September 18, 2011

BH90210 2.6, Pass/Not Pass: Teacher’s Pet

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I don't think the person who took this picture likes Shannen Doherty

Summary: Brenda and Andrea try to decide on a scene to perform for their theater class. Andrea’s nervous because she’s never performed in the class before, while Brenda is Chris’ pet. This is news to Brenda. Andrea reminds her that Chris is a teacher, but Brenda points out that summer school is almost over. Kelly and Steve hang out at the beach club and discuss the end of the summer with Brandon. He’s excited to almost have enough money to get his Mustang. His next paycheck from Henry puts him over his needed amount.

Chris runs into Andrea at a bookstore, where she’s looking for a play to perform a scene from. He encourages her to call him by his first name. Brandon tells Jim and Cindy about his Mustang, and Jim offers to go with him to pick it up. He doesn’t think Brandon should trust the dealer if the dealer won’t take a personal check. Brandon makes excuses to pick up the car on his own. Cindy tells Brenda that Dylan called, and Jim’s surprised that Brenda doesn’t seem to care.

At class, Andrea tells Brenda about the scene she wants to do, which she thinks will help Brenda stretch as an actress. Brenda agrees to it when she hears that Chris suggested it. Chris tells Brenda that he paired her up with Andrea because he thinks Brenda can help her. Brandon gets his car, which breaks down on the way home. He takes a cab back to the dealership and demands his money back. The dealer tells him there’s nothing he can do. He claims that the car was fine when Brandon drove it off the lot.

At home, Brandon tells Jim and Cindy that the car’s engine needs to be overhauled. Oh, and he didn’t get a warranty. Brandon can’t believe the dealership makes a living by ripping people off, because he is a naïve little boy who doesn’t live in the real world. Jim’s upset that Brandon’s an idiot, and that the car’s in an impound lot, having been towed while Brandon was going back to the dealership. He assures his parents that he’ll take care of everything. Jim reminds him that the buyer is supposed to beware.

Brandon heads to the Peach Pit, which is being renovated and which now employs a very thorough waitress. Nat tells him business is great and the waitress, Courtney, is wonderful. Chris is also there, and he and Brandon start chatting about L.A. Apparently Chris is from Chicago and doesn’t actually live in Beverly Hills. He learns that Brenda is Brandon’s sister and tells him that she has an “amazing dramatic presence.”

Brenda and Andrea practice their scene at the Walshes’ house, and Brandon mentions that he ran into Chris. Brenda wants to know exactly what he said about her. Later, Andrea goes to the Peach Pit, where Brenda is totally not at all waiting for Chris to come in. He does, and Brenda invites him to join her and Andrea. She offers to take him on a tour of Hollywood, and Chris says he’d love to tour the city with both of the girls, which isn’t exactly what Brenda had in time. Andrea and Brenda proceed to compete for Chris’ attention.

Steve doesn’t get why Jim won’t give Brandon the money to get his car out of the impound lot. He suggests that Brandon get his job at the Peach Pit back, but Brandon doesn’t think he’s needed now that Courtney’s there. Brenda comes home and complains that Chris seems to like Andrea more. Brandon points out that Chris is older, her teacher, and doesn’t even live in L.A. Chris drives Andrea home and they talk in the car for a while before he asks her to get coffee with him the next night, after their last class.

At class the next day, Andrea gushes to Brenda about Chris. She didn’t realize until the night before that she had feelings for him. Brenda doesn’t want to hear it, and not just because they’re about to do their scene. It’s from The Turning Point, and the girls get to yell at each other. Bonus: Brenda gets to slap Andrea. Afterward, Andrea blasts Brenda for actually slapping her instead of just pretending. Brenda says Andrea’s the new teacher’s pet. Andrea reminds her that she apologized because she didn’t know Chris was interested in her. Brenda points out that Andrea spent the whole previous year in love with Brandon.

At home, Brenda admits to Cindy that she was a horrible person today. Her day gets better when Dylan shows up. He asks Brandon about the car, and Jim makes comments about Brandon’s idiocy, which Cindy calls him on later. Andrea and Chris go parking after their coffee date, but he decides they need to stop making out since she’s his student. (Well, ex-student.) He wishes she were five years older or he were five years younger. Chris is leaving in two days but wants to spend the rest of his time in Beverly Hills with Andrea.

Brandon goes back to the Peach Pit the next day, on his way to his last day working at the beach club. He asks Nat if Courtney’s a better worker than he was. Nat says she’s just different. Brandon asks for his job back, but Nat’s reluctant, since Brandon ditched him for another job. He points out that Brandon wanted more money for a car he doesn’t even have. Then he reveals that Courtney’s going off to school next week, and he’s just been waiting for Brandon to come crawling back.

At the club, Brandon thanks Henry for a great summer. Kelly summons him to the parking lot, where he finds Jim waiting with the Mustang and its rebuilt engine. Jim and Cindy gave in since Brandon worked hard all summer for the car. Brandon apologizes for being an idiot; he wanted to show how independent he was, but he was really too proud to ask for help. Jim admits that if Brandon had asked for help, Jim probably would have yelled at him. He was scared to let Brandon drive again after his accident, but apparently he’s gotten over that.

Chris picks Andrea up for another date, telling her he’s gotten a job in Beverly Hills, teaching at a girls’ school. She asks when he’ll get his stuff from Chicago, and he reveals that his girlfriend will bring it to him. She blasts him for being dishonest. Chris says he was trying to gain her trust by making himself into the person she needed him to be. It’s not his fault if she was misled. Chris admits that he wasn’t professional, and Andrea adds that he wasn’t fair either. She’s upset that he’s the only guy, other than Brandon, who ever showed interest in her.

The summer closes with a luau at the club, where no one will dance with Brandon except some random little girl. (There’s a lot of cradle-robbing in this episode.) Brenda asks Dylan if the club luau is anything like an authentic one, but he says he never went to one in Hawaii. All he did was think of Brenda. She tells him their relationship is complicated, admitting that she “went after” an older guy while Dylan was gone. All she’ll say is that she’s glad Dylan’s back.

Andrea shows up to the luau, and when Brenda sees how upset she is, she apologizes for the slap and her jealousy. Andrea tells her that Chris isn’t who they thought he was. The girls make a pact to never fight over another guy. Then everyone dances, and they really, really shouldn’t. (I’m looking at you, Jason Priestly.)

Thoughts: I didn’t recognize her, but Courtney was played by Lucy Liu. I know!

Actually, Jim, the car dealer is probably smart not to take a personal check from a teenager. (How many teenagers have their own checking accounts anyway?)

Trivia: Andrea loves L.A. Law.

It looks like Andrea doesn’t care if Chris knows she doesn’t live in Beverly Hills. Or maybe that writers forgot that piece of her character.

So I guess this means no more Henry. Sad.

Yes, an all-girls’ school is exactly where Chris should be working.


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  1. Kathleen said,

    Anybody no the name of the song playing on the juckbox when Brenda and Andrea meet up at the peach pit

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