October 18, 2011

BH90210 2.11, Leading from the Heart: Yes, Brandon, It IS All About You

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Uh, watch where you put your hand, cuz

Summary: Brandon and Emily chat, having not seen each other for a while, and Brandon mentions that Brenda’s about to retake her driver’s test. Her problem is parallel parking, and she’s even had a nightmare about it. Brandon and Dylan take her to the DMV for her test, which goes fine until the parallel-parking portion. The instructor gives Brenda some advice and she nails it. At home, Brenda tells her parents about the exam, and Cindy suggests having a party to celebrate. Brenda wants to share Brandon’s car, but he’s not in favor and tells her to get a job.

Brenda and Brandon’s cousin Bobby calls and tells Cindy he’s coming to visit. He’s also thinking of transferring to UCLA. Brenda and Brandon are happy about the news, but Jim’s concerned. Brenda tells Kelly about Bobby’s visit and tries to convince her that they’re not each other’s types. On the way home, Brenda admits to Brandon that she feels like they abandoned Bobby when they moved to California. It’s weird for her to grow up with someone and then suddenly not have him in her life anymore.

When the twins get home, Bobby’s there, and he’s in a wheelchair. They’re obviously comfortable with it, and Bobby’s obviously comfortable with his condition. Brandon tells Bobby that he’s interested in Emily, but they haven’t spent much time together since their one date. He wants to talk about the accident that put Bobby in a wheelchair, but Bobby avoids the subject. Jim and Cindy discuss having Bobby live with them. Cindy feels bad for Bobby but admits that she also feels a sense of relief that Brandon’s not the one who was paralyzed, and it could have been.

Bobby makes breakfast for the family the next morning, which puts Brandon in such a good mood that he offers to let Brenda drive his Mustang. Brenda would rather be chauffeured. At school, David asks Donna out, but she’s going to Brenda’s for dinner. She does tell him that she wishes she could go out with him, and she seems sincere. Kelly reminds Brenda about her celebration dinner, which Donna wants to bring David to. Brenda tells Kelly that Bobby’s in a wheelchair, adding that she and Donna better not act weird around him. Bobby dated a friend of Brenda’s who dumped him right after the accident.

Andrea asks Brandon for a ride to dinner, and he tells her to ask Brenda. Andrea decides she’ll take the bus. (Does Brenda know Andrea doesn’t live in Beverly Hills?) Emily comes in looking for a place on the paper, and though Brandon suggests that she do sports, Andrea wants her writing about the PTA. Kelly meets Bobby at the Walshes’ and they seem to hit it off. Brandon asks Brenda why she hasn’t driven yet, but she wants him to leave her alone.

The kids play charades and Bobby and Kelly flirt with each other. He even asks her to sit on his lap, which is weird considering they’ve only known each other for ten minutes. Later, Brandon and Bobby reminisce about summers together growing up. The twins decide to go to bed, leaving Bobby and Kelly alone. They talk about his condition, which Kelly thinks he’s handling well. Bobby invites her to go horseback-riding, assuring her that he’s able to. They start to kiss, but Kelly chickens out and leaves.

Brenda wakes Brandon up the next morning and admits that she’s uncomfortable with Kelly and Bobby’s flirtation. She’s afraid that Bobby will get hurt again. Brandon asks if she’s saying Kelly can’t really like Bobby because he’s in a wheelchair. Bobby makes a riding date with Kelly, telling Brandon he wants him, Brenda, and Dylan to come along. Brandon tells Bobby to move slowly with Kelly, and Bobby accuses him of thinking the same thing Brandon thought Brenda thought. (Got that?)

Bobby, Brenda, Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan go riding, with Bobby moving faster than anyone. Brandon is semi-hilariously bad at it. Bobby tells Kelly that the horse is his version of a seeing-eye dog. She invites him to a party that night that everyone’s going to. Too bad they have to go up a big flight of stairs to get to the action. Brandon, Dylan, and Steve carry Bobby up, which clearly makes Bobby uncomfortable. He’s also uncomfortable when he hears that Tal, the guy throwing the party, used to date Kelly.

Someone spills a drink on Bobby, and someone else asks what happened to him. He also has trouble navigating the house. Adding insult to injury, Tal hits on Kelly and asks her to dance. Oh, and there’s no beer. Bobby finally decides it’s all too much and he wants to leave. He tells Kelly she’s great and gives her the chance to let him down. Bobby thinks that sooner or later, the novelty of dating him will wear off and Kelly will realize she wants to date a guy who can dance.

Steve mocks Kelly, even though she didn’t do anything. Brenda also thinks Kelly said something to make Bobby want to leave. She reminds Kelly that she warned her not to lead Bobby on. Kelly shoots back that Brenda doesn’t have the right to interfere in Bobby’s social life just because he’s in a wheelchair. She likes being with him and didn’t mean to hurt him. The Walshes go home, and Bobby tells Brandon that most of the time he makes himself believe everything’s normal, but sometimes he gets to see how people view him.

Brandon asks if Kelly said or did anything to make Bobby uncomfortable. Bobby says he’s just thinking about the reality of moving to Beverly Hills. Brandon notes that it’s not like Bobby to dump a girl before she can get too close to him. Bobby shoots back that Brandon has no idea what it’s like to live his life. At least once a day, he wonders what he did to deserve being paralyzed. Brandon says that he idolized Bobby when he was a kid. He wants to talk about the accident, which happened when the two were skiing. Brandon dared Bobby to take a risky jump, though Bobby insists it was his own idea.

Brandon tells Bobby to let him apologize already, asking why Bobby tries to keep protecting him. Bobby admits that he’s trying to protect himself since he lost so many friends after the accident. Brandon doesn’t want him to keep pretending that everything’s perfect. Bobby doesn’t want to have limitations, and tonight has made him think he’s fooling himself. Before going to bed, Brandon tells Bobby he loves him, because teenage boys tell their male cousins that all the time.

The next morning, Bobby is making breakfast again when Kelly comes by. She tells him he was unfair at the party, though he knows from experience that they wouldn’t have lasted. Kelly insists that she wants to be friends and asks why he keeps putting expectations on her. She tells him to lighten up. Bobby thinks Kelly looked to the future and tried to decide if she could see herself with someone in a wheelchair. She tells him she hadn’t made up her mind, and last night she wasn’t even thinking about it. She was just going with her heart.

Brenda and Brandon come in, claiming that they weren’t listening at the door. Jim and Cindy arrive as well, and Jim says that Bobby’s welcome to stay if he’s going to make breakfast every morning. Bobby says he’ll live in a dorm or an apartment if he goes to UCLA; his plan was to live on his own. The four kids decide to accompany Brenda on her first drive. Kelly gives Bobby her phone number. Brenda manages to not kill anyone behind the wheel.

Thoughts: Tal (Tal? What the–?) is played by Gabriel Macht (Suits, The Spirit). He has ridiculously long blond hair in this episode. Seriously, seriously ridiculous.

The stereotypical Asian music that plays when the Asian driving instructor gives brenda advice makes me cringe.

A tip, Bobby: Don’t tell your cousin she’s gorgeous in that tone of voice.

If Bobby’s 21 and Brenda’s 16, and he was 18 at the time of his accident, but he was dating a friend of Brenda’s, that would make that friend 13. EW. And 21 and 16 isn’t much better. What’s with this guy?

Nice vest, Steve. Does it come in fashionable?


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