September 11, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.9, Four to Tango: So You Think You Can Dance

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This is the most action Dawson's bed has gotten in 16 years

Summary: Jen and Pacey make out on Dawson’s bed but still don’t have any chemistry. Jen suggests that they wait a week and then try again. They hear someone come home and try to escape through the window; Jen makes it but Pacey doesn’t. Dawson’s confused about why Pacey’s there, and why he’s only wearing one shoe. Jack shows Andie a bunch of e-mails from people who saw Dawson’s news piece on him. Unfortunately, many of the e-mails are not supportive. One’s from a guy named Ben who’s been where Jack is and offers to talk if Jack wants to.

Pacey meets with his guidance counselor and learns that he’s failing math; his other grades aren’t any better. Pacey won’t go into his personal problems, but the counselor wants to help him out. Andie encourages Jack to write Ben back, noting that it could lead to friendship or even a relationship. Just then Ben sends Jack an instant message. Andie makes Jack write back. Pacey butters up Joey for some notes and asks her to help him catch up in math. She doesn’t understand his claims that he’s too busy to study, since he doesn’t have as much to do as she does. Pacey tells her he’ll do anything if she helps him out.

Joey takes Pacey to a ballroom-dancing class, explaining that she could win a scholarship if she learns to dance well enough. Pacey figures out that she wants one dance class for each study session. Meanwhile, Dawson finds a condom in his room. The next day, Joey gives Pacey an assignment and he makes her promise not to tell anyone about the dancing. She assures him that she doesn’t want anyone to know either. Dawson tries to talk to Pacey about the condom, but Pacey’s eager to get away.

Jack tells Andie the things he’s learned about Ben through their Internet conversations. A teacher overhears and gives him some tips on Internet dating. Jen goes to the video store to see Pacey, who’s not working that day. Dawson notes that he’s been acting weird lately and wonders if there are any hot new teachers at Capeside. (Heh.) He tells her about finding Pacey in his room alone, finding the condom later, and Joey and Pacey spending so much time together.

Joey and Pacey study at school after hours, though he finds it difficult to learn without a reward. And he’s not talking about Joey’s Chex Mix. His last two “teachers” were Andie and Tamara, so now he equates studying with sex. Joey tells him he needs to work on his pickup lines. Pacey says he has another girl in mind, but he won’t tell her who it is. He adds that he has a no-strings-attached sex offer on the table with this girl. Joey says that if he really wanted to have sex with this mystery girl, he’d be doing it instead of talking about it.

Ben sends Jack a photo, and Jack admits that he’s pretty cute. Andie encourages him to set up a time to meet Ben. Jack’s too nervous, so Andie sets up the date for him. At the video store, Dawson and Jen spot Pacey and Joey together across the street and decide to tail them. They find them at their dance class and get mistaken for students and pulled into the room.

The teacher guesses that Jen and Dawson used to date but have worked out their issues and now trust each other. She also guesses that Joey and Pacey “are in the early stages of some screwball mating ritual.” The teacher shares her theory that two people who dance together as badly as Pacey and Joey do must be hot for each other: “The dancing doesn’t lie.” Andie helps Jack get ready for his date as he expresses his anxiety over this new stage in his life. Going out with a guy means not just telling the world he’s gay but actually being gay. Andie notes that he’ll be gay either way, but if he doesn’t go out with Ben, he’ll be gay and single.

At the class, the teacher pairs up different people, sticking Pacey and Dawson together while Jen’s placed with Joey. Dawson takes the opportunity to question Pacey about the condom in his room. They have to switch partners before Pacey can answer. Pacey tells Jen that Dawson found the condom, but Jen doesn’t think Dawson really cares that much. Joey tells Dawson that she’s taking the class for a scholarship, and he asks why she didn’t ask him to come with her. He tries to clarify that she and Pacey are just friends.

Pacey dances with Joey again, telling her that Dawson thinks they’re sleeping together. Dawson takes Pacey back, asking for the truth about the situation. Pacey tells him that he and Joey have only been dancing and studying together. He finds it interesting that when Dawson thought of Pacey being with a girl, his mind immediately went to Joey. Pacey notes that Joey and Dawson aren’t together anymore, so it doesn’t matter anyway. He reminds him that he told Joey they needed to go their separate ways; Joey actually is.

Pacey asks how long Dawson thought it would take for another guy to show interest in Joey. He warns that someday a guy is going to come along and fall in love with her and not be one of Dawson’s friends. Dawson asks again about the condom, but Pacey walks off. Jen goes after him and they wind up in a coat closet, talking about the possible reasons for their lack of chemistry. He puts an arm around her and she asks if he’s trying to tell her he’s ready for “a return to Witch Island.”

Jack goes to meet Ben as Dawson tells Joey that he’s sure Pacey’s hooking up with someone. Seconds later, the two of them catch Jen and Pacey making out in the coat closet. Dawson seems amused while Joey’s mad, telling them that someone’s going to get hurt. She doesn’t think Pacey’s acting like himself. She notes that he named his boat True Love, so at least part of him must be romantic.

After Joey storms off and Dawson goes after her, Pacey tells Jen that Joey knows about their “arrangement.” Jen’s surprised that he asked Joey for relationship advice. She doesn’t get why “boys in emotional turmoil” are always drawn to her. Pacey notes that there aren’t a lot of other people he can talk to. Jen says that he usually talks to Dawson, but Pacey must not have wanted to tell him that he’s interested in Joey.

Pacey tries to convince Jen that there’s nothing going on between him and Joey. Jen corrects that she and Pacey are the two who don’t have anything going on. He admits that he’s disappointed, but they’re both relieved. “Thanks for nothing,” she says before kissing him goodbye. Jack returns home and tells Andie that he didn’t meet Ben. He saw a straight couple together and wanted to be them, not himself. Andie assures him that he’s still brave, even if he doesn’t feel that way. She tells him that he’s just not ready, so she’ll stop pushing him. When it’s right, Jack will know, and he’ll walk through the door.

Dawson and Joey walk home, him telling her that Jen and Pacey trying to get together was inevitable. Joey’s upset that they’re using each other. Dawson says everyone’s guilty of that. He doesn’t think Pacey and Jen made their agreement not because they want sex but because they want comfort. He says Pacey’s lonely, but Joey doesn’t think that’s an excuse. Dawson says he could never have sex with someone he doesn’t love, but he understands the impulse. Joey goes off on the pointlessness of physical connections if there’s nothing behind them. Dawson tells her that you can’t control your feelings; people will always want to be closer to others.

Joey heads back to get her coat and finds Pacey alone in the ballroom. He tells her that he and Jen never slept together, in case that makes her feel better. Joey says it’s none of her business, but she’s totally pleased when Pacey tells her his agreement with Jen is probably over. The teacher invites Pacey and Joey to stay for the next class, revealing that they’re not giving the scholarship anymore. She offers them some free classes, and though Pacey says he’ll take them, Joey tells him he wasn’t that good.

Thoughts: Would you have sex with your best friend’s ex on his bed? I mean, really?

Remember when Andie served a purpose on this show? I’m starting to forget.

Shut up, Joey. No one cares what you think about sex.


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  1. Muffy said,

    Jen and Pacey were going to have sex on Dawson’s bed and Dawson thought Pacey and Joey were having sex in his bed. So his best friend is going to slept with both exes in his bed. Yes, really!

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