September 26, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.12, A Weekend in the Country: The Little Chill

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Summary: Dawson, Joey, and Pacey watch The Big Chill at the bed and breakfast, which is open but has no guests. She blames Pacey for inspiring her and Bessie to start the business. At school, Jen runs into Henry, who tells her he’s been working on the roof of a restaurant and was offered a free dinner for two. She doesn’t want to take him up on it since they’ve established that they don’t feel the same way about each other, but she agrees to think about it.

Andie tells Jack about all the things she has to do for the play, so he offers to help her with the playbill. She encourages him to move back home, but Jack doesn’t want to live with their father. He also thinks Mr. McPhee is behind Andie’s request. Joey and Bessie try to get a loan and are advised to take out a mortgage. Bessie thinks it’s a good idea, but Joey’s worried about risking their home, which is their one remaining connection to their mother. Bessie reminds her that she’s in charge, stating that Joey doesn’t understand the responsibilities she has.

Dawson stops by to shoot an ad for the B&B and try to drum up some business. Joey’s not in the mood (is she ever?). Pacey joins them to announce that he’s booked a writer from the New York Times‘ travel section to visit and review the B&B. Joey says they’re not ready for a review. Pacey brings in Jen, Jack, Andie, Grams, Mitch, and Gail to play other guests, so the reviewer doesn’t think the place is empty.

Dawson and Joey blast Pacey for springing this on them, especially since he’s making Gail and Mitch pretend to be happy and married. Pacey says he only asked Mitch, and it was his idea to bring Gail. He in turn blasts Joey for not being grateful to everyone for wanting to help. She tells him and Dawson about the possible mortgage and how she and Bessie could lose their house if the B&B fails. It’s too late, though, since the reviewer, Fred, has arrived.

Mitch and Gail take the honeymoon suite, planning on only playing house until Fred goes to sleep. Dawson asks if they didn’t consider his feelings when they agreed to help. He’s sick of his parents not knowing what they want. Fred isn’t impressed with the accommodations, and for some reason, Andie and Jack are sharing a room, which is weird. Jack guesses that Andie’s going to spend the weekend trying to talk him into coming home. The toilet in the communal bathroom overflows and Joey makes Pacey clean it up.

Mitch apologizes to Dawson for not telling him they were coming to the B&B. He wants to show Gail that he’s there for her even if they’re no longer together. He doesn’t get why Dawson’s mad that his divorced parents get along so well. Dawson says he’s confused about where they stand with each other. Bessie totally flirts with Fred, telling him Pacey is their on-site handyman. Then the furnace goes kaput.

Joey calls Bessie on her flirting, complaining that she’s 16 but gets treated like a child. Bessie complains about being a single mom, and Joey notes that she hasn’t exactly asked Bodie to come home from wherever he’s working out of town. She decides she’s done caring about the B&B. Pacey chops wood and tells Mitch that all the disasters at the B&B are his fault. He’s worried that he’ll end up making Joey and Bessie lose their house. He thinks he has the opposite of the Midas touch. Mitch tells him to think of all the positive things he’s done, asking him what makes him care so much.

Dawson apologizes to Gail for his behavior earlier; he’s just confused about his family’s dynamics. She compares their relationship to his and Joey’s, as they care about each other but aren’t together. Andie and Jack head to Grams’ house to get a space heater and she sees how much of a family the three of them are. Jack realizes that she’s been asking him to come home because she misses having him there, not because of Mr. McPhee.

Jen asks Dawson what scared him the most about her sexual past while they were dating. He says it was the unknown; he’d never met anyone with as much as experience as her. She wonders if most other guys would have the same reaction. Dawson admits that his reaction was wrong because she’s awesome, and he feels sorry for anyone who can’t see that.

The men try to start a fire in the fireplace, but Grams has to school them on the proper way to do it. She tells everyone about evenings she used to spend with her husband, saying you know you love someone when you can spend the evening watching him or her sleep. The smell from the fire leads everyone to talk about their favorite scents and the feelings they evoke. This also leads to Joey revealing that her mother’s dream was to open a B&B.

Joey thanks everyone for helping out, telling them they’re great fake guests, then excusing them for the rest of the weekend. Fred overhears, and Joey tells him that though the B&B might not be perfect, she thinks her mom would have loved it. In the morning, everyone’s still at the inn, and they reenact the kitchen scene from The Big Chill. Joey asks why they stayed, and Dawson points out that they’ve only done one of the B’s in B&B.

Fred tells Joey that even though the heat didn’t work the night before, the B&B is one of the warmest places he’s ever been. Joey asks who made the pancakes, since they’re better than the ones Bessie usually makes, and everyone calls for the chef: Bodie. Bessie shows Joey the guest book their father gave their mother for Christmas years earlier; it’s now been signed by their first guest. She wonders how she could have forgotten their mom’s dream. Joey notes that she was busy raising two kids.

Mitch tells Gail that he thought of another memory when everyone was talking about scents the night before. She guesses that it’s of a business she wanted to open, Leery’s Fresh Fish. Since she doesn’t currently have a job, he suggests that she check out a location where she could make her dream a reality.

Jen meets up with Henry and tells him all about her past, surprised when he doesn’t care. He notes that whatever she did before is part of what makes her who she is, and he still likes her. Dawson tells Pacey that things in his life are changing so quickly that he’s having trouble finding his bearings. He can’t see his future, only a past that doesn’t seem familiar. He notes that Pacey has changed a lot; at first he thought it was because of Andie, but he’s still different without her. Dawson thanks him for taking care of Joey.

Jack tells Jen and Grams that Andie has been pressuring him to move back home. When they invited him to live with them, he had no one, and he was touched by how much they cared about him. Now he wants to remind Andie that she has someone who cares about her. Grams and Jen are obviously sad to see him go but support his decision.

Music montage! Pacey finds Joey asleep in the B&B and covers her with a blanket. Bessie, Bodie, and Alexander have a picnic together. Jen and Henry chat. Gail stops by to look at the possible future location of Leery’s Fresh Fish. Jack packs his things at Grams’. Dawson thinks about his future. Joey sleeps peacefully as Pacey watches her from across the room. BECAUSE HE’S IN LOVE WITH HER.

Thoughts: Nice Cosby sweater, Mitch. Did it come with a humorous yet touching lesson for your son?

I think the show only addressed Bodie’s absence because the fans actually noticed it.

If the B&B was so cold, why did Joey sleep in a tank top?


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