October 30, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.18, Neverland: Loyal to a Fault

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This look says, "I am turned on." Or possibly, "Pacey has a nice butt"

Summary: Pacey and Joey are still making out by the side of the road. When they stop, she pushes him away and yells at him for taking advantage of her friendship. He says it was just an impulse. Joey says that impulse will have huge repercussions, and he knows why: Dawson. She accuses Pacey of having a “hormonal meltdown.” He notes that she let him kiss her. Pacey sarcastically says the universe will now start falling apart and tries to get Joey to get back in the car. He pretends to take the kiss back, but she still won’t get in. Pacey threatens to drive alongside her while she walks home, which finally gets Joey in the car, though now she won’t talk to him.

At home, Joey tells Bessie about her weekend – she broke up with A.J. and then Pacey kissed her. Pacey tells Doug the story as well. Bessie asks Joey how she could let Pacey kiss her, and Joey admits that she let him, though she still blames him. At the same time, Pacey blames her, since Joey told him he knows her so well. Both teens tell their siblings that Dawson is an obstacle. Doug says Joey’s the bus from Speed, Dawson’s the bomb on board, and Pacey is Keanu Reeves.

Bessie encourages Joey to discuss the situation with someone who can help her, since she doesn’t know what Joey wants to hear. Doug tells Pacey to defuse the bomb and tell Dawson about Joey. He advises Pacey to take Dawson to a place that reminds him of their friendship. Dawson might be upset, but he should also respect Pacey for telling him. Pacey’s impressed with this advice, though he points out that Joey wasn’t happy after the kiss. Doug notes that she wouldn’t have had such a strong reaction if she didn’t like Pacey.

Jack tells Andie that Ethan’s coming to visit for the weekend. He claims they’re just friends, but Andie doesn’t think his big grin is the result of a simple friendship. Jack plans to keep the news from their father, since he’ll be out of town. Except he won’t be. Jack says he’s old enough to have a friend visit if he wants, but he’s obviously too chicken to tell Mr. McPhee. At school, Jen tells Henry that she knows his birthday is the next day, and she’s planned a special date for them. He tells her he already has plans with his family. Jen soon learns that he’s actually having a party and didn’t invite him.

At lunch, Joey avoids Dawson as he and Pacey lament the upcoming bulldozing of the woods they played in as kids. Pacey suggests a camping trip as a last hurrah. Jen tells Joey and Andie about Henry’s behavior, saying she shouldn’t be surprised considering her romantic experiences in the past. Andie says that other girls don’t have the problems they do because they actually spend time together. She invites Jen and Joey to a girls’ night out, pointing out that the two of them only hang out with guys. They reluctantly give in.

Ethan arrives at the McPhees’ the same time Mr. McPhee does. Mr. McPhee tells Jack to send Ethan home, chastising him for not asking permission to have him stay over. Jack thinks he’s being homophobic. He says he moved back home because he thought he would be allowed to live his life the way he wants, adding that he only came home for Andie. Jack declares that Ethan’s staying no matter what. Pacey takes Buzz home after some more work on his boat, telling him about his camping trip with Dawson. Buzz wants to come, too, but Pacey says that will have to wait until another time.

Andie tries to get Jen and Joey pumped up about facials and pedicures. You can imagine how well that goes over. Jen offers to listen if Joey wants to talk, leading Joey to figure out that she knows what’s going on. She wonders how Pacey’s supposed impulse became public knowledge. Mr. McPhee tries to hang out with Jack and Ethan while they play chess, but Jack makes him leave. Ethan assures Jack that he’s not scared off since he already dealt with his father when he came out.

Dawson and Pacey head out for their camping trip, finding their childhood fort, which Dawson sees as smaller than he remembered it. It makes him a little existential. Pacey says he has something to talk about, but before he can bring it up, Buzz and some of his friends arrive. The girls give themselves their pedicures and facials, talking about how simple things were when they were kids. Joey complains about boys, and Jen says the worst thing is when guys pretend they don’t have feelings for you. Joey changes the subject by suggesting a trip to the roller rink.

Ethan invites Mr. McPhee to dinner with him and Jack as Pacey gets permission from the kids’ parents to let them camp out. Dawson tries to tell the kids a story, but all his stories are based on Spielberg movies and the kids all know them. They want one of Dawson’s own stories. Dawson tells them about a guy named Max who lived in the fort and hates everyone, especially nine-year-olds. The girls get glammed up and skate, still talking about boys. Jen realizes that Henry’s birthday party is at the rink and crashes it.

Mr. McPhee and Ethan hit it off at dinner, but Jack is still mopey. As the kids sleep, Pacey finds a box he and Dawson buried as kids. It contains ticket stubs, Doug’s pocketknife, a picture of Dawson and Joey, and a loyalty oath the guys wrote when they became blood brothers. Jen and Henry skate and she promises that she didn’t crash his party on purpose. He says he’s embarrassed, but she notes that she’s the one who should be embarrassed, considering her clothes. Henry tells her he hates how childish the party is; he told his parents this was the last time he’d be doing it. Jen tells him she likes his innocence and he doesn’t have to hide his true self from her.

Jack, Ethan, and Mr. McPhee go see some classic cars, but Jack has had it. He yells at Ethan for making him hang out with someone who hates him. Mr. McPhee decides to go home and give them some time alone. But first he tells Jack that he canceled his business trip that weekend to spend time with him. Dawson tells Pacey that the only thing in his life that hasn’t gone bad is his friendships with him and Joey. Pacey’s always been loyal, and Joey is still his conscience, inspiration, and soulmate. Pacey says he’s only loyal because Dawson, as a storyteller, puts him in that role.

Ethan wants to talk to Jack about what happened that night, but Jack wants to keep sulking. He feels like Mr. McPhee made himself look like the victim and Jack the villain. Ethan says they’re both victims, and nothing will get better unless Jack stops being so angry. Jack blames his father for making him that mad. Mr. McPhee spent a year being cold, then canceled his trip to throw it in Jack’s face, and now he thinks things will magically work out. Ethan predicts that Jack and his father will lose another year together, then even more.

While Andie gets ready for bed, Joey tells Jen that Pacey kissed her. She claims the kiss came out of nowhere, but Jen says she’s not surprised, so that can’t be true. She asks why Joey’s so upset and confused if the kiss was really nothing. Jack asks his father why he’s all of a sudden trying to reach out. Mr. McPhee has a co-worker with a son who keeps screwing up, and it finally hit him that his own son is a good kid and he doesn’t know him. Now he wants to get to know Jack better. Mr. McPhee notes that someone had to make the first move, and Jack replies that he didn’t think it would be him.

In the morning, Pacey takes Buzz to a convenience store, where they run into Joey. He apologizes for the kiss, saying the impulse is now out of his body. She tells him she overreacted over something that obviously meant nothing. They agree that they’re still just friends. After they leave, Buzz asks Pacey if Joey’s the girl he’s in love with. He says no. Joey watches them go, and she totally doesn’t want to just be friends.

Thoughts: Henry, you really thought you could throw a big party without Jen finding out? Also, if you were embarrassed by the childishness of the party, why invite your fellow jocks?

I can’t believe Dawson didn’t have Pacey run out and scare the kids during his story. Why else would you tell a scary story to a bunch of kids?

Why is Ethan on this show? He’s annoying and doesn’t add anything that, say, Andie couldn’t.

If Joey didn’t like Pacey before, I’m sure seeing him with a kid helped tip the scales in his favor.


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