November 19, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.21, Show Me Love: I’m On a Boat (Which is a Thinly Veiled Metaphor for My Feelings for You)

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Seriously? You want the one on the right? What is wrong with you?? Also, it looks like Pacey's the killer from "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

Summary: Dawson studies Gwen’s painting of him and Joey while Joey looks at her wall and Pacey works on his boat. Henry comes to Jen’s house with a sign asking for forgiveness, but she won’t talk to him. In fact, at school, none of the friends will talk to each other. Later, Dawson finds Joey back at the wall and says they need to talk. He wants them to salvage their relationship, preferably by rebooting their Joey-climbs-through-the-window-and-they-watch-a-movie tradition. Joey would rather paint her wall.

Gail and Mitch have offered to sponsor Pacey in a regatta, partly so they can get publicity for their restaurant, but Mitch thinks that in light of recent events, it’s a bad idea. Dawson assures them that it’s fine and offers to take Pacey their banner. Pacey says that if Dawson wants him to drop out of the race, he’ll have to ask him directly. Pacey’s just glad that Dawson’s angry with the right person. Dawson blasts him for being a martyr.

Bessie and Joey have a food station at the regatta, which Joey doesn’t want to be part of. She’s surprised to see a Leery’s Fresh Fish flag on Pacey’s boat. Bessie tells her to let the guys work out their own problems. Jen, Jack, and Andie help Grams make wreathes for the regatta winners and are interrupted when Henry shows up again with his sign. Jen can’t believe that after she convinced Grams that Henry wasn’t a typical teenage boy, he proved her wrong. Grams encourages her to forgive him since he’s been punished enough.

Dawson asks Jack and Andie if he can borrow their father’s boat. Jack knows exactly what he’s trying to do and vetoes the idea. Dawson wants to show Joey how much he cares, and Andie’s on his side. Dawson tracks down Joey, who thanks him for what she sees as his peace with Pacey, since Mitch and Gail are still his sponsors. He tells her he wants to enter the race with the Potter B&B as his sponsor; he’s even paid the entry fee for them. Joey tries to protest, but it’s no use.

Later, Joey blasts Bessie for giving in to Dawson, telling her that he’s only entering the race to beat Pacey. Bessie’s fine with their competing on the B&B’s behalf. Joey laments that things were supposed to be okay, but Bessie isn’t surprised. She reminds her sister that actions have consequences, encouraging her to accept them and work on making things better.

Will shows up at the McPhees’ to tell Andie he’s gotten a scholarship. He’s worried about Pacey, seeing the situation as him and Joey just acting on their feelings for each other. Andie says that Pacey and Joey broke up their group of friends. She mentions Pacey’s refusal to forgive her infidelity, which destroyed their relationship. (Um, Andie? The cheating was what destroyed the relationship. Keep up.) Will says Andie’s making him pity her, and he knows she’s better than that.

Mitch gives Dawson and Jack some boating tips, offering to help his son during the race despite the restaurant’s sponsorship of Pacey. Joey runs into Pacey and apologizes for Dawson’s entry in the race. Pacey isn’t upset about that, but he is upset that they’re talking for the first time in two weeks and the topic of conversation is Dawson. He guesses that Joey wants him to drop out of the race. Pacey notes that either way, Dawson wins, because even if Pacey beats him, he’s really beating Joey. Joey encourages him to talk to Dawson, but Pacey doesn’t think it’ll make a difference.

Henry shows up at the Leerys’ restaurant with his sign, leading Gail to make Jen do something. She lets him take her to the roof, which he’s decorated romantically. He admits that he’s glad they haven’t had sex yet because he doesn’t want to be like all the other guys in Jen’s life. Henry promises to be the most original person she knows from now on. She tells him he already is.

Pacey tracks down Dawson and asks him what he’s trying to prove. Dawson claims he’s just trying to help Joey. Pacey notes that he’s dragging his family and friends into things, then asks if Dawson really thinks this is the way to prove himself. He thought Dawson would understand how he felt with Joey.

Dawson thinks Pacey is crazy for thinking that there’s actually something there, especially considering what Dawson and Joey have. Pacey counters that Dawson must be crazy for thinking his ultimatum with Joey would work. Pacey continues that Dawson and Joey’s history involves sleepovers and movies, nothing more. They keep pretending to be grown-up but drop each other as soon as trouble arises. Dawson’s mad that Pacey went after Joey, but Pacey notes that Dawson dropped her. Dawson accuses him of going after someone vulnerable to get sex.

