November 19, 2011

SVH #105, A Date with a Werewolf: Jessica is Team Jacob

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Button your shirt, David. No one cares enough about you to want to see your chest

Summary: At the end of Love and Death in London, Elizabeth found someone blonde dead in Jessica’s bed. Of course, it’s not Jessica. It’s a woman named Joy, who was engaged to Andrew Thatcher, London’s chief of police. And yes, it looks like she was killed by the same person (or creature) who killed the doctor and nurse in the previous book.

Everyone claims not to have seen anything suspicious around the house, but Nancy Drew Elizabeth thinks the servants are hiding something. She also finds some green threads and fur that the police managed to overlook in the door jamb. (Apparently police in the English countryside suck.) So now Elizabeth and Luke think Joy was killed by a werewolf.

Elizabeth is also suspicious because the newspaper she and Jessica are working for doesn’t publish anything about the murders. She thinks Robert Jr. is the killer, and of course Jessica is furious with her for it. Eliana/Lina tells Elizabeth that there was some scandal in the Pembroke family 20 years ago, so Elizabeth wants to investigate. She poses as Jessica so she can talk to Lady Pembroke, but instead of learning anything, she just ticks off her sister’s new boyfriend’s mom. She also ticks off Jessica, who figures out the twin switch and thinks Liz is trying to ruin her new relationship.

Back to Pembroke Manor Elizabeth goes, this time to talk to Lord Pembroke. Only she picks a bad time to arrive, as Maria, the suspicious maid, has been murdered. Possibly by a werewolf. Elizabeth takes advantage of the chaos to snoop, and she finds a green robe with a rip in it in Robert’s room. She also finds a secret room Lord Pembroke has devoted to his werewolf scholarly pursuits. There’s some reference in a book to someone named Annabelle, but Elizabeth has no idea who that is.

While hiding in the secret room, Liz overhears a conversation between Lord Pembroke and Thatcher about the murders, in which Thatcher demands that Lord Pembroke turn over any evidence he has about the murders. Lord Pembroke wants until 10 that night, and Thatcher allows this, since they’re friends, and also, THE POLICE IN ENGLAND SUCK. Elizabeth is more convinced than ever that Robert is the killer, which is bad news for Jessica, who’s with him right now.

Robert Sr. calls his son to tell him the police are going to think the evidence points to him as the murderer, and tells him to get out of London. Robert listens, but this means ditching Jessica. So Jessica does what she does best in a crisis: She goes shopping. On the way home, she’s attacked by something big and hairy. Now Elizabeth thinks she’s right again.

While all of this is going on, Eliana has been dating David, another boarder at the twins’ hostel, and feels bad about not telling him that she’s the missing princess. She’s considering telling him when the newspaper publishes a story reporting that she was the dead woman found at Pembroke Manor. David sees Eliana’s picture in the paper while she’s standing right there and puts 2 and 2 together. Eliana thinks she’s lost him, but he doesn’t care who she really is.

Elizabeth learns of all of this and takes advantage of it to get her first page 1 byline (yeah, right) by “breaking” the news that Lina is Eliana. She gets a press conference called (yeah, RIGHT) so her reporter buddy can announce that Eliana’s alive and has been posing as a poor girl from Liverpool so she can work with other poor people. Eliana announces that she’s going to use her position as royalty to help the underprivileged. She also has David “turn her in” so he can collect the million-pound reward and use the money to open a clinic for poor people. (Which, admittedly, is pretty cool.)

The press conference was advertised as a place for Thatcher to make an announcement, which he does: The police have issued a warrant for Robert’s arrest, since they think he’s a serial killer. Jessica’s sure he isn’t, and she looooooves him, so she vows to clear his name. Good luck, Jess, since you don’t know where he is. Or anything that’s going on. And all the evidence points to him. But remember, the police in England are horrible at their jobs, to the point where a 16-year-old girl has outsmarted them, so you probably have a good shot here.

In other news, Portia sends her father tickets to her play, and he’s happy she’s a good actress, so they’re all good now. I know everyone was wondering about how that would turn out.

Thoughts: Elizabeth writes herself a note about keeping an eye on Lord Pembroke. Does she really need to remind herself to do that?

Also, when Pembroke sees her writing notes, he tells her not to bother trying to make a story about Joy’s death for the paper because people in London won’t care about someone’s death in the country. Yeah, I’m sure they won’t care that the chief of police’s fiancée was brutally murdered in a lord’s house. Who would be interested in something so boring?

Elizabeth: “A good journalist never reveals her sources.” Yeah, and then she gets fired and/or goes to jail. Like Elizabeth would know anything about being a good journalist anyway.

Jessica shops at Harrods using a credit card Ned and Alice gave the twins for emergencies. Wow, Ned and Alice, that was really stupid of you. Even more so than usual.


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