November 17, 2011

BH90210 2.16, My Desperate Valentine: Drive Me Crazy

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I don't like Christmas directions before December either

Summary: Emily tries to make nice with Brandon at his locker, but mistakes someone else for him. It turns out he changed lockers to avoid her because of the events of U4EA. He admits to Andrea that he’s not an “in-your-face type of guy.” (Um, I disagree.) David makes an announcement reminding everyone about a float-decorating competition. Kelly isn’t excited about it, but Andrea thinks they have a chance of winning. Brandon continues to try to avoid Emily, but it doesn’t work since they’re both working on the paper.

Someone keeps writing to the newspaper complaining about the rich kids at West Beverly and sort of threatening to slash some tires. Emily confronts Brandon about moving his locker, and he says he wanted one closer to the newspaper office. He leaves and she follows him, asking him to hang out that night. Brandon blows her off, making it clear that he’ll blow off any suggestions she makes to spend time together. At the Walshes’, Brenda and Dylan make out, but she thinks they need to find something new to do – something cultural.

Someone who I’m sure is totally not Emily keeps calling Brandon but not saying anything. Steve invites him to hang out at the Peach Pit. Hilariously, Nat won’t bring Brandon hot sauce because he knows where it is. Steve encourages Brandon to be firm with Emily and make her see that they’re over. Speak of the devil, she shows up and Steve leaves her and Brandon alone. She thinks it’s kismet that she was thinking about him and ran into him. Brandon tells her they’re really, really done. Emily turns apologetic and begs for a second chance, but he won’t be more than friends.

Brandon walks Emily to her motorcycle and they see that her tire has been slashed. She guesses it’s the work of the person who keeps writing letters to the paper. She’s really upset (seemingly), so Brandon comforts her. He also takes her home and lets her spend the night in Brenda’s room (her parents are out of town). Brenda has little to no sympathy. Brandon asks her not to tell anyone that Emily drugged him; he doesn’t want her to become an outcast because she’s not really a bad person.

In the middle of the night, Emily crawls into Brandon’s bed and starts making out with him. He tries to kick her out, telling her that even if they slept together, he would still break up with her in the morning. He adds that he has to be in love to have sex with someone. Emily reminds him that she loves him before leaving. In the morning, Cindy assures Emily’s parents that she’s okay; apparently they got home early, according to Emily.

The gang gets together to build a float at the Walshes’, and David tapes the process because some groups have been accused of having professionals build their floats. Emily shows up wearing Brandon’s favorite shirt, but Brandon doesn’t say anything. Emily tells Andrea that she spent the night and didn’t have anything to wear. She all but says that they slept together. Brandon complains to Dylan that Emily won’t leave him alone or take a hint. He’s not willing to be brutal to her. Dylan guesses that Brandon’s afraid of what will happen to Emily if he dumps her, but he’s more worried about Brandon.

Emily accuses Brandon of avoiding her, and he counters by mentioning the shirt. He asks if she’s trying to be funny or trying to drive him crazy. (Oh, Brandon, don’t say that word to her.) Brenda and Dylan head off to hear a performance by a string quartet, which they find romantic. So romantic that they need to get a room. At school, Emily apologizes to Brandon for her weird behavior, saying she’s ready to deal with what happens between them. The letter writer sends in another missive, this one threatening a fire. Brandon thinks it’s time to go to the police.

Jim gets one of Brandon’s hang-up calls and sees that there are 16 messages on the answering machine. They’re all from Emily. Jim answers another hang-up call and says Emily’s name, though Cindy says they can’t know for sure she’s the caller. She reminds Brenda, who’s on Jim’s side, that breakups are hard. Brenda’s concerned that Emily will go all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Brandon solves the problem by taking the phone off the hook, but Brenda knows that won’t stick. She points out that he doesn’t know much about Emily, so he doesn’t know what she’s capable of.

Emily gets Brandon’s shirt and has it delivered along with a cake. Brenda wonders if the cake has U4EA in it. Emily brings an old typewriter to school, telling Andrea she’s donating it to the paper. She means it to be a parting gift as she’s quitting the paper. Andrea invites her to be in the photo they’ll have taken when they finish their float, since she helped build it. Brenda tells Kelly and Donna about her and Dylan’s latest cultural outing, then complains about Emily. Kelly doesn’t think she’s too crazy since she acted the same way with a guy in middle school.

The gang finishes their float, and Emily arrives for the picture. Brandon complains to Andrea, but she says she couldn’t leave her out. As David sets the timer for the photo, Emily tries to give Brandon a hickey and he finally snaps. He confronts her for everything she’s done, saying he tried to be nice but she couldn’t take a hint. Emily says she loves him, reminding him that she chose him over all the guys in Beverly Hills who hit on her. She wanted her first time to be with him. When she first came to town, everyone thought she was a slut, and Brandon has made her feel like one.

Steve goes to the Walshes’ for dinner and discusses the Emily situation with Jim and Cindy. Cindy feels bad for Emily because she’s young and overwhelmed by emotions, so she can’t be expected to act rationally. Emily keeps calling and hanging up, so Steve answers the phone pretending to be a pizza place. Cindy thinks they should call her parents. Andrea shows up with another letter and announces that all of the threats were written on Emily’s typewriter. She thinks Emily wanted her to figure out she was making the threats.

Emily calls again but Jim takes the phone off the hook. While Brenda and Dylan go to a violin concert, Andrea tells Brandon and Steve that she thinks Emily has a borderline personality disorder. (Apparently Andrea has done her research on this, or possibly just watched Fatal Attraction a few dozen times.) Jim asks Brandon for Emily’s address so he and Cindy can go speak to her parents. Emily brings a can of gasoline to the gang’s float, which she throws paint on and dismantles. She pours gas on everything and pulls out a lighter.

Dylan brings Brenda home and they see Emily at the float with the empty gas can and her lighter. Emily slams Brenda for turning everyone in the gang against her. Brenda tells her that she betrayed Brandon’s trust, and it’ll take time for her to fix that. She promises that eventually Brandon will forgive her, but for that to happen, Emily has to give him space. Emily apologizes and hands over the lighter.

Inside, Emily apologizes to Brandon for her behavior and for slipping him the U4EA. (Jim and Cindy are really excited to hear that.) Cindy asks if anything like this has ever happened to her before. Emily blames the move to Beverly Hills, which put a lot of pressure on her. She admits that she needs help. Later that night, after Brandon takes Emily home, he tells Brenda that according to Mrs. Valentine, Emily’s been seeing a psychiatrist on and off for years. He asks what she told Emily to make her calm down. Brenda says that she promised Emily she would always have two friends in Beverly Hills.

Thoughts: Really, Brandon? You’re not mad that Emily drugged you? You can’t be THAT nice.

The Walshes could turn a nice profit if they charged everyone who spent the night at their house.

I realize the girl isn’t playing with a full deck, but how does Emily figure Brandon makes her feel like a slut? She’s the one who told Andrea they slept together.

How did no one hear or see Emily destroying the float at the Walshes’? There were five people in the house.


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  1. Deja J said,

    Emily accused Brenda of turning everyone against her, and its like, yeah, you did drug her brother. That’s probably a big part of it Emily.

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