October 25, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.17, Cinderella Story: You Remind Me of Me

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Geez, freaking finally

Summary: Pacey’s driving Joey to the train station so she can attend a dinner where A.J. will receive a writing award. She predicts that this will be the most romantic experience of her life. Pacey notes that she only refers to A.J. as a friend. Joey says that long-distance relationships have different rules from regular relationships. He thinks that’s perfect for her since she gets to have a fairy tale. Her romantic evening is only an “eyes-closed wish.” Joey replies that wishes come true sometimes. Pacey tells her reality always comes back.

Dawson helps Gail at her restaurant, where there are printer and food problems. Gail, however, is sure things will work out. Also, the sign that’s supposed to go outside doesn’t have a name on it. Pacey meets his mentee (his punishment from his fight with Matt in “Crime and Punishment”), Buzz, who’s basically a miniature version of himself. A.J. sends his friend Morgan to pick up Joey when she arrives in Boston and take her rollerblading. Pacey takes Buzz to an arcade, where the imp demands Pokeman cards, then smacks a kid with a Whac-a-Mole mallet.

Joey and Morgan meet up with A.J. at a coffeehouse, where he’s trying to figure out what to read at the ceremony the next night. They’re basically Joey and Dawson, though Morgan studied in Paris, where Joey has always wanted to go. (And could have, if she hadn’t chosen to stay with Dawson.) Jack and Andie help Dawson with some tastings at the restaurant, as he and Gail are trying to find a chef. Jen shows up and apologizes for being MIA recently, as she’s been spending a lot of time with Henry. She asks for a waitressing job and Dawson happily agrees.

Joey asks A.J. why he didn’t mention Morgan to her before she arrived. He points out that Joey doesn’t talk about her friends very much either. She wants to know if A.J. and Morgan ever dated, but A.J. doesn’t answer the question. They start kissing, but Morgan interrupts to give A.J. advice about what to read and wear. Pacey takes Buzz to his boat for some free labor. Buzz talks about his father, who’s dead, and accuses Pacey of having authority issues because his father’s a cop. Pacey lectures him about violence, then has to admit that he had to become a mentor because of a fight.

Morgan’s an artist, in case we didn’t already get the Morgan/Joey similarities. She also knows way more about A.J. than Joey does. Morgan admits that she and A.J. kissed once, but they felt weird afterward and realized there’s no mystery there, so there’s nothing between them. Joey invites Morgan to the ceremony, telling her that both of them can be part of A.J.’s life. Jack and Andie complain about the poor offerings from the auditioning chefs while Jen fails to be good at waitressing. Mitch arrives, having been summoned by Dawson, and offers to help out.

Buzz sees Pacey’s True Love sign and asks who the boat is named after. He mocks Pacey for being unable to tell the supposedly nonexistent girl how he feels about her. A.J. panics a little before reading his piece, which Joey quickly realizes is about Morgan. Pacey complains to the head of the mentor program that Buzz hates him, and she tells him that the kid is smart but an underachiever. His father isn’t dead, he left the family for another woman. Buzz lashes out because he feels rejected and wants to test people to see if they’ll leave as well. Pacey decides to stick it out.

Gail confronts Dawson for calling Mitch in behind her back. He reminds her that the restaurant is supposed to open soon and she needed the help. Gail says that she’s the director and she needed Dawson to be an actor. Dawson replies that he just didn’t want to see her fail. She always tells him to ask for help when he needs it, but she’s not taking her own advice.

After the reading, Morgan heads off alone while Joey announces that she wants to go to A.J.’s room. When they get there, she tells A.J. to go after Morgan, since she’s his muse. Joey continues that she doesn’t want Morgan and A.J. to realize their feelings for each other too late, like she did. He wants to get to know her better, but she knows what they have isn’t real, unlike what he and Morgan have. She knows Morgan came back from France to be with him.

A.J. says Joey’s reading too much into the situation, but she saw the way he looked at Morgan during his reading. He and Joey are a memory, but he and Morgan are reality. A.J.’s worried about leaving Joey with a broken heart. “There are worse things than a broken heart,” she replies. Pacey stops by Buzz’s house and cooks him the dinner he wanted his mother to cook for him. Buzz admits that his father isn’t actually dead, and Pacey finally tells him the name of the girl he’s in love with. Joey heads to the train station, but there’s no train back to Capeside until the next morning. After some hesitation, she makes a phone call.

Jen finds Dawson moping by the water; she admits that she heard his fight with Gail. He says he was trying to help, but Jen thinks he had ulterior motives. Dawson claims he wasn’t trying to get his family back together. Jen says people always go back to what they know. She reminds Dawson of the time he asked her to dance, saying he was honest and sweet, though he thinks he was naïve. Jen says he’s been through too much to still be naïve, but part of him will always reject reality and be eternally hopeful.

Pacey picks Joey up at the train station in Boston, but she doesn’t want to talk about what happened. The next morning, Dawson apologizes to Gail about his behavior the night before. She and Mitch announce that the restaurant will be called Leery’s Fresh Fish, the name Mitch always wanted to use. Gail has hired him as a general manager, and Mitch’s first act was to recommend that she hire Bodie to help her out. Oh, and Jen has to be fired. Dawson notes that his parents work well together.

On the trip back to Capeside, Pacey tries to get Joey to talk to him about her weekend. She tells him he was right about reality encroaching on her fairy tale. He encourages her to keep looking and she’ll eventually find the right person. Joey says there are only two people who know her better than anyone else: Dawson and Pacey. Pacey pulls the car over and demands to know what that means. He wants to know why she called him. Joey says he was the first person she thought of, probably because she knows she can talk to him. Pacey’s tired of talking, so he kisses her.

Thoughts: Buzz is played by Jonathan Lipnicki. Hey, why are you laughing?

I wonder what Joshua Jackson thought when he got the script for this episode and saw that almost all of his scenes were with the kid from Jerry Maguire. I wouldn’t have been happy.

The restaurant is opening in a week with no chef or staff? Yeah, no.



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