October 2, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.13, Northern Lights: True North

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This picture scares me

Summary: Joey helps Pacey with his lines for the school play, which opens the next night. He’s disappointed that she won’t be coming to the first performance. He’s even more disappointed when he learns that A.J. is coming to Capeside for a party and they’re going to see the northern lights together. Pacey thinks A.J.’s making stuff up to win Joey over, since there’s no way they’ll be able to see the northern lights from Capeside.

At school, Nikki confronts Dawson about dropping out of their film class. She wonders if it’s because of his poor showing at the film festival, but he says he needs some time off. She reminds him that they were supposed to pitch a film idea to their class in a few days. Andie tries to run a play rehearsal, but Pacey’s having trouble remembering his lines. Mr. Broderick develops a kidney stone and leaves Andie in charge of the production, giving a melodramatic monologue that I was sure meant this was a dream. Somehow, it’s not.

Jen tries to talk to Henry, who runs away from her. They planned to have dinner that night, but he’s sure she’s going to cancel on him. She assures him that she’s not canceling, but she does have to postpone so she can go to opening night of the play. Henry invites himself along. Pacey goes to Joey’s house to freak out over his inability to remember his lines. He invites her to the cast party after the play, then tries again to tell Joey that A.J.’s lame. When A.J. arrives to get Joey, Pacey is full-on jealous.

A.J. takes Joey to a house near the marina for a viewing party attended by a bunch of grad students and other sophisticated types. He gets her a drink, then pours it out before she can drink any. She notes that most college guys want girls to get drunk. Everyone heads into the house since it’s cloudy; A.J. tells Joey things might clear up by midnight, the best time for seeing the lights. He suggests that they take a walk instead of joining everyone else.

20 minutes before curtain call, Pacey isn’t at the school, so Andie’s freaking out. Dawson finds him shooting baskets in the gym. Pacey admits that he’s nervous to perform in front of so many people, especially with Andie depending on him. Dawson asks if he’s had fun with the play, and when Pacey says he has, Dawson encourages him to just keep having fun. Pacey notes that Dawson just gave up his dream, but he’s calm. He even remains calm when Pacey mentions that Joey’s going out with A.J.

Henry meets up with Jen in the auditorium, but she’s not alone – she brought Grams with her. Grams also didn’t know Henry was going to join them. Pacey tells Andie he can’t go on, but she won’t let him back out. He hesitates when he first gets on stage, but his lines come to him and he does fine. Joey and A.J. take a walk on the beach and talk about her fear of failure. He thinks it’s a result of her losing her mother at a young age. Joey admits that she may have gotten interested in art to please other people. They kiss, but Joey says she has to go meet someone.

The play goes well, and Jack gives Andie flowers at the cast party, which he organized in a single afternoon. Jen keeps avoiding being alone with Henry by going to sit with Pacey. He remarks that none of his family members came, and Jen adds that Joey didn’t show either. Moments later, Joey arrives for the party.

Nikki asks Dawson why he dropped the class that centered around his passion. He tells her he took all of his movie posters down. He also tells a story about going to the movies with his parents and seeing people making out. He’s no longer with his parents, he’s never been the guy who makes out at movies, and he’s no longer having fun. Nikki asks what Dawson’s going to turn to next, asking when he last had fun.

Joey uses the cloudiness as an excuse for skipping out on the viewing party, but Pacey guesses that A.J. kissed her and she got scared off. He asks if she’s going to see him again. Joey makes up more excuses, saying he lives far away and is smarter than her. Pacey thinks she doesn’t feel the same way about A.J. that she does about Dawson. Joey corrects that she doesn’t feel that way about Dawson anymore. Pacey assures her that she’ll find someone else someday. A.J. shows up and Pacey reluctantly sends Joey over to him.

Henry climbs up to the rafters and reenacts a scene from the play, making Jen admit that she’s embarrassed to be there with him and that she’s been horrible to him to hide the fact that she likes him. Joey and A.J. go for another walk and he asks if he did something wrong. She says she panicked because they’re a mismatch. She thinks A.J.’s too smart for her. He tells her he’s not so smart when it comes to girls. Since they’ve missed the northern lights, A.J. tells Joey about them, as he’s seen them before. He says it’s beautiful to see something familiar in a new way.

Andie and Jack clean up after the cast party, discussing the fact that Andie got to spend time with people who don’t know her whole history. She felt more like herself than she has in a while. She reveals that her mantra in the hospital was, “Structure and purpose.” Andie likes having something to hold onto that isn’t a person. She goes outside to talk to Pacey, who’s clearly mopey. Andie says she was wrong to treat him like a fixer-upper because he’s perfect the way he is. He tells her she is, too.

Henry walks Jen home as she tells him he doesn’t have to try so hard. Henry wants to know Jen better and be completely honest with her. She claims that that’s not possible, though he’s the one person who could pull it off. Henry offers to teach Jen how to be honest in the childlike way he is, asking her to say whatever’s on her mind. Instead, she kisses him.

Joey goes home to find Dawson waiting to talk to her. He was feeling lost. He admits that he didn’t think about how he would react to dropping the film class. Joey guesses that he’s questioning who he really is. She thinks he’s lost his true north, the fixed point in the sky you use to guide yourself. Dawson asks what Joey’s is, but she doesn’t think she has one. Suddenly they see lights in the sky and realize you can, in fact, see the northern lights in Capeside. Joey remarks that it’s typical for her to wait a long time for something and finally experience it with Dawson.

Thoughts: Joey, please learn how to curl your hair correctly. It shouldn’t look like it’s wet all the time.

Hey, A.J., I think you left your charisma in Boston.

There sure are a lot of people at the cast party. Remind me, which character did Grams play?


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