August 28, 2011

BH90210 2.1, Beach Blanket Brandon: Summertime, and the Quittin’ is Easy

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"When I'm done with you, you'll be the finest surgeon in all of Beverly Hills. Uh, lifeguard. I mean lifeguard"

Summary: Andrea gives the newspaper a long goodbye speech before they eat cake to celebrate the end of the school year. Brenda pretends she’s going to have a great summer, but her mind is clearly elsewhere. Scott’s being sent to Oklahoma for the summer, not like we would have noticed he wasn’t around. Brenda and Donna are taking an acting class, and Kelly says they’re ditching her. Brenda tells her friends her period’s late and she doesn’t know what to do.

Brandon brings up his almost-sexcapades with Andrea, who says it’s “no big deal.” They agree that they’re still friends. Brenda goes to a drugstore after school to get a pregnancy test, which she takes at home. The stick is supposed to turn either blue or red, but Brenda’s turns green. Donna suggests that that means twins. Brenda can’t believe that she waited to have sex and took precautions, but she still might be pregnant. She admits that the sex might not have been worth it.

Brandon laments that summer hours at the Peach Pit are pretty light. Steve tells him about a bonfire on the beach that night, but Brandon wants to keep working since he’s looking to buy a Mustang. (I guess Jim took his back.) Steve learns that Brandon was a lifeguard the previous summer and encourages him to get a job at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. At home, Brenda asks Cindy about gynecologists, making Cindy wonder if something’s wrong. Dylan comes by and Brenda tells him about her possible pregnancy. He promises to support her if necessary.

Brandon reports to the beach to show a guy named Henry Thomas that he can cut it as a lifeguard. Meanwhile, Brenda, Dylan, and Kelly go to Kelly’s gynecologist’s office. When the doctor arrives for Brenda’s appointment, she announces that her period is no longer late, so the crisis is over. The doctor encourages her to set up another appointment since she’s sexually active. (Uh, why doesn’t he just examine her then?) Dylan suggests that Brenda start taking the pill, and she accuses him of thinking about himself instead of her.

Brandon struggles with the lifeguard exam, finishing everything last and out of breath. He’s sure it’s because he’s used to working at a pool, not the beach. He tells Henry he already has a job anyway, so it’s okay. Henry offers him a job as a cabana boy instead of a lifeguard. Brandon’s worried about abandoning Nat so quickly, but Henry tells him if he doesn’t make up his mind soon, he’ll lose his chance. Brandon decides to take the job.

Brandon goes to ask Brenda to take his place at the Peach Pit until Nat can find a replacement, but she’s mopey about her relationship issues and pregnancy scare. She shares this with him, telling him that sex is a bigger deal than people make it out to be. Brandon thinks Brenda should talk to Jim and Cindy about what’s been going on, but agrees to keep quiet because Brenda wants him to. Downstairs, Cindy, who’s sorting the recycling, finds the box that held Brenda’s pregnancy test.

Cindy and Jim confront Brenda, Jim freaking out when he confirms that Brenda’s no longer a virgin. He and Cindy are both upset that she didn’t tell them ahead of time that she was thinking of having sex. Brenda tells them that her first time was just a few weeks ago. Jim’s angry with Dylan, because that’s how dads react. Cindy doesn’t think Brenda was emotionally ready and worries that in a few years, she’ll regret what she did.

Brenda points out that Jim and Cindy had sex before they were married; she doesn’t appreciate them trying to make her feel bad about doing the same thing. Jim notes that sex in the ’90s is very different than it used to be. Cindy wants her to remember that sex in real life isn’t like it is in the movies. Dylan arrives for a date and Brenda tells her parents not to let on that they know the two of them had sex. Dylan sees the pregnancy-test box in Brenda’s hands, and when Jim warns them not to stay out too late, Dylan yelps, “I swear to God, we won’t!” (Heh.)

Jim remarks to Cindy that when he was talking to Brenda, he sounded just like his own father. He thought he was open-minded, but it went out the window when one of his kids became involved. He wonders how to handle the situation, and Cindy says they’ll have to trust Brenda to make good decisions. Brandon tells Nat he has to quit because he needs a job that pays better. Nat understands but isn’t happy that he only got a day’s notice. He asks Brandon to stay on until he replaces him, but Brandon can’t.

Dylan and Brenda make out in his car at the beach, stopping when he realizes she’s upset. He doesn’t like that Jim and Cindy made her feel guilty for having sex with him. Brenda feels lucky to be with Dylan, but now they’ve “crossed an imaginary line” and this new territory holds a lot of responsibilities. They’re moving too quickly and she wants to break up. Dylan says she’s just afraid, which isn’t a good enough reason to end things. Brenda won’t budge.

At home the next morning, Brenda tells her parents that she and Dylan broke up. Things got more serious than she wanted, and she doesn’t feel ready for a sexual relationship. When Kelly hears the news, she says Brenda might be overreacting. Brenda says she just wants to be her own person. Brandon shows up for his first day of work, running into Dylan and mentioning that he had to abandon Nat. Dylan notes that the Walshes have been dumping people left and right lately. He doesn’t think the money Brandon will make at the club is worth ditching Nat.

Brenda and Donna go to their acting class, which is also attended by Andrea. Their teacher, Chris, tells the class his entire life story and calls it a monologue. He makes Brenda give the next monologue, telling her she has a pretty smile, so I think we can all tell where this is going. At the beach, Kelly tells Steve that Brenda and Dylan broke up and asks if he’s seen Dylan. Steve is sure that Dylan’s happy about the breakup.

Brandon gets his uniform from the Young and the Restless-loving Henry, telling him he can’t start at the club for a week because he needs to help Nat out. Henry replies that Brandon better be worth waiting for. Brenda gives her bio/monologue, mentioning her breakup with Dylan the previous night. “Huh. I’m always the last to know,” Andrea says. Chris asks Brenda about all of her feelings about the breakup, saying that no matter what they are, they’re great because they make her human. Brandon heads to the Peach Pit to take back his job for a week, but Nat has already replaced him. At least the two of them are now okay again.

After drama class (which concludes with Andrea’s babbling monologue), Brenda and Dylan run into each other. Brenda says she needs time away from him, but Dylan “fell in love with [her] or something” and is having a hard time with the breakup. He thinks he’s the only person he can depend on. Brenda assures him that she still loves him. She got too close to Dylan and it scared her. “I don’t want to be scared with you,” she tells him. He thinks they’re meant to be together. He offers to drive her home, but she thinks she should walk, telling him goodbye.

Thoughts: Whoa! They changed the opening credits! But I don’t like change. And where are Andrea’s glasses??

Henry is played by the awesome James Pickens, Jr., Chief Webber on Grey’s Anatomy. He has hair! And a mustache! It’s weird.

Yeah, Brenda, Dylan sure is a jerk for trying to take precautions to make sure you don’t become parents.


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