October 29, 2011

BH90210 2.13, Halloween: Tricks, No Treats

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You wish your Halloween costumes were this great

Summary: Andrea is decorating little pumpkins for a kids’ party at the local youth center. David’s been hired by some teenagers to make Halloween tapes for a party at a mansion. Scott plans to participate in an egg fight, telling David he loves danger. David reminds him that the cops will be patrolling. He plans to go to the mansion party because half the girls in town will be there. Emily learns that Brandon isn’t a Halloween fan and isn’t going to the big party. She’s not going either, since she hasn’t been invited. Brandon implies that he’ll go if she does, but neither gives in.

Brenda and Donna discuss their Halloween plans; Brenda reveals that every year, Brandon dresses as Dracula and tries to scare the trick-or-treaters. Apparently it doesn’t work. Kelly tells Donna that their Halloween dates ditched them, so now they’re stuck dressing as Lucy and Ethel without their Ricky and Fred. Brenda can’t get Dylan to agree on a costume, but Kelly doesn’t think it’s a big deal since they have such a good relationship. The girls decide to go to a costume shop with Steve and Dylan to find something new.

Steve decides on a Zorro costume, which Brenda teases him about. She tries to convince Dylan to go as Robin Hood. Kelly wants a burlesque-type costume; she figures since she doesn’t have a date, she should go all-out. Donna finds something perfect but wants to keep it a surprise. Dylan decides on Bonnie and Clyde, and Brenda seems to be on board. That night, we learn that Cindy is That Mom, the one who hands out raisins. Bonnie and Clyde get together, looking pretty awesome.

At the mansion party, Donna realizes that her mermaid costume wasn’t the best choice, since she can’t walk in it. Kelly shows up looking incredibly sexy, and not unlike Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. She tells Brenda she’s a good witch. Brenda notes that guys will stare at her all night, but Kelly says she wants to make a good impression. She makes it clear that she doesn’t care what Brenda thinks, and she just wants to have fun. Steve also comments on Kelly’s costume, but she cares even less what he thinks.

David arrives (not in costume) and asks Kelly to dance, but she turns him down. He also gets turned down by a girl dressed like Cleopatra. He and Steve commiserate over feeling like they’re too old for Halloween, and missing the egg fights everyone had in junior high. David leaves the party and runs into Scott, who’s waiting for his egg-fight combatants. David tells him the guys were at the party. A police car drives by and the guys jump into the bushes.

Brandon gives scaring trick-or-treaters another shot, embarrassing himself in front of Emily, who’s taking her twin niece and nephew around. Emily meets the Walshes, who lets one of the kids use the bathroom. Brandon tries to convince Emily that twins are awesome. Back at the party, Kelly tells off a guy who wants to take her for a drive, which makes Brenda feel better about her. They scope out potential hook-ups for Kelly, who spots a handsome cowboy and decides to get to know him.

Emily invites Brandon to go trick-or-treating with her and the kids. Kelly chats with the cowboy as Brandon tells Emily that kids come from all over to trick-or-treat in Beverly Hills because the people there do it up right. Brandon misses seeing leaves on the ground on Halloween. Emily, who’s from New England, feels the same way. They’re so caught up in their conversation that they lose the kids. The police arrive and tell Brandon and Emily to search the area while they…I don’t know, go get coffee?

Kelly dances with the cowboy as Steve asks Donna why she keeps dressing weird, like she did at the prom. He tells her she can be herself every once in a while. She doesn’t think anyone would want to see that, but Steve assures her that he and most other guys would. David decides to stay in the bushes with Scott, who still thinks the egg fight is on. Brandon and Emily go to the Walshes’, where the kids have turned up. Apparently the teens told them that if they got lost, they should go back to the last place they remembered.

By 11, the egg fight still hasn’t happened. David tells Scott that times have changed and kids don’t have fun the way they used to. They decide to egg a car, “for old time’s sake.” Scott almost eggs Brandon’s car, but David stops him. Emily complains that no one in Beverly Hills has any fun; there hasn’t even been an egg fight. As they drive off, Scott and David throw eggs at the car. Donna realizes another problem with her mermaid costume: She can’t use the bathroom. She has to get Brenda to help her out of it.

The cowboy puts up a red flag by being controlling, then takes Kelly up to a bedroom. He asks if she’s looking for a boyfriend, and she says she’s just having fun for Halloween. The cowboy asks if she likes to play make-believe, then locks them in the room. Kelly tells him she’s not going to sleep with him, though he notes she seems dressed for it. He apologizes, saying he even scared himself. Kelly agrees to forget that anything happened. The cowboy says he respects her, then asks for a make-up kiss. She says no, so he throws her on the bed and tries to rape her.

Brenda and Donna wander in and accidentally interrupt. Kelly tells them what the cowboy did, as he tries to convince them that she misunderstood the situation. Brenda yells for Dylan as the cowboy says that Kelly wanted it. Steve arrives with Dylan and gets furious with the cowboy, saying he loves Kelly. Dylan and Steve throw the cowboy out as he tries to get them on his side, saying they know how girls are.

Kelly chastises herself for dressing sexily, and though Brenda says that she tried to warn her about her costume, she said no, so the cowboy was at fault. Kelly says she said no too late, and it might as well have been yes. She was leading him on. Donna replies that the cowboy should have taken a cold shower if that was the case. Dylan says that no matter how sexy a girl is, the guy always has a choice to not make a girl do something she doesn’t want to do. Kelly says she didn’t make the choice very easy. Dylan reminds her that she did, since she said no. Donna wonders what might have happened if she and Brenda hadn’t arrived when they did.

After dropping off the kids, Brandon takes Emily to the Peach Pit and she thanks him for helping her with the kids. He notes that she wouldn’t have lost the kids if he hadn’t been there. Emily admits that she took the kids to his house on purpose. She asks if he wants to go to the party, saying they can go as other people going as them. Then they make out. Kelly thanks Steve for helping her out, and he tells her he meant what he said. Brandon and Emily show up, but the rest of the gang is ready to go to the Peach Pit. Dylan jokes that he wants to go by the bank first.

Thoughts: I love that this episode came up in the rotation right before Halloween. It was a complete coincidence.

Donna’s baseball shirt is really cute and I want it.

Brenda and Donna should have gone back to their flapper outfits from “Anaconda.” Those were awesome.

I’m not proud of this, but Dylan as Clyde is totally hot.

I love how on TV, everyone has expensive-looking Halloween costumes, including the teenagers.

Niece or nephew, about their ghost costumes, made by Emily: “She cut holes in a sheet!” Brandon: “Wow. Wasn’t that creative of her?” Hee hee hee.

If this had been the Buffy Halloween episode where everyone turned into their costumes, the guy dressed as Edward Scissorhands would have a huge advantage.


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