November 20, 2011

BH90210 2.17, Chuckie’s Back: The Two Sons of Samantha Sanders

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Wait, Steve is the best-dressed person in a scene? You're kidding, right?

Summary: The students at West Beverly are taking finals and getting ready for the upcoming winter formal. Kelly and Brenda tease Donna about how close she and David are getting, though Donna insists they’re just friends. David ruins this by playing Ritchie Valens’ “Donna” on the radio. Brandon tells Steve he’s not going to the dance since he doesn’t have a date and hates dancing. Steve confides that he’s thinking of giving Kelly a second chance, as if she’s earned the privilege. But when he asks her, she tells him she’s going with Chuckie Wilson. Steve takes this personally.

After his history final, Steve complains to Brandon about Chuckie, who was a child actor on Steve’s mom’s TV show. Apparently he’s as rebellious in real life as his character was mischievous. He would bully Steve as a child, but Steve would get in trouble. Everyone gave Chuck what he wanted so he would do his scenes. Brandon notes that Chuckie has probably changed in the past decade. Steve replies that when Chuckie first came to West Beverly, he warned Steve, “Chuckie’s back.” He adds that the show, Hartley House, might do a reunion.

Samantha arrives and confirms the possibility of the reunion, saying it’s only on if Chuckie agrees to it. Chuckie is coming to dinner, and Samantha wants Steve to be on his best behavior. When Chuckie arrives, he taunts Steve about going out with Kelly. Kelly’s over at the Walshes’, and everyone’s talking about Chuckie and Hartley House. Kelly’s known Chuckie and Steve since they were kids, and she doesn’t think their rivalry means she has to choose between them.

After dinner, Samantha blasts Steve for being rude throughout dinner. Steve is mad that she’s on Chuckie’s side once again. She reminds him that the reunion will only work out if Chuckie agrees to it. She adds that she worked to support the family since she was a single mother. Steve says she loved being the star of a TV show. His mother tells him that the reunion will bring in a lot of money, which will pay for college for him, since they can’t rely on Steve’s father to take care of that. Samantha thinks Steve was always the mature one (I bet) and encourages him to be nice to Chuckie.

At school, a newspaper staffer named John encourages Andrea to do a story on the Hartley House reunion and Chuckie’s troublesome past. He thinks they should write about “the two sons of Samantha Sanders.” Brandon is worried that John will dig up dirt on Steve and asks to do the story himself. Andrea reminds him to be objective. Brandon approaches Chuckie, who treats the interview like a real press interview. He also claims that he and Steve were like brothers.

Steve interrupts the interview to apologize to Chuckie for his behavior at dinner, making it clear that he’s only doing so because Samantha told him to. Chuckie tells him he’s a jerk because he’s insecure, as many adopted kids are. Steve is furious that Samantha told him and hits Chuckie. Chuckie threatens not to do the reunion if Steve doesn’t take the whole blame for the fight. Steve gives in and could get suspended, which means missing finals and failing the semester. Brandon notes that he has the fight on tape and could clear Steve, but Steve isn’t interested.

At home, Steve wants to talk to Samantha, but she’s still trying to get Chuckie on board for the reunion. He admits that he got suspended for hitting Chuckie. Samantha blames him for Chuckie’s hesitance, saying she was counting on Steve to help her out. Steve assures her that Chuckie will do the show. At school, Donna wistfully hopes that someday two guys will fight over her. Kelly and Brenda wonder if she wants one of them to be David.

John loves how the fight could fit into the newspaper story, telling Andrea that kids will want to read about it. Brandon refuses to tell what really happened, saying the public doesn’t have a right to know. John notes that he’ll never be able to succeed on a college paper if he thinks that way. After John leaves, Andrea asks Brandon what happened, but he still won’t spill.

Steve watches a Hartley House reunion in which Chuckie’s character asks Samantha’s character where he comes from. He falls asleep and dreams about being on the show and asking the same character. Chuckie taunts that he must have a real mother somewhere. TV Steve tells his dreaming self that he needs to go look for his birth mother.

