September 6, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.8, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Rub a Dub Dub, Thanks for the Grub

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Her. She's who's coming to dinner

Summary: Jen and Pacey shop for Grams’ Thanksgiving dinner, though Pacey had hoped they would spend the day “experimenting.” His day isn’t going to get any better, since he has to spend part of it with his family. Jen assures him that Andie isn’t coming to Grams’, since she’ll be making dinner for Jack and Mr. McPhee. Jen can’t stop laughing whenever they get close. Over at the Leerys’, Gail’s cooking in preparation for the meal at Grams’. Dawson’s pleased that she’s staying at the house while she’s looking for an apartment, though things seem a little too perfect.

Jen returns from shopping to find her mother, Helen, in the house. Joey and Bessie try unsuccessfully to cook while reminiscing about their mother. Gail tells Dawson that Jen’s mom is in town and wonders if mother and daughter are currently discussing Eve. She’s surprised to hear that Dawson never told Jen that Eve might be her half sister. However, she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Helen’s in town right after Dawson found a skeleton in her closet.

Grams tells Jen that her father’s in Europe on business, so Helen came to Capeside for Thanksgiving. Jen’s sure that Helen’s only there because she has nowhere else to go, not because she wants to see her daughter. Grams thinks Jen’s secretly happy to see her mother, and that she’s ready to deal with their issues. Jen has changed a lot since coming to Capeside and seems more at peace with things. Jen says it’s more like she’s at a crossroads. Grams is sure she’ll make the right decision.

Pacey, Andie, and Jack all arrive at Grams’ house at the same time; the siblings are on their own since their father got stuck in Chicago. Andie asks Pacey why he’s being so nice since he dumped her (twice). They decide they can’t spend the day with each other, but Jack tells them to suck it up for a couple of hours for Grams’ sake. As everyone gathers for dinner, Helen tries to give Jen a strand of pearls that Grams gave her when she was a teenager. Jen turns them down, saying she doesn’t have anywhere to wear them.

Dawson and Joey notice that Jen’s upset about her mother’s presence in town. Dawson wonders if she’s there to ask Jen to come back to New York. Joey plays the dead-mom card, encouraging Jen to give Helen a chance. Dawson approaches Helen instead and tells her about Eve. Helen keeps her reaction close to the vest but asks if Jen knows about Eve. She doesn’t think there’s any reason for her to learn the truth. Dawson notes that Eve could get in touch with Jen, so Helen should talk to her first.

Joey assures Andie that being in the same room as her ex will get easier. Pacey asks Jack if Andie ever talks about her; Jack says she only hates him every other day. When Andie asks Joey the same question about Pacey, Joey admits that he doesn’t talk about her because he keeps his feelings about her so close. At dinner, everyone talks about who and what they’re thankful for (mostly they love Grams), and Jen says she’s grateful for second chances and future Thanksgivings.

Helen runs off and Jen goes after her. Helen admits that she may have done something right by sending Jen to Capeside. She’s grateful for the friends Jen has made there. Jen notes that they’re not family. She starts crying over never hearing from Helen after she moved to Capeside; she wonders what she did to deserve that treatment. Meanwhile, Dawson tells Mitch and Gail to stop acting like everything’s shiny and wonderful. Gail tells him they’re trying to become friends. Dawson thinks they’re hiding something from him.

Helen has now told Jen that she gave a baby up for adoption, and Jen’s upset that Helen never told her before, since it could have helped her with what she was going through. Helen promises that she never intended to make Jen feel ashamed. Jen thinks that Helen didn’t want Jen’s father to find out about her “indiscretion.” She hates how Helen always sides with Mr. Lindley over her daughter. Jen would rather be alone than in a loveless marriage like her parents’. She calls Helen selfish, saying she’s so numb that she can’t even cry. She’s afraid to be alone because she’ll realize she has nothing inside her.

Dawson tells Joey what his parents were keeping from him: Their divorce is final. He admits that he’s glad they finally made a decision. He adds that the only home they have is the one they make for themselves. Dawson suggests doing something rebellious and teenager-y, but he and Joey both know that’s not going to happen. Jen, however, is ready to finally seal the deal with Pacey in a shed. Pacey tells her they can’t have angry sex and encourages her to talk about what just happened with Helen. When she does, he says she’s just seen her parents as human, and she shouldn’t waste her time hating them for it.

Jen approaches Helen as she’s getting ready to leave and promises that she won’t tell her father about Eve. However, she won’t take back anything she said. Helen says she deserves everything Jen said and everything that happens to her. She advises her daughter not to marry someone cold. She’s just now realizing that everything in her life could be pulled out from under her in a second. Jen urges her to get a divorce, but Helen knows women like her who leave their husbands find their social lives destroyed. “You just disappear,” she says. Jen realizes that Helen didn’t send her away because she hates her but because she hates herself. She wishes she’d figured that out before her horrible past year.

Helen leaves on good terms with Jen, who meets up with Pacey as he returns from not spending the evening with his family. She assures him that she has no hard feelings about his rejection earlier. In fact, she’s grateful, saying he went above and beyond what a typical teenage boy would do. The two of them join the rest of their friends, and Dawson notes that this is the first time all six of them have been together in a while. He tells his friends that he’s glad to have them in his life since his family isn’t so great.

Thoughts: Good casting to have Mel Harris play Helen. She and Mary Beth Peil look like they could be mother and daughter.

I can’t believe not one of these kids has a non-pathetic home life.

Jen did Thanksgiving shopping on Thanksgiving and actually found what she needed? And I thought the last episode was unbelievable.

They play an Alanis Morissette song, but not “Thank U.” Hello! Thanksgiving episode!


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  1. Muffy said,

    They celebrated Thanksgiving outside wearing light clothes in Massachusetts?! I know the show was filmed in N.C. but it supposed to take place in Mass.

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