October 8, 2011

BH90210 2.9, Ashes to Ashes: Do the Right Thing (Because Brandon Always Does)

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Remember when people had this hairstyle? Oh, the '90s

Summary: There are a bunch of people in the Walshes’ house to learn about the security systems they’ve all installed. There have been some burglaries lately, so everyone’s on edge. A neighbor tells Cindy that some new people have moved into the area, and it’s clear she’s not too happy with them. Someone takes photos of the students at West Beverly as Brenda bugs Dylan about meeting his mom. He says she’s weird. (Apparently she listens to tapes of wind chimes in the car.)

Andrea tells Brandon that someone named Robinson (Robby) Ashe, the mystery photographer, is going to join the newspaper staff, even though she’s never actually met him. She begs Brandon to meet him instead. He worries that he won’t like him, but Andrea notes that Brandon likes everyone. He goes to a classroom to meet Robby and thinks he’s a preppy white kid. He’s actually black and has an embarrassingly ’90s haircut. Later, he takes pictures of the school band and assures Brandon that he’s a good photographer. He also asks for a ride home from school.

Cindy visits the new black neighbors, who will obviously turn out to be Robby’s family. She immediately hits it off with Mrs. Ashe and tells her about the Neighborhood Watch. On the ride home, Robby tells Brandon about living in the hood. His father is the founder of some kind of popcorn. Robby asks Brandon for a standing ride to school, and Brandon would probably agree to it even if he hadn’t been promised a lot of popcorn.

On his way out of the driveway, Brandon crashes into a girl who refuses to give him her information. At home, Jim tells him he’ll pay for the damages and reminds him that no one was hurt, so it’s not a big deal. Brandon complains about the principle of the matter, which is what Brandon always complains about. Cindy says she doesn’t want to send a bad message to their neighbors. Brenda teases that the Walshes are only being this nice for the free popcorn.

Over at the Ashes’ house, the daughter, Sherice, gets the same treatment from her parents as Brandon got from his. She complains about moving to the suburbs. Mr. Ashe sends her over to the Walshes’ to tell Brandon that Mr. Ashe will be paying all the damages. The two teens have a laugh when Brandon tells Sherice that Mr. Walsh also offered to pay all the damages. Robby takes pictures of the two of them talking.

The Walshes’ alarm goes off in the middle of the night, and though Cindy panics, Jim guesses correctly that Brandon tripped it. Brandon thinks Cindy is freaking out too much about all the burglaries in the neighborhood. Brandon and Sherice almost get into another accident, and he learns that she doesn’t go to West Beverly with her brother. Apparently she thinks it’s full of snobs, though, as Brandon remarks to Andrea later, is rich (heh) for someone who drives a new, expensive car. Andrea thinks there’s a story there about going to school out of district.

Robby’s starting to bug Brandon’s friends with all his picture-taking, and Donna remarks that he reminds her of David. Brandon asks Robby to help him get an interview with Sherice, but Robby warns that she won’t be too happy to talk to him. She’s not thrilled with white people. As Sherice calls a restaurant to talk to a guy named Devo, Robby brings Brandon home for dinner. Sherice asks Devo to come over since her parents are going out, but he makes excuses. She thinks he wants to break up with her since she lives in Beverly Hills now.

Sherice catches Brandon listening to her and he brings up her distaste for Beverly Hills. She says she was just putting him on the defensive. Brandon assures her that he’s a nice guy. He winds up getting her to agree to go out for dinner, not mentioning that he wants to interview her. At the restaurant, Devo’s coworker tells him to go to Sherice’s house with flowers. But he’ll have to wear a nicer shirt since he’s going to Beverly Hills.

Brandon takes Sherice to the Peach Pit and she meets Brenda and their friends. Steve immediately flirts with her. Kelly tells Brandon that he’s being “very hip.” Devo calls information to get the Ashes’ address, but it’s not listed. The Walshes accidentally set off their alarm again, and Jim complains about having it installed in the first place. A neighbor calls the security patrol on some barking dogs as Jim gets the alarm to shut off.