In the morning, Samantha’s cheerful because the reunion is a go. Chuckie told her that Steve was responsible for him agreeing to the show, so Samantha rewards Steve with a new car. Steve confronts her with the news that Chuckie knows he was adopted. Samantha denies that she told him. Steve reveals that he got suspended because he took the blame for the fight so Chuckie would do the reunion. He accuses Samantha of becoming a mother because she thought of it as a role. He adds that he’s going to find his birth mother.

Steve goes to Cindy for advice, asking her if she would have told the twins if they were adopted. He asks how she would feel if they were adopted and wanted to find their birth parents. Cindy admits that she would be afraid of losing them. She notes that birth parents don’t always want to be found. At school, David asks Donna to drive them to the dance, since he’s not old enough. Her friends wonder what she sees in him. Dylan asks if she’s worried about getting a reputation as someone who dates younger men. Donna insists again that they’re just friends.

Brandon pulls Kelly aside to chastise her for keeping her date with Chuckie. She thinks his fight with Steve was over her. Brandon tells her the fight was really about Chuckie giving Steve a hard time about being adopted. Kelly isn’t sure what to do. Chuckie and Samantha go to their old soundstage to solidify their deals for the reunion. Samantha brings up Steve, asking Chuckie what happened between them. She asks how he knew that Steve was adopted. Samantha’s agent admits that he spilled the beans because Chuck was jealous.

Samantha blasts her agent for betraying her trust to make a spoiled brat feel better. Chuck notes that he’s the reason the show stayed on the air, adding that he only agreed to the reunion for her, since he knows how important the show is to her. Samantha says she’s put up with the situation for too long and she’s not doing the reunion.

Steve mopes and plays Gameboy at the Peach Pit. He tells Dylan he’s adopted and he wants to find his birth parents. Dylan isn’t sure that’s a good idea. He warns that Steve might not be able to have a relationship with his biological mother just because he wants to. Samantha may not have given birth to Steve, but she’s always been there for him.

When Steve goes home, Samantha tells him she’s not doing the reunion. She apologizes for making him be nice to the little twerp for so long. Steve asks her who his birth mother is. Samantha admits to being scared the way Cindy predicted she might be: She doesn’t want to lose Steve. Donna and David go to the dance together, her still insisting that they’re not dating. She tries to make him feel better by saying she’s proud to go to the dance with the best dancer at West Beverly. David tries to kiss her, but she doesn’t see him as that kind of friend.

Samantha tells Steve that all she knows about his birth mother is her name, Karen Brown. She was very young and from a small town outside of Albuquerque. Steve decides that’s where he needs to go – tonight. Kelly skips the dance to get even with Chuckie and goes to Steve’s house instead. They go for a drive and he tells her about his trip to New Mexico. Kelly offers to drive him there, but Steve wants to take the bus and leave his California life behind. She insists that he at least say goodbye to their friends before he goes.

At the dance, Brenda tells Dylan he’s spending Christmas with the Walshes. He’d like a promise that Jim won’t dress up as Santa. Andrea tells Brandon that he was right about the Steve/Chuckie story being gossip, so she won’t run it in the paper. Kelly and Steve arrive at the dance in time to see David become the star of the dance floor. Everyone’s also watching when David and Donna start making out. Donna admits to her friends that she likes David and it’s too bad if anyone has a problem with it.

Kelly blows Chuckie off and dances with Steve. He’s busted for being at the dance after being suspended, so he decides to just head to the bus station. Chuckie taunts him for taking the bus, and Steve replies that Chuckie’s a has-been. The gang leaves the dance to take Steve to the bus station, learning along the way that Steve was adopted. Kelly promises that no matter who or what he finds in New Mexico, the gang will always be his family.

Thoughts: The kid version of Chuckie is played by the same kind who played hellion Aaron on Full House. (He was also in Pet Sematary and Kindergarten Cop.) I always thought he was so adorable.

Teenage Chuckie looks like the love child of Colin Farell and Zac Efron. If only he wouldn’t wear such aggressively ’90s clothes. (Colorblocking, ahoy!)

“The best dancer at West Beverly”? Donna, why must you lie?

People, we have to stop telling brandon he’s right. No good can come of it.

We also have to stop encouraging David’s dancing, because…seriously.

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