November 6, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.19, Stolen Kisses: Daydream Believer

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Summary: It’s spring break, and Dawson and Joey are continuing their ritual of visiting his aunt, this time with their friends. Joey hopes to also continue their tradition of doing karaoke. Some guy named Will who used to live in Capeside is there to visit, and Pacey’s invited him along. Andie arrives and announces that Jack is staying behind to spend quality time with Mr. McPhee. Joey pulls Pacey aside and mentions that he hadn’t planned to come along. Pacey claims he’s just going so Will won’t having a boring vacation.

Jen apparently hasn’t been invited along, and she’s working as a hostess at Mitch and Gail’s restaurant, alongside Henry. A waitress named Shelley thinks he’s cute and has dirty thoughts about him. At a diner, Andie quizzes Will on his favorite things. Dawson and Joey tell the others about Dawson’s aunt Gwen, who’s an artsy free spirit. She left her husband for an older man, who has since died. Andie’s sad, but Will thinks it’s better to have a short time with someone you really love than a long time with someone you don’t really care about.

Mitch and Gail visit with an old friend named Megan, who tells them about her husband Tom’s death. Gail decides not to tell her that they’re not together anymore. Megan’s happy that they made their restaurant dream a reality. She gives them a copy of the toast her husband wrote for their wedding. The kids get to Gwen’s house and she mentions meeting Pacey before when he was a kid chasing after Joey. That evening, Joey and Pacey run into each other in their pajamas and agree not to discuss their recent behaviors. Then they have to share a bed, for some reason.

The next morning, Gwen tells Dawson and Joey that she needs their help with something, but the others can go exploring. Will and Pacey want to play pool, but Andie objects. Gail asks Mitch if he wants to discuss Tom’s death, but he doesn’t think there’s anything to say. He admits that he wishes they’d been in better touch. Gail gives him the toast and encourages him to read it, saying it was nice to see their relationship through Tom’s eyes. Mitch doesn’t want to revisit the past.

Jen catches Shelley flirting with Henry and punishes her with extra work. Henry accuses her of being jealous, which she tries to deny. Pacey, Andie, and Will play pool, and a guy in the pool hall challenges the guys to a game for money. Dawson, Joey, and Gwen shop somewhere, and Dawson tells Gwen that he took down all of his movie posters and isn’t interested in movies anymore. He and Joey tell Gwen about their failed relationship, mentioning Pacey. Gwen asks why they aren’t together now.

Andie blasts Pacey and Will for hustling the guy in the pool hall; she’s also mad that Will pretended to be bad at pool and made her think she was good. Later, they help Gwen out with a horse while Dawson asks Joey if he seems different to her. She says yes, because he no longer has to be the center of attention. Now he stands back and lets other people shine.

Dawson tells her that the visit to Gwen’s has reminded him of how good they are for each other. Joey notes that people change and relationships change with them. Dawson wants to have faith that they’ll find their way back to each other. Joey says she’s changed her mind: Dawson is still the same because he’s still an eternal optimist. Dawson admits that he’s starting to forget why they’re not together.

Joey admires one of Gwen’s paintings, learning that she painted a picture of her house before she lived there. She asks if Gwen has any regrets about her life. Gwen admits that she got married too young and stayed in a safe relationship. Then she met someone who made her feel alive and couldn’t ignore her feelings for him. She owed it to herself to explore something new. Gwen shows Joey a painting she did of her and Dawson as kids. Pacey accidentally interrupts while she’s looking at it.

Henry informs Jen that Shelley just told him she wants to have sex with him. He’s a little freaked out. Jen asks if he thinks Shelley’s attractive. Henry says no, but Jen snaps that he can go off and have a billion babies with her, but he’d better not call her jealous again. Andie and Will hang out and she asks why he’s so unhappy. He tells her about his father, who’s a jerk. Mitch questions his and Gail’s supposed friendship, noting that if they were such good friends, they’d still be married.

The kids do karaoke with Gwen, who makes Joey and Dawson sing “Daydream Believer.” Pacey can’t take it and walks out. Jen catches Henry and Shelley getting flirtatious again and finally tells Shelley that she and Henry are dating. She didn’t say anything before because she has issues (no kidding). Jen manages to embarrass herself in front of the whole restaurant, then admits to Henry that she’s jealous (again, no kidding).

Joey finds Pacey moping alone outside, and he tells her he can’t compete with her history with Dawson. She tells him there isn’t supposed to be a competition, and she and Pacey have their own history. Pacey admits that he’s hated the whole uncomfortable trip. He only came along to be with Joey. He doesn’t think she feels anything for him, but she admits that his touch makes her feel alive. Pacey announces that he’s going to kiss her, and her protests just make him want to kiss her more. He invites her to stop him, but she doesn’t, so he proceeds. They make out for a few moments, but Gwen interrupts.

Pacey goes back inside while Gwen remarks that she now understands why Joey and Dawson aren’t together. She encourages Joey to tell Dawson what’s going on. She warns Joey not to be reckless with his feelings, noting that he could have been the one to see the kiss. Inside, Pacey and Andie discuss Will, and he asks if she likes him. She says they need to stop worrying about each other and she wants him to move on.

Henry finds Jen crying in a storage room and expecting him to be mad. She admits to being scared because she let down her guard with him and could lose him. Henry assures her that she has nothing to worry about. He also says he can die happy because his biggest dream came true: seeing her in lingerie.

Gail and Mitch watch a tape of Tom giving their wedding toast, and Mitch says that he had to let Gail go. Remembering what they used to have is painful for him. Gail tells him that after talking to Megan, their own problems seemed much smaller. They dance, as do their former selves on the tape.

Dawson’s also reminiscing, looking at pictures of himself and Joey as kids. Joey tries to talk to him, but Gwen interrupts. She gives Dawson the painting of him and Joey, calling him a daydream believer and telling him his dreams are an asset, not a weakness. Before Gwen dies, she wants to know that she did one thing: loving someone. She tells Dawson to decide what his one thing is.

Joey and Pacey meet up outside again, and she says she tried to tell Dawson about them but couldn’t find the words. He asks what she would have said, not believing her when she says she doesn’t know. He says she doesn’t have the answers because she’s too scared to ask herself the right questions. How he feels isn’t important; what matters is how she feels. Joey says she feels awful.

Pacey tells Joey that he feels awful as well, because he can’t get rid of the feelings he has for her. He can’t initiate the next kiss and he can’t keep giving Joey the answers. “If you felt even one shred of what I feel for you, then we wouldn’t be standing here having this conversation,” he says. And then they stop talking and start kissing.

Thoughts: Shelley is played by Sarah Lancaster (now on Chuck) and Gwen is played by Julie Bowen (Modern Family), which means two of the guest stars have better careers than most of the main cast.

This was the episode that started a short arc establishing Will so he could be spun off into another series, Young Americans. Which makes no sense, because a spin-off without a character already from a series isn’t exactly a spin-off. It’s just…a series.

Gwen invited five teenagers to her house and doesn’t have beds for all of them? What’s up with that?

Andie would not wear that knit cap. She’s a little white girl from New England.

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