August 30, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.6, Secrets and Lies: Lonely Hearts Club

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Yeah, this might turn into the Joey and Pacey Devotion Blog. Deal with it

Summary: Jen laments to Dawson that she’s turning into her mother. First she was head cheerleader, then homecoming queen. Dawson thinks people voted for her because she’s different from everyone else. “They voted for me ’cause I’m blonde and I fill out my sweater,” Jen says. She’s introduced to a bunch of former Capeside High homecoming queens and learns their secret handshake. (No, seriously. This is not a dream.)

Thanks to help from the Police Auxiliary, Bessie and Joey have turned the Icehouse into a bed and breakfast. Joey’s happy to have a place to work that doesn’t involve her creepy ex-boss Rob. Pacey guesses that he fired her over a girl, and when Joey won’t tell him who it is, he realizes it was Andie. Dawson comes home from school and is surprised to Gail in the house. She’s in Capeside for the homecoming queen gala, which Jen has to plan. Gail wants Dawson to be her escort, which totally does not in any way hurt Mitch’s feelings.

Pacey avoids Andie at school, and she figures out that Joey told him about her and Rob. Andie tells Joey she can’t help liking Rob. Joey says sooner or later, she’ll get to tell Andie, “I told you so.” Jen meets with Ms. Franklin, the oldest living Capeside homecoming queen, and tries to get out of planning the gala with her. Ms. Franklin notes that most of the girls who win the honor are excited about it. She clearly doesn’t approve of who Jen is. Oh her way out, Jen encounters Ms. Franklin’s “handyboy,” Hank (AKA Henry), who has upset some bees and tells her to run.

Andie calls Joey while she’s working with Pacey at the B&B, tearfully begging her for help. Joey and Pacey rush over to Rob’s house, where he’s throwing a party, and Andie tells them that he tried to assault her. Pacey finds Rob, punches him in the face, and threatens to kill him if he hurts Andie again. Rob claims that nothing happened.

Jen and Henry hide from the bees in a greenhouse and he regales her with his knowledge of all the plants’ Latin names. He tells her that Ms. Franklin is lonely and he talked Jen up to her, so she was looking forward to meeting Jen. Joey encourages Andie to go to the police about Rob, but Andie doesn’t want to. Pacey assures Joey that he’ll handle things. Henry helps Jen and Ms. Franklin smooth things over, which allows them to start planning the gala. Jen announces that Henry will be her date.

Pacey takes Andie to his boat, since she said she wanted to go somewhere quiet. He wants to show her that he’s getting by without her, and has a new hobby. Andie admits that she’s not over him. If it took what happened with Rob to get them back together, then she’s fine with it. She tries to kiss him, but he doesn’t want anything to happen between them. He’s worried that tomorrow, she’ll regret it if they do something. Andie manages to talk Pacey into some making out, and the next morning, she tells him that she’s fine with whatever happens next.

Rob drops by Joey’s house and swears that he didn’t do anything to Andie. He claims that she pulled him upstairs, then started freaking out when they kissed. Joey notes that sexual assault and inappropriate behavior at work are both illegal. Rob points out that everyone knows about Andie’s mental-health history. He can’t figure out why she would accuse him of assault.

At the gala, Dawson learns the real reason Gail’s back in Capeside: She was fired from her station in Philadelphia because they thought she was too old. Jen and Henry show up in attire that’s not exactly right for a gala. The drag queens they’ve brought with them as the evening’s entertainment are much better dressed, though.

Joey asks Andie again about going to the police, and Andie says she may have overreacted to what happened. Joey tells her that Rob came by and begged her to believe that he’s innocent. She wishes she’d reported his behavior at work and prevented all of this from happening. Andie tells her that it may have happened for a reason, since she and Pacey are now back together. Joey is totally not at all in any way jealous.

Henry’s a little worried that Ms. Franklin will be mad at him for bringing the drag queens to the gala, but Jen thinks Ms. Franklin gets what she’s trying to say: Homecoming queens and drag queens are all just people dressing up and pretending to be people they’re not. In spite of herself, Ms. Franklin seems to be enjoying the evening’s entertainment.

Andie brings Pacey a skipper’s cap and topsiders, and he admits that he’s not sure if he’ll ever finish rebuilding the boat. He knows that it can never be the way it was before. (In case you were just born yesterday, this is all a metaphor for his relationship with Andie.) Pacey says that last night he went against what he knew was right. Andie says that this is the first day she’s really been happy since she got out of the hospital. He notes that they reacted to the same event in opposite ways.

Andie begs Pacey not to break up with her again, accusing him of punishing her. He says that punishment implies that she did something wrong. Andie points out that she did – she slept with another guy. “Maybe that was just your heart’s way of telling you that I’m not the one,” Pacey replies. “Because that’s what my heart’s telling me right now. It’s telling me that you’re not the one.”

As the now-much-livelier gala continues, Jen apologizes to Ms. Franklin for trying to shock her. Now she’s able to “look past the cliché” and has actually enjoyed being homecoming queen. Ms. Franklin tells her that Henry’s completely in love with her and talks about her all the time. She’s just worried that Jen doesn’t feel the same way about him. Jen admits that that’s true. Ms. Franklin tells her about her own experience with young love, which ended badly. She’s worried that Jen will hurt Henry so badly that he never recovers.

Henry takes Jen back to the greenhouse and tries to kiss her, but Jen stops him and tells him they’re just friends. He tells her he’s in love with her. She points out that he barely knows her, so that’s impossible. He’s two years younger and is going to fall in love a million times in the next couple of years. Henry asks for a chance, and Jen tells him he needs someone who both understands what he’s going through and can go through it with him. She’s not ready to be with anyone, let alone someone like Henry.

Dawson asks Gail why she didn’t tell him she got fired. She didn’t want to tell him that she followed her dream and failed. He tells her she didn’t, adding that she doesn’t look old. Gail doesn’t want to come back to Capeside for good, but Dawson thinks she and Mitch could help each other out right now. She tells him she doesn’t want to go back to being friends with Mitch.

Andie goes back to Joey’s and accuses her of sabotaging her relationship with Pacey. Joey says she hasn’t talked to Pacey since the previous night. She also knows that Andie wouldn’t lie about something like an assault. Andie replies that Joey doesn’t know what she’s capable of. She has blinders on and can only see what she’s after: Pacey. She’s desperate to get him back.

Jen returns to the gala to find Ms. Franklin having a great conversation with the drag queens. At the Leerys’ house, Gail and Mitch also have a conversation, though theirs seems to be more awkward. Meanwhile, Henry walks home alone, Pacey works on his boat, and Joey tries to comfort Andie.

Thoughts: Way to not even try to come up with a creative title for this episode, writers.

Ms. Franklin is played by K Callan, who has now officially been in every TV show ever.

Season 2 Andie was fun. Season 3 Andie is really annoying.

The drag queens’ names are awesome: Amanda Reckonwith, Summer Clearance, Megan Whoopee, and Christi Anity.

Aww, Jen. I’ve been there. But she let down the guy in love with her much more gently than I did.


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  1. Alex said,

    You’re right! K Callan has been in all of the shows!

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