October 1, 2011

BH90210 2.8, Wildfire: Making Up is Hard to Do

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Yes, this is the girl everyone's hot for

Summary: Brandon is surrounded by girls at the beach club, so he’s clearly dreaming. At least his dream is better than the nightmares Brenda’s been having about going back to school. The other kids get ready for school, Kelly, Steve, and Donna by trying out a number of ’90s fashions, and Andrea by sharpening pencils. When Brenda and Brandon arrive at school (in Brandon’s new car), they remember their first day as new students the year before.

Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Donna, and Steve all meet up and stare down the school together. On his radio show, David mentions Hello Day later in the week, which basically sounds like a talent show. Kelly doesn’t want to participate since she’s not a performer, but Brenda and Donna have been inspired by their summer acting class. Scott (who?) meets up with David, bringing him some country music and encouraging him to play it on his radio show.

Dylan arrives at West Beverly late, as does Emily Valentine, who rides a motorcycle and just moved to Beverly Hills. He’s pretty flirty but she doesn’t seem incredibly impressed. Emily then runs into Brandon and laments that her guitar won’t fit in her locker. He gives her some new-kid tips, then lets her stash her guitar in the newspaper office. Emily mentions that her family moved to Beverly Hills because her father’s a journalist. He offers her a ticket to a football game.

Andrea arrives, all business, telling Brandon she wants to make the paper better than ever. Kelly, Donna, and Brenda discuss their possible performances for Hello Day, going off of the Robert Palmer song “Addicted to Love.” Emily suggests “Addicted to Clothes” and invites herself to join the group. Dylan tells Brandon that he has a date that night and wants to bring her to the Peach Pit; he wants to make sure things won’t be weird.

Emily has lunch with the girls, then goes home with Brenda after school. She’s surprised to learn that Brandon and Brenda are siblings. Brenda invites her to a barbecue later in the week. Dylan calls to talk to Brandon, and Emily mentions that she met a guy named Dylan at school. Brenda’s not pleased. That night, Dylan takes Emily to the Peach Pit and learns that she’s already met Brandon. He’s even more surprised to hear that she has a date with Brandon scheduled for the next day.

Kelly encourages Brenda to tell Emily that she dated Dylan, but Brenda says they’re seeing other people. Kelly points out that Dylan’s currently the only person seeing someone else. Dylan and Emily go to a makeout spot, but before they can do too much making out, Dylan confesses that he sort of just broke up with someone, and it’s complicated. He’s not looking for anything heavy right now, but neither is Emily, so making out is deemed okay.

Back at home, Brandon tells Brenda that Dylan took Emily to the Peach Pit. Brenda claims she’s not jealous. She immediately calls Kelly and says she was right about Emily making the first move. At school the next day, David gets Scott to fill in for him on the radio while he uses the bathroom. Brenda goes to Andrea for advice about Dylan, but Andrea just reminds her that she and Dylan agreed to date other people. Brenda mentions Brandon’s date with Emily, which of course worries Andrea.

Steve hits on Emily, but she appears to be immune to his charms. Kelly and Donna, however, think she was flirting as well. The two of them and Brenda decide Emily’s a slut. Scott plays something that sounds like Debbie Gibson on the radio, and David blasts him for possibly ruining his reputation. Scott says David thinks he’s too cool for him now that he’s hanging out with Kelly. Emily tells the girls she’s going to the doctor to start taking the pill, which of course doesn’t help their image of her.

Brenda tracks down Dylan and asks if he’s going to go out with Emily again, since she’s also seeing Brandon. “Why don’t you just knit her a scarlet letter?” Dylan snarks. He reminds Brenda that they agreed to date other people. Brenda says she didn’t think he would start so fast. She wonders if Dylan’s only dating Emily because she’ll sleep with him. Dylan replies that Brenda gave up all rights to hear about his sex life when she broke up with him.

David dedicates a song to Emily over the radio, which means Kelly’s no longer the sole object of his affection. Brenda taunts Emily that all the guys want to be with her. After she leaves, Kelly tells Emily that Brenda and Dylan are on-and-off dating. Scott apologizes to David for what happened earlier, but David lets it go. Scott tries to make plans, saying he brought back “something really explosive” from his summer vacation.

