September 12, 2011

BH90210 2.5, Play It Again, David: Parents Just Don’t Understand

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Oh, yeah. Jackie would totally go for this hunk

Summary: Brenda, Donna, and Andrea’s theater class is out for the day, and Andrea’s embarrassed that she had to act like a duck in front of everyone. Kelly shows up to get Brenda for lunch and asks how the other girls can hang out at school during the summer. Kelly and Brenda head to the beach club to meet Kelly’s mom, bringing Andrea with them so she can talk to Brandon. Brenda daydreams about getting all From Here to Eternity with Dylan.

Andrea asks Brandon to be a Big Brother to a kid she knows named Felix. (Good, because it’s been a few minutes since Brandon got to play hero.) Jackie breaks a tooth, but fortunately for her, the third best oral surgeon in L.A. is nearby to help her (and also hit on her). He offers to fix her tooth for free if she’ll go out with him. Kelly thinks the guy is crazy, but Jackie agrees to the date. By the way, his name is Mel Silver, and he’s David’s father.

Later, Brenda tries to calm Kelly down, promising she won’t say anything about her mother going out with Mel. Brandon goes to meet Felix, whose mom, Suzanne, tells him that Felix’s dad left three years earlier. Possibly because the kid is a total brat. Brandon and Felix go rollerblading while Steve teases Kelly about Jackie and Mel’s date. Donna doesn’t think the date is a big deal, noting that Mel might not be as dorky as David. Kelly worries that the relationship will get serious.

Brandon calls Andrea to complain about Felix, who, of course, overhears. Suddenly he’s not so bratty anymore. Mel comes by for his date with Jackie and Kelly clarifies that she and David aren’t friends. Mel says that David really likes her, which means they’ll be friends for life. Kelly’s thrilled, as you can guess. The next day, Felix helps Brandon at work, and Henry warns Brandon not to let the kid get in the way.

Brenda tells Cindy that Jackie and Mel apparently hit it off really well. Cindy’s sure that Kelly will get over her displeasure. Brenda hallucinates Dylan asking if she thinks things will work out between them. Brandon brings Felix home for dinner, and when Brandon touches Felix’s back, he drops a plate of fries. He pretends to call his mom to let her know where he is, but doesn’t actually make the call. David tracks down Kelly at the club and tells her their parents have already set up another date. She has a day-nightmare about how horrible it would be for them to become stepsiblings.

Mel brings Jackie home from their next date and they do a little making out. He invites her and Kelly to go out with him and David the next night. Jackie wonders if Mel isn’t hiding something from her since the guys she usually dates have issues. After Mel leaves, Kelly tells Jackie that she doesn’t think he’s her type. Jackie tells her the four of them are going to dinner the next night, making it clear that Kelly doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

The next day, Felix goes back to the club and tells someone at the club that he’s Brandon’s younger brother. Henry tells Brandon that Felix can’t keep hanging around. Brandon tries to get Felix to leave, promising to hang out with him the next day. Kelly asks Steve how he can stand to hang out with David. Steve says he’s not as bad as she thinks. He thinks that if Jackie and Mel are ready to have their kids hang out together, they must be serious. They’re probably going to tell Kelly and David that they’re in love. Steve tells Kelly to scare Mel off by being a brat.

The Silvers and Taylors go to dinner together, and Kelly wastes no time taking Steve’s advice, calling David a voyeur and refusing to order anything. Jackie finally loses her cool when Kelly tells Mel that Jackie’s a recovering alcoholic. She pulls Kelly aside and demands to know why she’s acting this way. Jackie assures her that she’s not planning to marry Mel, at least anytime soon, since they just met. Kelly admits that she wanted to spend time just with Jackie, since Jackie has always been either married or drunk. Jackie promises that she’ll always have time for her daughter.

Brandon goes to the club on his day off to meet Felix, who for once hasn’t shown up. He then goes to Felix’s apartment and sees that the kid has a black eye. Felix admits that his mother hit him, but it was his fault since he forgot to call her. He also shows Brandon bruises on his back. He tries to make Brandon promise not to tell anyone, but Brandon will just promise that everything will be okay.

Brandon finds Andrea at school and tells him that Felix’s mom is abusing him. She doesn’t have a good solution, but she suggests that they talk to a social worker she knows. Brandon thinks he should talk to Jim and Cindy first. Kelly tells Brenda and Cindy that her plan backfired, and Cindy says that if Jackie and Mel are meant to be, things will work out. Dylan calls from Hawaii and tells Brenda, “I still–.” She wonders what he was trying to say before he was cut off.

Brandon tells Jim, Cindy, Brenda, and Kelly about Felix and his appointment to talk to a social worker. He’s worried that Felix will be pulled out of his home and put into foster care. Cindy thinks he might have a relative or friend to stay with. Brandon asks if Felix can stay with them, because apparently the Walsh home is now open to all abandoned children and teenagers. Cindy tells Brandon to do what’s best for Felix.

At the club, Kelly apologizes to David for her behavior at dinner. He tells her that he’s not thrilled about their parents dating either. He notes that his parents’ divorce isn’t even final. He’s fine with Mel liking Jackie, he just wishes that Mel liked David’s mom more. Kelly can relate, since her own parents are divorced. The two agree that what’s important is that their parents are happy together. They decide to call a truce.

Brandon goes to Felix’s apartment to confront Suzanne, because he is both an idiot and the savior of all people everywhere. She’s angry over his accusations and tries to kick him out. She admits that she drank too much and hit Felix, but promises that it won’t happen again. Brandon tells her to get some help, but she doesn’t have the money. He wishes he’d talked to the social worker instead of coming over. Suzanne cries, telling Brandon that she feels bad for what happened and she wasn’t acting like herself.

Felix winds up in a children’s home, and when Brandon visits, Felix blasts him for breaking his promise not to say anything. Brandon assures him that he’s not going to abandon him. Then they go have lunch, and everything is fixed, and everyone lives happily ever after, and seriously, can we stop with the PSA episodes?

Thoughts: Leave it to Brandon to hijack what was supposed to be a Kelly/David episode.

More daddy issues! I can’t take it anymore.

The place where Brandon and Felix rollerblade is marked “bikes only,” but there are tons of other people rollerblading there. So…good job, location scout.

I should’ve figured out that Suzanne was evil. After all, she smokes.


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