September 5, 2011

BSC #85, Claudia Kishi, Live from WSTO!: Long-Time Listener, First-Time Caller

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Records? Really?

Summary: Claudia’s all mopey over not having Stacey around, so she enters a contest to host a radio show. She wins, and Ashley Wyeth comes in second and gets to be her assistant. They get to plan their own shows, book their own guests, and basically do whatever they want. Ashley’s kind of annoying and passive-aggressive, and she and Claudia don’t get along very well at first, but eventually they both calm down and make it work.

Kristy, however, is disastrously irritating. She’s all “Ricky, put me in the shoooooooow!” and keeps trying to sell Claudia on ideas for plays. Her first involves the Barrett/DeWitt kids, her second involves the Pike kids, and her third never gets off the ground because the Arnold twins think she’s nuts. Finally, she and the Arnold twins come up with a Jeopardy!-type game involving children’s literature that fits in with a theme Claudia and Ashley had already picked. Unfortunately, this means that Kristy gets her way and will never learn her lesson.

Claudia and Ashley do some call-in segments, and in one a kid calls in looking for advice on handling his parents’ separation. Claudia recommends that he call a therapist. A couple weeks later, the kid’s mother calls to thank Claudia for her help, then donates a bunch of money, which will keep the struggling station afloat for a few more months. Stacey also calls, having listened to all the shows, including one about friendship in which Claudia said that she misses her former best friend. So they’re on the path to reuniting.

Thoughts: I’m a little surprised that Claudia’s bored, considering she has a hobby that takes up a lot of her time, as well as lots of sitting jobs. And even though Stacey’s not around to hang out with, she does have six other really close friends.

“Dawn gave me a list of songs to play (ecology-oriented, of course).” DAWN. SHUT UP.

Kristy gets Charlie to drive Claudia to the radio station. Charlie is the nicest brother ever. I can guarantee none of my brothers would have chauffeured my friends around when we were younger.

Claudia wears a tux and sneakers for her first radio show. If I saw a 13-year-old girl wearing a tux, I’d think she’d forgotten to take her medication that morning.


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  1. heather said,

    yes records! this was one of my favorites when i was a kid(i’d say it’s because all little 80s-born new york mongrels grew up wanting to hear themselves coming out of a boom box, but david silver was so west coast…). i’ll bet claudia would grow up to be *that* girl in williamsburg with the record/fashion boutique.

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