Jen comes home the next morning, having spent the night on the roof with Henry. Grams is displeased. Jen’s surprised she’s not happy, since she urged them to get back together. Grams is worried that Jen is returning to her old lifestyle. Jen protests that she’s changed, and she’s angry that Grams can’t see it. Gail and Mitch talk about Mitch helping Dawson in the race; Gail thinks they should be teaching Dawson to fight with his words. Mitch says that sometimes conversations won’t cover it all. He’s obviously referring to their own relationship, but Gail remains silent on the subject.

The race begins, and apparently the show didn’t have money in the budget for extra boats, because it looks like Dawson and Pacey are the only people racing. It’s also the slowest race ever. Dawson aims his boat at the same spot Pacey is heading for, refusing to get out of his way. At the last minute, Pacey gives way, which allows Dawson to win. (Hey, do you get it? Do you?) Ultimately, Dawson winds up disqualified.

Both guys approach Joey, who announces that she’s not a trophy. Dawson yells at Pacey that he went after Joey even though Dawson still had feelings for her, and still has them. Joey replies that she hates both guys, as well as herself. She wishes she could go back, but she can’t. She tells them no one is worth all this trouble, especially not her.

Dawson goes after Joey, telling her he’s glad Pacey kissed her because it forced him to deal with the idea of losing her. Now he knows he can’t. Joey tells him to think about how he behaved today. Dawson knows he can’t compare to Pacey in terms of showing Joey how he feels. He’s trying to show her how much he wants her. Joey argues that he doesn’t want her, he just doesn’t want to lose her. Dawson replies that he wants her more than he ever has. She tells him that she doesn’t want a suitor, just a friend. And apparently she doesn’t want it to be him.

Pacey takes Will to the train station, since his pointless arc is over. Will advises him not to give up on true love: “It always wins in the end.” Grams brings Jen a dress she used to wear and talks about how she knows Jen has matured and grown since she first came to Capeside. She finally believes that she deserves to be loved. Grams remembers what it’s like to not think you can wait to have sex, but she wants Jen to keep in mind all the responsibilities that come along with it. Jen assures her that she and Henry haven’t done anything yet.

Gale closes down the restaurant so she and Mitch can have dinner together. He notes that it’s an important weekend for customers, but she thinks he’s more important. Then they make out. Pacey finds Joey at her wall with a can of paint, wondering if she was hoping he was Dawson. He asks if she wants to keep the wall after the lease is up. Pacey’s surprised that Dawson’s behavior earlier in the day didn’t make Joey love him less. Instead, she seems to love him even more.

Pacey asks if Joey could ever love him like a soulmate if Dawson weren’t in the picture. Joey won’t choose. As he leaves, Pacey says he’ll renew the lease on the wall first thing in the morning. He adds that he understands what Joey’s going through and promises not to give her any ultimatums. Then he goes to the dock, takes the True Love sign off his boat, and throws it in the water. Andie fishes the sign out and assures Pacey she doesn’t hate him, despite her feelings of hurt and betrayal. He appreciates this. She tells him that “hate” is a strong word, as is “love.”

Joey goes through Dawson’s window with a copy of E.T. She thinks it’s time to see it again. Dawson reminds her that she thinks E.T. is depressing, but Joey wants to watch a movie with an ending she knows well. Dawson thinks it’s because she likes how E.T. promises that he’s always right there. They lie down on the bed, but Joey’s mind is obviously elsewhere.

Thoughts: I just don’t get why anyone would choose Dawson over Pacey. In what universe is Dawson a prize? And keep in mind his ultimatum. What kind of a jerk does that?

Did Bessie just happen to have a banner lying around in case someone wanted her sponsorship? Yes, these are the things I think about. It’s that or the qualities that would lead one to want a relationship with Dawson, and thinking about things like banners lets me hold on to my sanity.

Pacey, are you waring camouflage pants with a shirt with fish on it? Dude, you need a girlfriend if only to have someone dress you.

Grams, you rock and all, but trust me, no teenager wants to hear her grandmother talk about sex.



  1. Rose said,

    I’ll admit the first time I watched this when it first aired I was a Dawson fan. I don’t really remember why. Reading your recaps I’m rooting for Pacey. Still, knowing how the show ends I don’t think either of them are a good match for Joey. Plus she’s not a a great prize either. So codependent these friends.

    • Jenn said,

      Good point: Why does everyone want to be with Joey? She has some good qualities, but Jen does, too, and guys aren’t throwing themselves at her as much as they are at Joey.

      • Rose said,

        Exactly. I always felt bad for Jen who’s awesome and get’s screwed over in the end. Besides the first season, I was never much of a Joey fan.

      • Cherie said,

        AMEN. Joey is the worst. To my mind, she’s pretty much always been at least as unlikeable as Dawson. I definitely liked Jen better, and found her to be more sympathetic and believable.

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