November 12, 2011

BH90210 2.15, U4EA: “I’d Like to Exchange an Egg”

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Hee, I love shirtless Brandon standing on the car in the background

Summary: Emily has given Brandon the high school equivalent of a drawer in her dresser: a shelf in her locker. Brenda, Kelly, and Donna are out of ideas for what to do over the weekend. Brandon is, too, but Emily has plans and invites the others along. She knows about a really cool underground club that changes locations every week. You go to an address, hand over an egg, and get the location of the club. Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, and Donna are up for trying it out.

Andrea’s harder to convince. Steve is jealous that he doesn’t already know about the club. Andrea wonders why there’s so much secrecy, and Emily tells her it’s because cops like to bust up places like the club. She asks if Andrea’s scared, and Andrea says she’ll come along and write about it for the school paper. Brenda tries to figure out what she’ll tell her mother about her plans for the evening. Kelly plans to tell her mom the truth.

At home, Brandon suggests that he and Brenda tell their parents they’re studying. She notes that it’s Friday and they’re not dressed for studying. He comes up with other ideas and she makes him get the details down. Over at the Taylors’, Kelly tells Jackie exactly where she’s going. Jackie saw a news story about underground clubs, which are illegal and in bad neighborhoods. She tells Kelly she can’t go. Kelly thinks she should get a pass because she told the truth. She also laments the time when Jackie was too drunk to care what she did.

The twins tell Jim and Cindy they’re going out; the elder Walshes don’t pay attention, just making sure they’ll be together. Jackie goes to see Mel, thinking she’s leaving Kelly to study on a Friday night. Of course, Kelly’s just going to sneak out. Brandon and Brenda go to the Peach Pit to meet up with their friends, and Brenda admits that she’s nervous. She feels like everyone’s going to the club because Emily told them to. Brandon guesses that Brenda doesn’t like his girlfriend. Everyone meets up (minus Steve and Andrea), and Kelly complains about Donna bringing David along.

The gang heads to a convenience store, where Emily hands over an egg and $10. In exchange, she gets a map. Donna, Kelly, and David take the opportunity to buy some other stuff, including a bottle of whiskey that David jokingly asks for. The gang heads to the club, where Dylan warns Brenda that there will be drugs inside and assures her that he’ll be okay. Kelly continues to be mean to David, who starts drinking his little bottle of whiskey. Brenda admits to Dylan that something about Emily rubs her the wrong way. (You and me both, girl.)

Steve and Andrea show up at the Peach Pit, having been held up by her talkative grandmother (and her cooking). Emily has left them an egg and a map, which Andrea accidentally spills coffee on. Brandon tells Emily he’ll do anything she wants other than dance. He points out a guy who’s not dancing and notes that he’s pretty popular. Emily informs him that the guy is selling a drug called U4EA. Kelly complains about being single with a bunch of couples, so Brenda tries to get her interested in some guys in the club. The only one Kelly likes is the drug dealer.

Andrea and Steve bicker on their way to the convenience store, lost because she’s unable to read Emily’s map. When they find what they think is the right store, the woman working there doesn’t understand why they want to exchange an egg. Emily buys some U4EA, proving that she doesn’t know Brandon very well if she thinks he’s going to take it. By this point, David’s drunk off of half a bottle of whiskey and tells Brandon that Donna likes him (David, not Brandon). Over at the bar, Emily gets drinks and puts U4EA in them.

The drug kicks in and Emily tells Brandon what she did. He’s not happy and she’s not remorseful. Steve and Andrea are still lost, and she’s complaining about Emily. David now thinks Donna doesn’t like him, saying that Brenda does. Brenda’s more concerned about the fact that she and Brandon only have 45 minutes left before their curfew. She and Kelly see Brandon dancing with Emily and note that someone finally got Brandon to loosen up. Emily tells Brandon that the first rush from U4EA is the best, and he notes that she told him she’d never done it before.

Steve wants to try the egg exchange again, but Andrea’s ready to give up. He thinks she just doesn’t want to have to see Brandon and Emily together. He tells her to stop apologizing for who she is and “get in the game.” Andrea spots someone going into a store with an egg, so they’ve found the right place. Brenda and Kelly come across some drug paraphernalia and decide it’s time to finally get the heck out. Dylan won’t leave without Brandon, so he sends the girls outside with Donna and David while he looks for him.

Brandon and Emily are already outside, making out on Brandon’s car. David throws up a bunch (thanks for the sound effects, guys) as Kelly freaks out about not getting back before her mother. She heads off with Donna and David while Dylan and Brenda stay behind to deal with Brandon and Emily, who Dylan quickly guesses are on something. Brenda takes Brandon’s keys, but he doesn’t want to leave. Dylan gives Brandon some money for a cab, telling Brenda they can’t do anything right now because Brandon doesn’t care.

Kelly complains more about Donna bringing David to the club as she rushes to beat Jackie home. She fails. Steve and Andrea finally reach the club…just as the police do. They find Brandon and Emily (still on the car), and Emily realizes the club is being busted. Steve is at least smart enough to make her get rid of the rest of the U4EA.

Brandon stumbles into the house early the next morning to find Brenda waiting up for him. She chastises him for violating their parents’ trust. At first she doesn’t believe that he didn’t take the drugs voluntarily. Brandon tells her about what it’s like to be on drugs, and how nothing makes sense now. Brenda says that her biggest fear was that he’d changed. He assures her that he’s still his “same old boring self.”

Brandon has to work in an hour, and his car is still at the club, so he has Brenda call Dylan to take him to pick it up. The car is basically still there, but it’s been stripped and defaced. Brandon laments that Emily gave him the U4EA because she thought it would bring them closer together, but it actually tore them apart. Dylan asks what he plans to tell Jim about his car. Brandon decides he’ll have to tell the truth. He does so, leaving out the part about Emily being the one who drugged him.

Speak of the devil, Emily shows up and rats Brenda out for leaving Brandon at the club. She follows him up to his bedroom and tries to make out with him. He blasts her for drugging him, saying he can never trust her again. He adds that all she got from him was a chemical reaction. Emily offers to pay for the car damages, but Brandon tells her they’re done. She asks why she isn’t allowed to make a mistake. He reminds her that he said he didn’t want to do drugs. Emily says he said he’d never had such intense feelings for a girl. Brandon replies that he must have been on drugs.

Andrea visits Brandon at the Peach Pit and he apologizes for the way he acted the night before. He asks what he’s supposed to do now that he knows Emily isn’t who he thought she was. For no apparent reason, Andrea does the drug PSA “this is your brain on drugs” thing.

Thoughts: Wow. Emily is just…wow. Drugging your boyfriend? Psycho. PSYCHO. And the fact that she felt no remorse leads me to believe she’s a psychopath.

The lesson of this episode isn’t so much that drugs are bad, but that your girlfriend is insane.

Is there a painting of Brenda in Kelly’s bedroom? Freaky.

Dear Kelly, I love you, but you’re really annoying in this episode. Shut up about David already.

From now on, eggs are just going to make me laugh.

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