October 14, 2011

BSC #87, Stacey and the Bad Girls: Getting the Band Back Together

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Steve Holt!

Summary: Stacey’s been spending a lot of time with Robert’s friends, since she and the BSC girls are still on the outs. They’re all bored during the summer, and Stacey’s home alone most of the time, so her new friends (Sheila, Jacqui, Heather, and Mia) come hang out with her. Stacey’s mom is clearly not thrilled about this, and after letting Stacey laze around for a little while, she tells her to get a job.

Stacey winds up working in Bellair’s childcare center, and her friends wait around for her every day so they can all hang out. They keep going shopping but act weird, not letting Stacey see the things they’ve gotten and asking her to buy weird stuff with her employee discount. Eventually they tell her that they buy the stuff at a 10% discount and return it for full price. Stacey doesn’t like this, but she’s too chicken to say anything, so she puts up with it. She also doesn’t want Robert to think she doesn’t like his friends, or put him in the position of having to choose between them and her.

The girls are all obsessed with a group called U4Me, and they get tickets to a concert. Well, they make Stacey wait in line to buy all their tickets while they go off and do other stuff. At the concert, the girls start drinking and smoking, which is how we know they’re bad. Stacey still doesn’t want to say anything, and she declines to drink, because she’s a good girl (and also because alcohol would screw up her blood sugar). The girls start getting rowdy (the Devil’s drink, you know) and get pulled out by security. Their parents are called and they’re all in major trouble, including Stacey, even though she didn’t actually do anything.

While this is all going on, Dawn’s mom’s cousin is in London for three weeks with his wife. They send their six-year-old daughter Amy to stay with the Schafer/Spiers, even though she’s never been away from her parents, she’s never met the Schafer/Spiers, and IT’S FOR THREE FREAKING WEEKS. Amy hates almost every second of her stay, and Mary Anne and Dawn aren’t too thrilled with her either.

One day while they’re playing hide-and-seek, Amy runs off and winds up at Bellair’s, somehow. Stacey knows who she is since, unlikely as it sounds, Claudia’s been reading her stories from the club notebook. She calls Dawn and Mary Anne, who come get Amy. From everything that’s happened, Stacey realizes that she doesn’t really like her new friends and she wants to hang out with the BSC girls again. Claudia goes to bat for her and gets her back in the club, though she’s on probation.

There’s also a very brief mention of Sunny’s mom having lung cancer and Dawn wanting to go back to California to be with her, but there will be more on that later.

Thoughts: Mia: “Stacey, you are sooo middle class.” First of all, that’s not an insult. Second, you can get your rich white butt out of my house.

Stacey’s really a doormat in this book. I usually think of her as pretty confident, so it’s interesting to see her act differently around a different group of people.

Stacey’s mom tells her to watch out for pickpockets. In Stamford. Stamford, Connecticut. It’s even more pathetic when you remember that they’re from New York.

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  1. jennifer said,

    I just burst out laughing at work because of the “Steve Holt!” caption. Nice one.

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