October 9, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.14, The Valentine’s Day Massacre: A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action

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Summary: Dawson tries to teach Joey to drive stick (not a euphemism) as Pacey lounges in the bed of the truck. Pacey can’t believe A.J. isn’t taking Joey out for Valentine’s Day. Some guy named Matt is throwing a big anti-Valentine’s Day party, and the guys invite Joey to go with him. She thinks they’ll make fools of themselves and decides to rent a movie instead. Pacey taunts that she’ll have to find someone to drive her to the video store.

At school, Jack tells Pacey and Dawson that he tried to find out where the party is, but it’s confidential because Matt’s afraid the police will bust it up. However, he did find out the secret password. Henry tries to sell plasma so he can afford a date with Jen, but it hasn’t been long enough since his last sale. He sweet-talks a nurse into breaking the rules for him. Pacey tracks down Doug and asks to go on a ride-along with him that night. Doug tells him he’ll be staking out the golf course because someone heard there might be a party there.

Andie’s friend Kate/Jack’s ex-girlfriend is coming to visit for the weekend, which Jack isn’t happy about. Andie admits that she didn’t tell Kate that Jack’s gay. She’s going to leave it up to Jack to share that news. Jen gets ready for her date with Henry, trying to convince Grams (and herself) that it’s not a big deal. Andie, Jack, and Kate head off to meet up with their friends before the party, sharing awkward conversation. Kate’s upset because her boyfriend just broke up with her…because he’s gay.

The three meet Dawson and Pacey on the golf course, and Kate tells them that Jack was her first boyfriend. She adds that she’s just broken up with her boyfriend and is now in a “highly charged emotional state.” Pacey thinks this means she’s looking to hook up, so he encourages Dawson to go for it. Joey arrives, claiming she wants to make sure Dawson doesn’t do anything stupid. Pacey suspects that she’ll ruin the night for everyone.

Henry picks Jen up for their date looking like a Twilight extra. She pricks herself on the thorn of the rose he gives her, which can’t be a good sign. As the kids take golf carts to the party, Joey tells Pacey that Dawson’s lost, so he shouldn’t have pushed him on Kate. The two disagree about the best way to get Dawson’s head back on straight. Jack doesn’t want to tell Kate that he’s gay since she’s already in a bad state. Dawson assures Kate that there’s nothing wrong with her, and she starts to feel better.

The kids arrive at the party, which they weren’t invited to. Matt challenges their presence, but they have the password, so he can’t really turn them away. Everyone has to do a Jello shot to gain entrance, and Pacey, Kate, and Jack don’t have any problem with that. Andie begs off, as she’s the designated driver, and Joey snarks her way out of it. To Joey’s dismay, Dawson does a shot. Meanwhile, Henry passes out on his date with Jen.

Back in one of the golf carts, Joey complains to Andie about Pacey always getting them into bad situations. Andie thinks he’s fun, saying he’s like “a big, dopey dog.” She thinks Joey sounds like Andie did before she started dating Pacey. Doug catches them in the golf cart and pulls them over. Back at the party, Dawson, now tipsy, asks Kate to go for a walk. Henry’s taken to the hospital, telling Jen he sold his plasma to buy her a ring. It doesn’t fit.

Kate tells Dawson that she’s figured out that he’s the nice guy who always takes the troubled girls off the other guys’ hands. He’s somewhat offended that she automatically pegged him as a nice guy. He asks the universe to get on board with what he wants, and Kate tells him to stop whining. If he would act instead of talking, he might get some results. In other words, stop talking about kissing her and just kiss her. Dawson starts to, but first Kate has to throw up. And then Doug finds them.

Jen comes home and tells Grams that her date went badly. Grams tells her that even a bad date is just an experience in a long line of experiences. Jen tells her just how badly things went. She wonders why Henry went to all the trouble he did when he’s not that sophisticated. Grams suggests that that’s how he thinks she wants him to be. Doug breaks up the party and takes all the kids to the police station.

Kate says she’s have the best time, and Jack decides it’s a good time to tell her he’s gay. She figures it out a split second before he tells her. She’s surprised since they had sex and he was good. Kate asks Dawson if he’s gay, too, since apparently only gay guys will kiss her. Joey’s upset that Dawson and Kate kissed, or at least almost kissed. Joey asks what Dawson was thinking, and he says he wasn’t thinking for once. She says he was acting out of character. Dawson tells her that character is in her head and he has to be allowed to make mistakes.

Pacey mocks his friends for reprising “The Ballad of Dawson and Joey,” complaining about the way Joey treats Dawson. She asks when he developed a mean streak. Pacey backs off, telling her he’s had too much to drink. He’s just frustrated to have to keep watching Dawson and Joey’s on-and-off relationship. He asks them to make up their minds and stop treating their “saga” with such “reverence.” (Amen, Brother Pacey! Preach it!)

The kids are all freed from their holding cells, but Sheriff Witter has told Doug to keep Pacey there overnight. Jen visits Henry in the hospital and admits that she was more nervous about their date than she led on. She’s never had a date on Valentine’s Day, let alone a first date, and she made too big of a deal about it. She does want to keep seeing Henry, but she wants them to act more like themselves. She will, however, be keeping the ring. The two eat Jello together and Henry notes that this is their date.

Jack and Kate get ready for bed at the McPhees’ house and make peace with their status as exes. He admits that he was afraid to disappoint her by telling her he was gay. Kate promises that he could never disappoint her. She’s happy she got to see him at a time she really needed to. Mitch takes Dawson home, noting that he’s made a lot of mistakes this year. Dawson wants to pass them off as “youthful exuberance,” and though Mitch is okay with that, he’ll have to start acting more like a parent. Until Dawson figures out his new path, he’ll be working at Gail’s new restaurant.

Doug brings Pacey some coffee and asks what has him so down. He guesses it’s a girl. Pacey tells him the girl is really annoying, but she gives him butterflies. Doug laments that getting older means losing the butterflies. He urges Pacey to do something, but Pacey thinks that would welcome a Hellmouth. Doug tells him that he may never come across another girl who gives him butterflies, so he should take action.

The next day, Pacey goes to Joey’s and apologizes for the things he said the night before. She admits that she was worried about him because he doesn’t have the moral compass Dawson does and no one else worries about him. Pacey says there’s something he needs to tell her, but chickens out of talking about his feelings, instead asking her if she wants him to show her how to drive stick (possibly not a euphemism).

Thoughts: Do they really let teenagers sell plasma? I’m going to guess no.

Yeah, an outdoor party in February in Massachusetts is my idea of a fun time. Isn’t it everyone’s?

I bet Jello appreciates all of its mentions in this episode.


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  1. jennifer said,

    It always bothered me that most of the time the weather made it so obvious it wasn’t Massachusetts.

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