earlier that they were staying, but he just decided. Instead of just letting everyone have a happy ending, Brenda tells Dylan that she’s late.

Thoughts: Brenda wears a long black dress on the beach. Is she mourning her sailor husband who was lost at sea?

So Brandon had no idea what Brenda and Dylan were doing when they disappeared from the dance together? He’s even dumber than I thought.

When Brandon agrees to have sex with Andrea, they’re standing by a big banner that says, “Go for it.” Nice.

No one told Andrea about the surprise party? Nice friends.

Kelly: “I’ve even become less of a b*%$# since I started hanging out with [Brenda].” Steve: “Well, there really only was one way you could go, Kelly.” I love them together.

I made it through the first season! It…wasn’t that great, actually. But I know it starts to get soapy coming up, and I’m excited for that.

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