September 3, 2011

SVH #99, Beware the Baby-Sitter: Don’t Tell Mom the Baby-Sitter’s Winston

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Margo, if you want to be a Wakefield, you’re going to need to wear much more interesting clothes

Summary: Guess what? Margo’s still crazy! She’s working at a daycare center in Sweet Valley and puppeteering Jessica’s new boyfriend James. She learns that Olivia’s new boyfriend Harry is throwing a costume party that everyone in Sweet Valley will be going to (well, everyone in Sweet Valley who’s 18 and under), so she gets James to find out what Jessica’s wearing, then wears the same thing. Except Elizabeth is ALSO wearing the same thing, so there are three identical girls at the party.

Also at the party? Josh, the brother of Margo’s child victim in The Arrest. He attacks Jessica at the party, thinking she’s Margo, and gets himself kicked out. He’s also the only person to realize there are three “Wakefields” at the party, not two.

Winston’s parents are out of town for the week, so he’s looking forward to having a bachelor pad. That idea goes out the window right away when a new neighbor comes by looking for someone to watch her baby, Daisy. Her husband is being detained in a Central American country and she has to take something to him. Winston pretends his mom is home and will look after the baby, then ends up taking care of her himself (well, with tons of help from Maria and some female friends). Wacky hijinks ensue.

After missing a few days of school, Winston decides to take Daisy there with him and pass her around so various people can look after her while he goes to class. This leads to a genuinely funny scene where Lila loses track of Daisy, who crawls over to Bruce and unties his shoe while he’s obliviously rocking out to The Who. Lila doesn’t want news getting out about her sitting job, so she tries to get Daisy away from Bruce without him noticing. She does, and he trips over his shoelaces.

Anyway, after about a week, Winston’s friends convince him that he needs to take the baby to Social Services since her mother is still gone and hasn’t even called. Winston instead goes to the daycare for advice and ends up talking to Margo. She’s all, “Elizabeth’s involved? Me likey!” She stops by his house, offers to babysit, and runs into Elizabeth, who’s freaked out by their similar eye color.

Winston winds up taking Daisy to Margo, since Margo said she would take Daisy to Social Services. Minutes later, Daisy’s parents return. Fortunately, Daisy’s still at the daycare center, but now Margo’s gone. She’s working on the next step of her plan: getting Ned and Alice out of town for a couple days so she can kill Elizabeth and take her place.

During all this, the twins have decided to put the past behind them and start speaking again. But then Elizabeth finds Todd’s letter, realizes Jessica lied to her, and starts up the fight again. So I guess we’re supposed to think that when Margo comes after Elizabeth, Jessica…won’t do anything? This fight is pointless with regard to the Margo plotline. Oh, but Todd and Elizabeth do get back together. As if there were any doubt.

Oh, and there’s a small plot about Winston betting Amy that he’ll be able to diaper Daisy quickly by the party. Whoever wins the bet gets to choose the other person’s costume. Winston wins and makes Amy dress as a nun. Heh.

Thoughts: Hey, Enid? If you’re in love with Elizabeth, just tell her, okay? And if you’re not, stop checking her out.

Amy and Winston, just kiss already.

“Is it illegal to keep a baby in your house, even if the mother gives her to you?” Winston. Nerds are supposed to be smart.

Jessica wears white pantyhose with glittery stars on them. I didn’t realize she was still seven.

Interesting that Enid would dress up as Amelia Earhart when she herself was in a plane crash.

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