September 10, 2011

BH90210 2.4, Anaconda: Poker Face

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Donna looks kind of awesome here

Summary: Jim lectures Dylan about his financial situation, telling him to go to Hawaii and make peace with his mother. Dylan says she’s always given him money but not love, when he wanted the opposite. Jim warns that if Dylan doesn’t get things sorted out, he’ll be in a lot of trouble. At the beach club, Steve invites Brandon to a poker game, and I can already see where this episode is going. At the Walshes’, Cindy asks Dylan if he needs some spending money. He assures her that he’s fine.

Donna comes by to get Brenda for a movie, wondering if Dylan’s coming. Brenda reminds her that they broke up. Donna suggests that she be Dylan’s date. The girls invite Dylan to the movies, but he’s broke and mopey, so he says no. That night, Brandon lets Steve and his friends (including David) into the club for the poker game. Brandon’s paranoid that they’ll all get caught. David begs to play music, because he is a dork.

The guys play, and one of the guys tells the story of the origins of the game. A guy named Ross started it and basically had a Rat Pack-like thing going. There were cigars, hot girls, and lots of money involved. When Brandon gets home, Dylan asks about the game, saying there’s no thrill if you’re not risking all your money. It’s like bungee jumping, which people don’t do unless there’s even the tiniest possibility they’ll die. Dylan talks about the adrenaline rush of gambling, and seriously, we get it.

At the club the next day, Henry asks Brandon if he saw anyone around when he left the night before. He thinks some of the members’ kids snuck in and played poker. He knows that if someone gets hurt while they’re there, it’ll be Henry’s responsibility. Brandon “promises” to tell him if he hears anything about the situation. Dylan pawns some of his things, including his beloved guitar, and is told that electronics will get him some big bucks.

Brandon tells Steve that Henry knows about the poker game, but Steve isn’t concerned, since the members run the club. Brandon notes that he’s Henry’s employee. Steve tries to convince him to come to the game, since it’ll be on whether Brandon comes or not. He promises to take full responsibility. Brandon says he’ll think about it.

Brenda and Donna sunbathe, and Donna asks what it’s like having Dylan living at the Walshes’. She’s obviously fantasized about it. Brenda admits that the two of them barely talk, and that Dylan’s always moody. She still loves him and feels bad that she can’t help him. Brenda takes a nap and ends up with a sunburn, so now she’s mopey, too. She also doesn’t think she can go to a party that night with Donna.

Jim again encourages Dylan to call his mother, noting that they can’t keep having the same conversation over and over. Brandon invites Dylan to the poker game, and though Dylan says he’s not interested, he’s obviously going to go. Everyone (including Brenda and Donna) dresses up like they’re going to a ’20s gangster party and goes to the club. Brandon notes that Steve promised him girls, but the only ones there are Donna, who he already knows, and his sister. One of the guys suggests they play Anaconda, and Dylan shows up and says he’s in.

Later in the evening, Dylan and David wind up being the only two in on a hand, and Steve warns David that Dylan’s a good player. Dylan borrows $50 from Steve and the pot goes up to $400. David has four 2s, and Dylan’s out. Brandon apologizes for getting him involved, but Dylan says he doesn’t need the Walshes to look after him again. He leaves and the others decide to end the game.

The next day, Henry asks Steve if he played poker at the club the night before. Steve gets Brandon to give him an alibi. Henry takes him to the game room and shows them that a bunch of electronics are missing. The police arrive and a detective tells Henry that it looks like it was an inside job. Henry confides in Brandon that he has a police record from when he was a teenager. His friends were busted for breaking and entering, and even though he didn’t participate, he was still charged. He’s afraid his record will be found out now.

Steve’s amused by the whole situation, and Brandon blasts him for the poker game and how Henry’s now involved. Steve warns him not to get everyone else in trouble. Brandon interrupts the cops’ conversation with Henry about his record and admits that he knows more than he admitted about what happened the night before. Everyone’s brought in for trespassing and questioned about the theft. “I had a cigar. I threw up,” is Donna’s big confession.

Brandon tells the detective that Dylan left the game before everyone else and no one’s seen him since. He’s sure Dylan wouldn’t steal anything, no matter how bad his financial situation is. Dylan returns to the Walshes’ house, having spent the night in his car, and Brandon tells him about the robbery at the club. Dylan isn’t too concerned. While he’s in the shower, Brandon and Brenda find plane tickets to Hawaii in his belongings. He didn’t buy them until that morning, after he lost his money in the game. Brandon’s pretty sure he knows what happened.

The detective arrives at the Walshes’ looking for Dylan. Dylan’s Porsche is in the driveway and there are a bunch of electronics in it. She takes him in for questioning and the Walshes discuss whether or not he’s guilty. (Brandon says yes, Brenda says no.) Another officer remarks that Dylan’s just like his criminal father, and Jim takes offense. Brenda and Cindy are impressed with him for sticking up for Dylan.

Dylan’s released and goes home with the Walshes’, but now Brandon’s all short with him. He found Dylan’s pawn tickets in the trash can. He angrily tells Dylan that he won’t tell the police about all of his secret activities. Dylan replies that the stuff in his car is his, he just wasn’t keeping it in the house. He’s been pawning things from his family’s storage locker. Brandon asks about the tickets to Hawaii, and Dylan says he’s finally going to see his mother. She’s the one who paid for the tickets. He was embarrassed to tell Brandon because he’s not the sort of person who runs home to his mom.

At the club the next day, David tries to use his newfound wealth to win over Donna. It doesn’t work. Brandon asks Henry if he still has a job, and Henry says he’s both mad that Brandon lied and happy that Brandon told the truth and got him off the hook. Long story short, Brandon still has a job. Henry hopes they’ll release the “pretty decent kid” inside of Brandon by the end of the summer. Oh, and there was a similar robbery at another club the night before, but this time the guys were caught in the act. They were from the laundry service both clubs use.

At home that night, Dylan says goodbye to Brenda before heading to Hawaii. He admits that he was starting to think he’s more like his father than he thought. Brenda says that Brandon felt the same, and Dylan notes that that’s because he’s like Jim. He thinks that since he could handle living with the Walshes, he can handle his mother. Dylan then says goodbye to Brandon and they part on good terms.

Thoughts: I had so many possible titles for this post. Among them: “Poor Little Rich Boy” and the obvious “Poker? I Hardly Knew Her!” Although anything would have been better than “Anaconda,” since the word is only mentioned once in the episode.

I’m with Adam from Big Brother – Donna’s pretty awesome.

David’s poker face makes him look like a chipmunk. Seriously, how did Brian Austin Green grow up so hot?

There’s so much pink at the beach club, it’s like a bottle of Pepto exploded.

Brandon is the only teenage boy to ever iron something.

Uh, why didn’t Dylan sell his Porsche if he needs money so badly? Or, I don’t know, GET A JOB? We know Nat needs help at the Peach Pit.

What was the point of the sunburn non-plot? They should have done more about Brenda and Dylan having to live together.


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