September 4, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.7, Escape from Witch Island: Joey Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Nice hat, Joey. Does it come in not dorky?

Summary: Joey goes to Dawson’s video store to rent The Crucible, since she didn’t read the play for class. (She also thinks it’s a book, so there’s her first problem.) She didn’t have time since she’s been working at the B&B and taking care of Alexander. Dawson’s surprised to hear that Joey doesn’t work at the marina anymore. Joey’s equally surprised to hear that Eve left Capeside. Dawson tells her that he was able to convince Principal Green to let him, Jen, and Pacey make a movie instead of writing a paper for class. (Since when does Principal Green teach?) He invites Joey to help them make a documentary about the myth of Witch Island. That’s right, guys – it’s a Blair Witch Project rip-off.

The group interviews Principal Green, who explains that in 1692, 13 teenage girls were banished to Witch Island because they were suspected of practicing witchcraft. A year later, they were killed in a fire. The kids also interview Gail and Mitch, learning that Witch Island may have been the place they first had sex. On the way to school, the kids talk about The Blair Witch Project and Jen renounces the idea of witches. She thinks the girls were just exploring their sexuality and were sent away by repressed adults. She also admits that if she’d lived back then, she would’ve “so been burned at the stake by now.”

Pacey and Jen talk about how Joey and Dawson seem to be getting along now. Jen’s happy that she and Pacey never hooked up. He notes that the “smart-a$#sidekick” never gets the girl. He also says that they never needed anything from each other. Jen needs Dawson to validate her, but Pacey needed Andie. Speaking of Andie, she’s all pumped up about the student disciplinary committee Green wants her to head up. As Dawson and Joey set up for a shoot, he tells her he’s “missed this.” She thinks he means hanging out, but he means making movies. He tells her he’s also glad they’re friends again. That doesn’t seem to be enough for her.

The kids interview Grams, who of course doesn’t approve of the black arts, and Bessie, who mentions a classmate who disappeared. They then meet up with a guy who wants to film them as well; he’s making a documentary about the people making documentaries about Witch Island. (Heh.) The guy warns the kids not to stay on the island too late, telling them the stories they’ve heard are all true. He takes them out to the island on a motorboat with antlers on the helm. Out there, they meet Wendy from the Capeside Historical Society, and it becomes clear that Witch Island has become commercialized.

Jen and Pacey check out the gift shop and she reads from a book of magic spells. She decides she’s going to try out a love spell on him since they have no feelings for each other. Pacey’s a little offended that Jen isn’t attracted to him, since he’s “brooding and comely.” Wendy takes Dawson and Joey to the cemetery, where Joey notices that there are 12 graves, not 13. Wendy tells them the body of the 13th girl, Mary, was never found. Some people think she haunts the island, but some think she ran off with her boyfriend. She was an orphan taken in by a family and she fell in love with her adoptive brother. She was sent away when they were found in bed together.

Wendy says the island is charged, and people who love someone they can’t be with can feel it. Joey certainly can, focusing on the part about separated soulmates. “There’s your movie,” she tells Dawson. He asks Wendy to take them through the woods to the church where the fire occurred. She refuses, saying she never goes into the woods, and if they’re smart, they won’t either. (Wendy, trust me, they’re not smart.) However, if they do want to go, they can get maps in the gift shop. Back there, Jen cooks up a love potion (yes, really) and makes Pacey drink some. Wendy catches them and berates them for messing with things they don’t understand.

The kids head off into the woods, after Wendy warns them that they may not come back alive. They all discuss Mary, with Dawson saying that Mary proved that love can survive no matter what the circumstances. Joey disagrees, saying she died a sad, lonely death. He says that two people who are really, truly in love will find a way to be together. Joey calls him naïve as they reach the church. Andie abuses her powers at school, enforcing the rules of conduct left and right. Back in the church, Dawson reads a plaque stating that the townspeople built the church to bring God to the teens, but they teased the minister who came over so much that he stopped coming.

Jen heads outside to see if Pacey’s in love with her yet, leaving Joey and Dawson in the church. Joey reads on another plaque that men would come to the island from the mainland and treat it like a brothel. An angry mob stormed the church and burned it down, killing the teens. Dawson thinks that’s when Mary ran off with her boyfriend, William. Joey points out that he could’ve been part of the mob. She notes that a documentary needs to show all sides of a story. Jen heads off to find Pacey, who’s gone off alone, and tells Dawson and Joey she’ll meet them at the dock.

