October 16, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.15, Crime and Punishment: I Confess

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Oh, no! Two boys are in love with me! My wallet's too small for my 50s and my diamond shoes are too tight!

Summary: Joey’s painting a mural at school, so apparently she’s back to being an artist. Pacey shows up, supposedly to keep her company but mostly because one of his sisters has come home and he doesn’t want to deal with the drama. Joey finishes her mural, which contains leaves and Chinese characters, and Pacey notes that the student artists were supposed to paint things that exemplify school unity. He adds that none of the other students is going to get something unsubtle.

Dawson tries to take a peek at the mural the next day, but Joey wants him to wait until the unveiling ceremony like everyone else. She asks him to be honest about what he thinks, even if he hates it, which he doubts will happen. Joey’s nervous about giving a speech at the ceremony, as well as “declaring” herself.

Matt (who threw the party in “The Valentine’s Day Massacre”) faces Andie’s disciplinary committee for cheating on a quiz, though he claims he guessed all of the correct answers. Andie recommends a failing grade on the quiz and detention. Principal Green says Matt didn’t technically violate the honor code but basically warns that he better not get in any more trouble. After the hearing, Principal Green informs Andie that her PSAT scores have put her on the road to a National Merit Scholarship.

Pacey invites himself to move into Doug’s place, which Doug aggressively objects to (“this is not Party of Five“). Pacey tells him their sister left her husband and has moved her children into Pacey’s bedroom. Doug is willing to try out the new living arrangements as long as Pacey follows his finicky rules. He teases Pacey about having a broken heart, then asks if he’s any good at decoupage.

The day of the mural unveiling, Joey asks Bessie and Bodie not to take pictures. She knows Bessie isn’t thrilled about visiting her alma mater, but Bessie’s happy to celebrate her sister’s talent. Joey’s mural is the last one unveiled, and she first gives a speech about how nothing really unites the students. They were told as children that they could be anything, but by the time they get to high school, they’ve forgotten all of their options. She’s painting the character for “possibility” to remind everyone that anything’s possible. When the mural’s unveiled, someone’s defaced it.

Dawson and Pacey follow Joey as she runs off, disagreeing over whether or not she should see what happened as a personal attack. Pacey notes that Joey could have crossed some line without even knowing it. She doesn’t find either of them helpful. Jack thinks the disciplinary committee will be able to help; he’s surprised to hear that Andie wants to step down. He notes that it’s not like her to skip out on a commitment.

Dawson stops by the bed and breakfast, promising he won’t lecture Joey. She tries to downplay the whole situation, saying her lame mural wasn’t going to bring about any changes. Dawson encourages her to repaint the mural and surprise the defacer. He’s surprised when Joey declines, saying she’s letting herself be a victim.

Joey says she can’t just start over, for the same reason that Dawson hasn’t made a film since the festival. He claims that was a choice. Joey says she doesn’t have the time to make the kinds of choices Dawson gets to make. He points out that Joey didn’t have to show her work to everyone the way he did. He gives her keys to the school and leaves.

Pacey does some investigating at school, in the form of starting a pool about how the defacer is. At least one person suspects Matt. Matt considers accepting credit, since everyone thinks he’s responsible. Pacey tells him that not everyone thinks what happened was funny. Matt replies that some people don’t have a sense of humor. Pacey tells him to apologize and turn himself in because he’s messed with someone Pacey cares about. Dawson checks the mural but Joey hasn’t repainted it or shown up to school.

Pacey grabs Matt outside the school, trying to intimidate him. Matt confesses to defacing the mural and claims he’ll apologize. Instead, the two start beating each other up. Principal Green breaks them up and hauls them into his office. Andie chooses that time to tell Principal Green she’s resigning from the disciplinary committee.

Pacey and Matt won’t explain what their fight was about, so Principal Green brings Dawson and a friend of Matt’s in to give some information. Dawson spills that it was about the mural. Matt says he doesn’t care about a stupid Chinese character, and Dawson notes that he couldn’t have known what the mural was unless he defaced it. “You just painted yourself into a corner,” Pacey says, making me groan. Matt complains that the concept of the mural offended him. “‘Possibility’ offends you?” Principal Green asks. “I’m rich. I’m white. That’s all the possibility I need,” Matt says.

At home, Andie tells Jack that she cheated on the PSAT. She thought that acing the test would make people see that she was okay. Now that she’s actually okay, she feels guilty. She’s been hard on everyone she’s dealt with through the disciplinary committee as a way of punishing herself. Andie wants to tell Principal Green she cheated, but Jack tells her she just had a moment of weakness. She could get kicked out if she comes clean. Andie wants to be able to look at herself in the mirror again. She knows this is her only choice.

Joey goes to Pacey and Doug’s to blast Pacey for overreacting with Matt. She’s worried that he’s going to get himself in so much trouble that he throws away his future. Pacey tells her he did it because he was looking after her for Dawson, then tells her about his discussion about this with Dawson. Joey’s upset because she thought Pacey actually cared for her.

Matt and Pacey face an actual disciplinary committee, with Matt getting expelled for the rest of the year. Principal Green makes it clear that he doesn’t care what Matt’s father will have to say about the situation. Joey confronts Dawson about asking Pacey to look after her; she would have appreciated someone genuinely being concerned about her. Dawson notes that Pacey wouldn’t have gotten into so much trouble if he didn’t care.

Andie cleans out her locker as Pacey leaves the committee with a warning and a position in the school’s mentoring program. Dawson fears for the poor child assigned to Pacey. He also brings up Joey’s confrontation and how Pacey told her Dawson asked him to look after her. They’re not sure what will happen next.

Principal Green reads Andie’s confession about the PSAT, reminding her of all the consequences she faces. Andie thinks that her offense was no better than Matt’s, so she’s expecting an expulsion. Principal Green assures her that the two of them have nothing in common. Matt hurts others but Andie only hurt herself. Principal Green reminds her of something he taught her on the disciplinary committee: Look at the person, not just the crime. Matt won’t learn, but Andie will. She’s not expelled, and he’ll get back to her with a suitable punishment.

Pacey finds Joey painting over the ruined mural so she can start over and asks if she’s going to thank him for standing up for her. She says he was just being himself – not caring what others think, knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, and being there for her when she needed him this year. Pacey offers to help with the mural, but first Joey wants to know if he’s only been hanging out with her because Dawson asked him to. He lies that that’s true. Dawson sees them together and smiles to himself.

Thoughts: “Existential crisis”? Joey, shh.

Semi-intimidating Pacey is sexy.

Andie should absolutely have to give up her scholarship. That could be a lot of money she got by cheating. Also, isn’t she smart enough to get a scholarship just based on being a brain?


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