Brenda tells Brandon that Emily’s on the pill, but he doesn’t care. He tells her to stop trying to stir things up. On their date, Emily tells Brandon about all the moves her family has made and how difficult it is to start at a new school. Brandon apologizes for not mentioning Brenda and Dylan’s relationship, but Emily says it’s Brenda’s problem. She doesn’t see what’s wrong with so many guys liking her.

The two go to the makeout spot from the night before, and Emily guesses that they’re just there to make out, because she’s never met Brandon and doesn’t know how perfect and nonthreatening he is. They do make out, but Emily decides that Brandon needs to know that Dylan brought her there the night before. (It sounds like Brandon’s a better kisser, though.)

At school the next day, Brandon tells Dylan that he thinks he and Emily really like each other. He wants to know how serious things are between her and him. Dylan reminds Brandon that he threatened to hit him if he ever asked him about a girl. Brandon decides he still wants to know if Dylan and Emily slept together. Dylan says no, then pokes him in the chest instead of hitting him.

David’s not interested in setting off all the fireworks Scott brought home with him. Scott’s more excited about the gun he has anyway. David gets disturbed and leaves. At the Walshes’ barbecue, the other girls sneer at Emily, and Brenda even makes comments loudly enough for Emily to overhear. Emily wishes someone had given her a scorecard so she could keep track of everyone’s relationships. Brenda notes that it wouldn’t have made a difference. Emily leaves, and Brenda might actually feel bad about her actions.

Later, Cindy tells Brenda she’s not being fair about Emily. Brenda says she’s moving fast, but Cindy thinks she’s just trying to fit in. Cindy reminds Brenda that she was the new girl last year, so she should put herself in Emily’s place. Brenda’s more upset that Emily’s with Dylan but doesn’t love him. Cindy tells Brenda that if she misses Dylan and still loves him, she should be with him. Brenda asks Brandon not to hate her, and he says he doesn’t, but he’s clearly not happy.

David sets up Hello Day, stressing even though Kelly reminds him that it’s supposed to be fun. The girls tell David to cancel their act since Emily most likely won’t be coming. Kelly tells Brenda she’s not surprised, since Brenda was awful to her. She encourages her to apologize and beg Emily to do the act. Brenda does so, asking Emily for a second chance. Emily says she really liked Brenda, so she opened up to her, but Brenda used that against her.

Emily continues that she’s not a slut, and is actually a virgin. She just wants to take the pill so she’ll be prepared when the time comes. She’s also offended that Brenda would think she would sleep with Dylan and go out with Brandon the next night. Brenda asks her to at least come do the act, if only to not disappoint Kelly and Donna. Emily agrees, but instead of “Addicted to Clothes,” the girls perform “Breaking Up is Hard to Do.”

Scott tries to patch things up with David, and the two agree that one or both of them changed over the summer. David’s still not that interested in hanging out, but he does ask Scott to take it easy with the gun. After the show, everything’s fine with the girls, but get awkward when Dylan approaches Brenda and Emily. Emily tells Brenda that Dylan’s a great guy, and she shouldn’t throw away whatever it is they have.

That night, Dylan and Brenda go to the makeout spot and she asks if they can try again. Dylan assures her that he was never with her for anything physical, but because he loves her. Then they make out. He promises that nothing happened between him and Emily, but Brenda says it’s none of her business. She apologizes for all the drama she’s caused, but Dylan says it was worth it now that they’re back together.

Thoughts: In a couple of scenes, Christine Elise (Emily) looks eerily like Jennie Garth.

Judging from her first-day-of-school outfit, it looks like Brenda watched Annie Hall over the summer.

I doubt that the same girl who wore a motorcycle jacket and skeleton earring would later wear a gray blazer with a rosette.

Can we please stop using Emily’s full name every time we mention her?

I think I need a foreshadowing tag.



  1. jennifer said,

    I love Emily Valentine! Shit gets real with her on the show. I could be making this up, but weren’t Jason Priestly and Christine Elise together in real life for a pretty long time?

    • Jenn said,

      IMDB says they lived together from 1992 to 1997.

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