When the security guards arrive, they see Devo walking down the street and question him. Since he doesn’t know which house he’s going to and is a little uncooperative, and also not white, they suspect him of being the neighborhood burglar. In the morning, Brandon tells Brenda that he thinks Sherice has a boyfriend. Jim tells the twins about a prowler caught in the neighborhood who turned out to be a friend of Sherice’s. Jim’s surprised to hear that Brandon took Sherice out; he claims he’s surprised because they supposedly don’t like each other.

Brandon goes to the Ashes’ and asks Robby what happened the night before. He claims not to know anything. Mr. Ashe blasts Sherice for seeing Devo when her parents told her not to, though she reminds him that she wasn’t even home. He doesn’t like Devo because he dropped out of high school. Sherice notes that no one’s good enough for her father. Mr. Ashe is worried about what the neighbors will think.

At school, Kelly and Steve interrogate Brandon about the rest of his date with Sherice. He tells them they should get back together already. Andrea asks Brandon about Devo’s detainment, but he can’t get any information out of anyone. He wonders who the security guards are accountable to. Brandon goes to Robby to find out who Devo is, wanting to interview him. Robby doesn’t want to help since his parents are already upset. He blasts Brandon for using him to get to Sherice. In Robby’s eyes, Brandon’s no better than the security guards.

Brandon complains about all this to Brenda on the way home, asking if she agrees with Robby that he’s a user and a racist. Brenda notes that Brandon wouldn’t be so upset if he didn’t think there was some truth to what Robby said. Brandon waits for Sherice to come home from school and she confronts him over his article, which Robby told her about. She chastises herself for going out with a Beverly Hills boy. Before they can talk any more, Brandon hears the Walshes’ alarm go off. He tells Sherice that what happened to Devo was wrong and he wants to expose it in the newspaper.

The security guys show up at the Walshes’ to figure out what’s going on with their alarm. Brenda notes that Devo wouldn’t have gotten into his situation if the guards hadn’t been on their way to the Walshes’ the night before. Brandon gets some information from the security guys, then goes to talk to Devo at his restaurant. Brenda tells him he’s getting in over his head.

Brandon winds up in “the hood” at night, despite leaving Beverly Hills in the afternoon, and his first encounter with Devo is seeing him chase off some wannabe thugs. He tells Brandon that if he’s there for drugs, he should leave. He also doesn’t want to talk to Brandon about what happened to him. Devo notes that there’s a difference between being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being in the wrong place at the wrong time while being the wrong color. It’s not right, but it’s the way the world its.

Devo continues that what happened to Rodney King isn’t rare, it just became public because it was recorded. Brandon can’t believe Devo isn’t angry about what happened. Devo says it makes him sad. His mom had to beg for money to get a taxi to take her to Beverly Hills to get him from the hospital. He’s the only one of her children who isn’t in prison or on drugs. Devo always tries to do what’s right for her.

Brenda, Robby, and Sherice show up, and it becomes clear that Sherice and Devo really care about each other. Robby guesses that Brandon’s going to go through with his exposé. In fact, he encourages him to, offering to provide the photos. The next day, the gang gathers at the Walshes’ with Robby to eat popcorn and tell Brandon and Robby how awesome they are. The possibly racist neighbor stops by talk about how the Walshes canceled their contract with the security company. Cindy tells her that what the family does is their own business.

Brandon and Sherice pass each other on the street and she mentions that she’s going to see Devo. Apparently Mr. Ashe is “rediscovering his roots” thanks to Brandon’s article. Hey, guys, Brandon is a hero again! I never would have guessed!

Thoughts: You guys, Robby’s dad is Shaft! And Sherice is Vivica A. Fox! I totally didn’t recognize her.

I did, however, recognize two actors from General Hospital. The possibly racist neighbor was played by Susan Brown, AKA Gail Baldwin, and Devo’s coworker was George Alvarez, who was Detective Garcia. Watching him play “hood” was really weird. I’m pretty sure he was a priest on Guiding Light.

I’m fairly certain the writers only named the family the Ashes so they could use this lame episode title. Also, what’s with having an episode called “Ashes to Ashes” right after one called “Wildfire” and not having them relate to each other at all?

“Did you say ‘jack you up’? You’ve been reading the Spike Lee Handbook.” Can we trade Brandon for Devo?


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