August 27, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.5, Indian Summer: The Two Faces of Eve

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Looks like Pacey's more turned on by Eve undressing than Dawson is

Summary: Dawson watches a movie (not sure which, but Orson Welles is in it, so possibly The Third Man) while Pacey plays around with a fan, all hot (in more than one way) and sweaty. Pacey laments that they no longer have girlfriends to hang out with. He can’t believe Dawson’s watching this film, since it’s so different from Spielberg’s movies. Dawson wonders how Welles can’t see he’s being set up by a woman. Pacey notes that most men get really dumb when sex is a possibility. After Pacey leaves, Dawson looks out his window and sees someone going through Jen and Grams’ house with a flashlight. He calls the police, then goes over to the house, where he finds Eve.

Dawson takes Eve back to his place and she tells him she and Jen are having a hot lesbian affair. He threatens to tell the police she was robbing the house unless she tells him the truth. She blackmails him with the PSAT scandal, reminding him that she likes making trouble for him and “the rest of the Sweet Valley High extras” he hangs out with. (Ha and HA!) Doug (not seen since “Hurricane”) comes by, responding to Dawson’s 911 call, and Dawson tells him he mistook Jen for an intruder. When he goes back up to his room, Eve’s gone.

Jen and Jack lie on a blanket outside somewhere, looking at the stars. He can’t believe she’s happy enough to be with him when she could be with a hot straight guy. He brings up Henry and his $500 kiss, but Jen says the sweet ones are the most dangerous. She talks about Dawson and Joey’s friendship, comparing it to hers and Jack’s, except without the possibility of a relationship. Then the sprinklers come on.

Joey’s creepy boss Rob checks her out while she works, then takes his shirt off, but it doesn’t have the intended effect. He asks her out and she reminds him that she’s jailbait. Clearly unable to take any kind of hint, Rob tries to lighten things up by spraying her with a hose. Dawson goes to Capeside High and the strip club looking for information on Eve, learning that she was never enrolled at the school.

Jack tries to get Henry to chill out where Jen’s concerned. It doesn’t help that she comes by and offers Henry a bite of her popsicle. Jack offers to set up a “chance” meeting for the two of them so Henry can go on a date with Jen without having to ask her out. Dawson pretends he’s working on a film noir piece so he can ask Doug for tips on tracking someone down. Doug suggests checking out the landromat, since everyone has to do laundry. (Apparently Doug has never heard of having one’s own laundry machine. Or maybe he just wants Dawson to waste his time on a stakeout.)

Pacey joins Dawson outside the landromat and tells him there are some women who he’ll never be able to completely understand. Pacey suggests renting some old movies, though his idea of film noir is Wild Things. Leaving the stakeout, the guys spot Eve, and Pacey says his dad’s tips on tailing suspects are better than Doug’s landromat theory. Rob brings a date to the marina, bragging to Joey about landing a high school girl. It’s a clueless Andie. Rob pays Joey for gassing up his boat, telling her to buy herself something nice. “Save it for bail money,” she shoots back.

Jack’s meet-up spot for Jen and Henry is the same place where he and Jen looked at the stars the night before. Henry has advice written on his hand, but he still has trouble speaking when Jen shows up. He babbles that everything about her is awesome. Jen thinks Jack is meeting her, but Henry says Jack sent him in his place. Jen quickly figures out what’s going on. Henry confirms that Jack set them up, and Jen notes that dating is a consensual activity. Next time, he needs to ask her out.

Dawson and Pacey tail Eve to the marina, where she changes clothes on a boat. Pacey wants to follow her when she leaves, but Dawson wants to check out the boat. On it he finds Eve’s clothes, some food containers, and a picture. Oh, and Doug trying to arrest him for trespassing. Dawson says his friend lives there, but Doug knows the boat belongs to a couple in their 80s who only live in Capeside during the summer. He continues that someone stole a speedboat a couple of weeks ago and took it for a joyride. Pacey returns, which of course means more gay jokes about Doug. After he leaves, Pacey tells Dawson that he lost track of Eve.

Joey follows Rob and Andie to the movies and tells Andie what a creep Rob is. Andie doesn’t mind being treated like a sexual object, so she doesn’t really care. She thinks Joey’s so closed off that even guys who are trying to be nice freak her out. Joey thinks Andie’s trying to rebound from Pacey. Andie says she’s just trying to move on with her life. Joey lets her go back into the theater to meet Rob, then goes in to sit with them.

Just as Grams is noting to Jack how happy he’s been making Jen, she comes home angry about Henry’s blindside. (Heh, football pun.) She’s upset that Jack didn’t listen all the times she told him she wasn’t interested in Henry. She says Jack took Henry’s side over hers. Dawson comes home to find Eve coming through his window to get her picture back. He confronts her over all her lies and secrets. She’ll only tell him that she went to Grams and Jen’s to get money for a bus ticket. He asks about the picture, and she tells him it’s of her mother, who she never met.

Eve explains that last Christmas, she found the photo while looking for wrapping paper. Her parents told her she was adopted, but she didn’t have much of a reaction at first. Later, she decided to look for her birth mother, and she came to Capeside because she knew her mother lived around there once. Since Eve hasn’t found any clues in Capeside, she’s planning to leave. Dawson believes the story and gives Eve back the picture. She admits that she played a role with him because she knew she wouldn’t be staying long. Dawson just wanted to know who she really was. After some more banter, Eve goes back out the window.

Jack meets up with Jen at their stargazing spot and tells her he tried to set her up with Henry to show her that she can have the things she wants. Jen’s upset that he brought someone else to their special place. She’s never been just friends with a guy. Jen also thinks Jack set her up because he’s the one who’s lonely. He points out that there are no other gay people in Capeside (Pacey would beg to differ). Jen tells him to have faith that something good will happen when he’s not expecting it. Like the sprinklers coming on again.

Andie visits Joey at work and tells her nothing happened between her and Rob after they left Joey the night before. Rob busts Joey for having left work early to go to the movies, firing her. She tells him to rot in Hell. Dawson takes an air-conditioner over to Grams and Jen’s house, spotting a picture on Grams’ bedside table that peaks his interest. Grams tells him it’s of her daughter Helen, Jen’s mom. It’s the same woman in Eve’s picture.

Thoughts: What was the point of having it be hot in this episode? It just means everyone was sweaty and unattractive.

Eve must be pretty dumb not to notice two not-at-all-stealthy guys following her all day. Wait, why did I say “must be”? She’s just dumb.

Joey’s behavior with Rob and Andie is very reminiscent of how she acted with Dawson and Jen in the pilot. Nice touch.

So who are you going to ogle now, Rob? You didn’t exactly think this through.


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