September 16, 2011

SVH #100, The Evil Twin: Happy New Twin

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The creepiest cover yet

Summary: Margo’s plan is falling into place nicely: She’s fooled a number of people into thinking she’s Elizabeth, and she’s about to get Ned and Alice out of Sweet Valley. Things start to fall apart, though, when James grows a conscience and decides a) he’s really in love with Jessica and b) he doesn’t want to let Margo hurt her. He breaks up with Jessica so he can’t be used to do anything to her.

Margo ain’t playin’. She leaves James death threats, putting him so on edge that he decides to warn Jessica that she’s in danger. He calls and arranges to meet with her at a marina. Margo learns about the meeting and knows that James turned on her, so she decides to intercept him and kill him. But first she learns that Josh has tracked her down.

Margo figures out how to kill two birds with one stone (somewhat literally) and makes sure Josh knows she’s going to the marina. Jessica asks Elizabeth and Todd for a ride to the same place, and all three of them get there just as Margo kills James. Except they don’t see Margo, and they do see Josh, who they think is the real killer. Josh tells Todd that the twins are in danger from a girl who looks just like them, but Todd thinks he’s nuts. James is dead, Josh is taken to jail, and Margo is a happy camper again.

Through all of this, Ned and Alice are experiencing a comedy of errors in San Francisco, where Margo lured them with the idea of a job offer for Ned. Alice’s mother’s intuition is telling her that something’s wrong back home, but every time she calls home, Elizabeth tells her things are fine. This is because Margo is hanging around the house, pretending to be Elizabeth and intercepting all phone calls so the Wakefields never talk to each other.

Elizabeth has been having dreams about the prom, and is piecing together the things she’d forgotten. Just before a big New Year’s Eve party at Lila’s, she takes a nap and dreams about Jessica spiking her and Sam’s drinks. She’s furious that Jessica never took responsibility and made Elizabeth feel guilty over the accident.

Meanwhile, Margo’s master plan is coming together, and she’s arranged to wear the same dress as Elizabeth. She’ll kill her in the pool house and take her place on New Year’s Eve. Or at least she’ll try, unless Josh, who’s just escaped from jail, can stop her. Alice and Ned are also on their way back to Sweet Valley, with Alice more convinced than ever that something evil is brewing.

Todd learns that Josh has escaped from jail and worries that he’ll come after the twins. He tries to keep an eye on Elizabeth at the party, but he loses track of her, and when he thinks he’s found her again, he’s actually found Margo. He figures out that she’s not Liz or Jess, so she knocks him out. Margo then pretends to be Jessica and gets Elizabeth to meet her at the pool house, where she pulls out a butcher knife. Of course, she’s dumb enough to spill her whole plan, just like any other villain.

Jessica’s twin intuition (twintuition?) pulls an Alice and she starts looking around Fowler Crest for Elizabeth. She finally finds her in the pool house, and the three girls fight for control of the knife. Jessica is literally throwing herself in front of the blade to protect Elizabeth, so if Liz hadn’t already decided to forgive her for the whole prom fiasco, this should help. Steven and Billie have also learned about Josh’s escape, so they head to Fowler Crest to save the twins. (That part is kind of pointless.)

Enid spots Josh at the pool house and tells Steven he’s there. Todd regains consciousness and tells Steven that Josh isn’t the killer, some girl who looks like the twins is. Josh, Steven, and Todd race to the pool house, where Josh shoves Margo through a window and she takes a piece of glass to the jugular. By the time Ned and Alice arrive, the twins have made up and Margo is dead.

…Or is she?

Thoughts: “Was murderous violence Margo’s answer to everything?” Um, yes. That’s why she’s fun. Try to keep up, Josh.

I’m thinking guys in Sweet Valley are going to be a little more careful about Jessica from now on. She’s now had two boyfriends in a row die on her. A.J.’s probably thinking he dodged a (possibly literal) bullet.

“I wish Steven would tuck ME into bed!” Ew, Margo – he’s about to be your fake brother!

AS IF Lila would eat at a Pancake House.


  1. Lara said,

    ‘“I wish Steven would tuck ME into bed!” Ew, Margo – he’s about to be your fake brother!’ -That’s funny! And yeah…ew!

  2. Jessie said,

    Just wanted to say that although I never comment on your recaps, I do read every one (well except bsc) and I check every day for a new sweet valley, dawson’s creek or beverly hills! I alwasy get happy when I see a new post and look forward to reading. Just wanted you to know that even though I’m not commeting, I am loving all your posts!

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