As they walk through the woods, Joey asks Dawson what’s going on with them. He wants to know why they can’t just be friends. She tells him they can’t be friends just because he wants them to be. She notes that they don’t know much about each other’s lives currently. The last year has been crazy for her, but her bond with Dawson got her through it. Joey always felt like she was “part of something special,” and now she doesn’t feel their connection, which scares her. The two reach the dock, but Jen and Pacey aren’t there yet. The boat guy refuses to wait, as the sun’s going down, and since Dawson and Joey won’t leave without Jen and Pacey, they’re spending the night on the island.

After the sun sets, Jen and Pacey find themselves lost in the woods, complaining about their horrible love lives. Pacey decides that love is bad but sex is good. He’d be up for some casual sex, especially with someone who also wanted something with no strings attached. Jen suggests a prenup-like situation, and now Pacey’s all turned on. In the gift shop, Joey finds Mary’s diary for sale (it was edited by Wendy) and reads a passage about Mary and William. Dawson wonders if Joey feels like their relationship was something she made up to fill a hole in her life. Joey asks if he ever thinks about where their relationship might be going. He just wants to live in the present, but she wants to think about the future.

Dawson reminds Joey that she once told him that some love stories don’t end. She notes that she offered herself to him and he rejected her. He tells her that if they’re meant to be, they’ll find their way back to each other. Joey isn’t so sure. She reads more from the diary, finding a passage in which Mary basically says what Joey’s been saying. Suddenly they hear a church bell clanging and leave to find Pacey and Jen. They don’t realize that Wendy’s still on the island. The kids meet up at the church, where Pacey sees that there’s no bell in the church.

The kids light all the candles in the church and Joey reads more of the diary. She gets to the passage written on that day’s date 397 years earlier, which was also the day of the fire. The girls talk about their love lives, and Jen tells Joey not to let someone else’s love life dictate hers. As someone lurks outside, Dawson asks Pacey if he made a mistake telling Joey that they need time apart. Pacey asks if he thinks he made a mistake. Dawson says he didn’t at first, but now he’s not sure. He’s worried that they won’t end up together and it’ll be his fault. Pacey says Dawson always shows his emotions, and every decision he makes is one that follows his heart.

Jen and Pacey discuss the sex prenup and start making out. They’re interrupted by shouts, glass breaking, and fire outside the windows. Dawson starts filming as they try to get out of the church. Suddenly everything goes quiet and the kids are able to leave the building. They run to the docks and find the boat, taking off as Dawson continues filming. Dawson shows the movie in class, telling the students that the island embodies Mary’s love life. Green says the movie’s good, if derivative. One of the students notices that there are two people standing on the dock, watching the kids leave the island.

Andie and Belinda (the cheerleader who helped enlist Jen) have set up shop in the cafeteria to dole out code-of-conduct violations to students. Green quickly shuts them down. Jen visits Pacey at the video store and tells him she doesn’t want what happened on the island to get in the way of their “experiment.” Pacey thinks the weirdness in the church should be a sign that they shouldn’t hook up. Jen disagrees, and it doesn’t take much convincing to get Pacey to change his mind. Except neither of them wants to hook up right now, so they’ll have to continue the “experiment” some other time.

Dawson and Joey watch the movie in his room, trying to figure out who the figures are on the dock. Joey’s sure they’re Wendy and the boat guy. Dawson thinks they’re Mary and William. Joey says Wendy and the boat guy had to have been behind everything on the island. However, she’s willing to let him believe that William and Mary found their way back to each other. Dawson apologizes for taking their friendship for granted and thinking they could go back to the way things were. Joey says that what they do and how they treat each other are the only things that matter. They should continue taking things slow and just check in with each other now and then. Dawson suggests going back to the island to film a sequel, but Joey’s not up for that.

Thoughts: They should’ve called this The Witch Island Project, since there’s an actual project involved. Well, actually, they should have called this nothing, and not done the episode at all.

I hope boat guy got fired. He had one job – transport people – and he didn’t do it. Fired!

Really, Pacey and Jen? You’re going to have sex while Dawson are just a few feet away? In a church?

I can’t get behind a Pacey/Jen relationship, but they’re pretty funny together.


  1. I agree with you about the whole not even doing this episode. It was just filler. They were putting off the inevitable…Joey and Pacey

    • D said,

      You do know what filler is don’t you lol

  2. carl said,

    but what about the stuff that went down on the island, ringing bells, balls of fire, was it real?

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