September 5, 2011

BH90210 2.3, Summer Storm: Something is Rotten in the State of Beverly Hills

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This is David Lascher. You don't have to thank me

Summary: The Walshes are hanging out at home, watching the news, when a story comes on about Dylan’s father being indicted for various crimes. Jim’s glad that Brenda broke up with Dylan. Meanwhile, Dylan mopes at home, ignoring a call from Brenda. At the beach club, someone announces that a storm’s coming and the waves will be huge. Dylan shows up to surf and Brandon tells him Brenda’s trying to connect with him. Dylan claims to be fine with everything going on with his father.

Kelly and Jackie lounge on the beach and check out guys together. Kelly expresses interest in a guy named Kyle. As Dylan goes surfing, Brenda tells Andrea that she hasn’t talked to Dylan, and if he wants to speak to her, he’ll call. Chris tells his drama class that they’ll be doing scenes from Shakespeare this week. He pegs Donna to be Juliet and David to be Romeo. Back at the beach, Brandon teases Kelly about watching Kyle. She gets the chance to ask for private volleyball lessons, and Steve isn’t pleased.

Cindy tells Brenda and Andrea that she played Lady Macbeth in a class production. Brenda’s not impressed. Someone calls looking for Brandon, and Brenda learns that Dylan was injured while surfing and is in the hospital. Brenda goes to the hospital and asks Dylan why he didn’t call her back after she called the night before. (Yes, Brenda, that’s definitely what you should be worrying about right now.) She asks if his dad knows he’s in the hospital; he does. Dylan tells Brenda he needs her. He asks her to stay, but she doesn’t.

Cindy tells Brenda that since Dylan has a concussion and broken ribs, and no one to take care of him, she’s offered to let him come stay with them. Brenda’s not happy to have her ex-boyfriend stay over, but Cindy notes that he’s Brandon’s friend. At home, Brenda refuses to help tend to Dylan. Cindy spoils her patient, who appreciates having a family taking care of him. He’s worried about Jim’s reaction, though. Jim, who’s out of town, tells Cindy that letting Dylan stay in the house is a bad idea. Cindy assures him that nothing will be happening between Brenda and Dylan.

Brandon finds Brenda reading Hamlet, and she co-opts Hamlet’s famous monologue for herself: “To be a b#%$@ or not to be a b#%$@?” Brandon tells her Dylan’s right about her being stubborn. Brenda stubbornly goes to tell Dylan that she’s not stubborn. He asks her to help him since she’s the only person he trusts. (Uh, he doesn’t trust Brandon?) They start making out, but Brenda stops and leaves. Dylan and Brenda run into each other in the bathroom in the middle of the night, acting overly nice to each other.

The next day, Kyle gives Kelly her private volleyball lessons as Steve tells Brandon that it’s just a summer fling, so he’s not worried. Kyle asks Kelly to go out that night. Steve tells her Kyle has a girlfriend and is messing with her mind. Brenda does a Shakespearean monologue in class, telling Donna that she understands Ophelia because she’s sharing a bathroom with Hamlet. (Well, Hamlet did have daddy issues.)

Kelly tells Jackie she’s going to dinner with Kyle. Jackie’s glad at least one of them has met a guy. She knows it’s going to take her a while to figure out how to socialize without drinking. Kelly’s proud of the work her mother’s done on her recovery. Donna and David rehearse their scene from Romeo and Juliet, worried they’ll humiliate themselves. Donna announces that she quits. Brenda comes home to find Dylan alone; he enlists her as his nurse, and for some reason, this time she’s okay with making out with him.

Jim returns home and catches Brenda and Dylan making out on the couch. He blasts Dylan for taking advantage of the Walshes’ hospitality by taking advantage of Brenda. That night, Cindy tells Jim that they were just kissing and convinces him to let Dylan stay a couple more days. Kelly and Kyle hang out on the beach after dinner and she asks if it’s true that he has a girlfriend. Kyle says they broke up because they were getting too serious. Kelly tries to get him to go skinny-dipping, but he’s not as wild as she is. He tells her she’s coming on too strong. She accuses him of messing with her mind like Steve said he was.

Dylan writes Brenda a note and leaves the Walshes’. The next morning, Brenda tells her parents that Dylan left and she’s going to track him down. Kyle goes for a run on the beach and is joined by Steve and his cut-off tank top. Steve can’t believe Kyle “passed up an opportunity” with Kelly. Kyle then runs into Kelly and tries to talk to her about what happened. Steve taunts that their summer fling is already over.

David finds Donna sunbathing and tries to talk her into doing the scene with him again. He’s sure he can get them both an A. However, he won’t tell her his idea until she apologizes and admits that they’re both bad actors. Cindy and Brenda try to find Dylan without luck. They do learn that Dylan’s mother arranged to have him come to Hawaii for the summer, but he never joined her there. That night, Dylan breaks into a cabana at the beach club and spends the night moping and dreaming of his childhood.

Brandon finds Dylan there in the morning and tells him everyone’s looking for him. Dylan tells him the cabana belonged to his family when he was a kid. Brandon asks why he didn’t go to Hawaii to be with his mom. Dylan says his mom was always too flaky and busy to take care of him, and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Kyle tries again to talk to Kelly, admitting that he might have still been thinking about his ex-girlfriend when they were together. He likes Kelly and wants to be friends. She seems okay with this.

Jim chastises Brenda for inappropriate dishwasher loading and she snipes that he always has a way of doing things. She blasts him for telling Dylan he had to leave when he didn’t have a place to go. Jim comforts her, promising that everyone will take care of Dylan. He’s just having trouble adjusting to her being a teenager and having sex. Kyle, Kelly, and Steve play volleyball at the club, with Steve growing increasingly aggressive. Kyle finally tackles him and tells him to give up. Steve taunts him for not being able to “make it” with Kelly. Kelly replies that they had sex the night before and it was awesome.

David and Donna perform their scene in class, but with David as Juliet and Donna as Romeo. Everyone loves it. Chris tells them it was funny, but an easy laugh. Donna gives David all the credit. Kyle thanks Kelly for covering for him with Steve, then admits that he’s a virgin, and he’s not sure he ever wants to be with a girl. Kelly thinks he’s gay, but Kyle isn’t sure. She clarifies that he was testing himself, and she’s pleased that he chose her for the test.

Brandon convinces Dylan to come home with him, telling him Brenda will never forgive Brandon if he doesn’t. Jim has a talk with Dylan about the few assets he has left. Dylan says he hasn’t seen his mother in three years, which is why he doesn’t want to go to Hawaii. Jim invites him to stay with the Walshes until he figures things out. He apologizes for losing his temper the other day.

Dylan asks why Jim always acts like he’s not good enough for Brenda. Jim replies that in his view, no one’s good enough for Brenda. Dylan says girls tend to go for guys who remind them of their fathers. Jim encourages Dylan to call his father, who might appreciate hearing from him. Instead, Dylan writes a letter telling his dad that though he no longer trusts him to care for him, he still wants a father.

Thoughts: If I had a tag for daddy issues, all of my posts would have it.

Kyle is played by the completely adorable ’90s hunk David Lascher. Mmm, David Lascher.

I love how Dylan writes “read me” on his note to Brenda. The next time I write someone a note, I’m going to put “make me into a hat” on it.


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