November 25, 2011

Dawson’s Creek 3.23, True Love: “You Got What You Wanted”

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Yes, it's the episode where he makes this face

Summary: Dawson and Mitch run into Gail and Joey downtown as they get ready for Mitch and Gail’s second wedding. Joey will be the maid of honor, and Dawson’s happy that she’s agreed to be part of the ceremony. She heads off to find something blue, and Dawson notes that there’s a lot of that going around. Pacey is getting ready for his summer sailing trip, but Doug thinks he should tell Joey how he feels about her before he leaves.

Jen tries to get Jack back in their Bitter Club now that both of their boyfriends have left or are leaving. Henry shows up and he and Jen try to get Jack to do their talking for them. Jack tries to translate their comments as apologies. Henry finally tries to apologize to Jen himself, but she wishes they’d never met.

Andie stops by Dawson’s house to get him to sign her yearbook, specifically on a photo of him and Pacey. She tells him about Pacey’s sailing trip and a send-off they’re having for him the next night. Dawson tells her it’s the same time as the rehearsal dinner. Andie points out that one of them will have to make the first move. She admits that she’s not past what happened yet either, and “letting go isn’t a one-time thing,” but something that has to be done every day.

Doug pulls Joey over for driving too slowly, telling her he’ll let her off with a warning, but not about driving. He tells her that Pacey’s leaving for the summer in a couple of days, in case she wants to see him before he goes.

Joey tracks Pacey down and blasts him for skipping town because things have gotten difficult. Pacey argues that he’s not going to sit around and watch Joey and Dawson try to revive their friendship. He figured a “goodbye scene” wouldn’t work either since he wouldn’t get what he wanted – her asking him to stay. Joey tells Pacey that at least she’s not giving up. He turns her around to look at her wall, which she never painted. He notes that it’s unfinished, just like they are. He may not like the ending they’ve wound up with, but at least it’s an ending.

At the wedding rehearsal, Dawson notices that Joey doesn’t seem completely present. He tells her that if she wants to go see Pacey, she should go. She says she’s doing the best she can and asks him to cut her some slack. Dawson points out that she’s acting like she’s stuck with him, which he doesn’t deserve. He tells her again to go, but Joey is determined to stay.

Pacey, Jen, Andie, Jack, and Grams give Pacey his going-away party, and the kids all complain about how bad their summers will be. Grams tells them about spending a day with a man who was about to leave for Korea. He asked her to wait for him, but she was too scared to do anything, including kiss him. The next day, Grams flew to San Diego and kissed the man in front of his whole crew. He wound up dying in Korea. She had one perfect kiss with him, 46 years with her husband, and no regrets.

Dawson tells Joey he doesn’t want to fight anymore. She tells him that if they’re going to have an honest relationship, he needs to know that part of the reason she broke things off with Pacey was so she wouldn’t lose Dawson. He’s been part of her entire life, but if she’d thought he would forgive her, she might have made a different decision. On their way home with Jack and Andie, Grams decides that Jen needs to see Henry and tell him how she feels before he leaves.

Joey goes downtown to run an errand for Bessie and sees that someone has painted on her wall, “Ask me to stay.” Pacey shows up and admits that he got Bessie to get her to come downtown. He’s realized that leaving would be giving up, and he’s not ready to do that. But he also wants to know that Joey’s not ready to give up either. Pacey spent an hour and a half staring at the wall the previous night, and now he wants Joey to spend some time staring at it.

The next day, Mitch and Gail get remarried with Dawson and Joey as their best man and maid of honor. Their vows talk about loving each other forever and being best friends. Dawson’s happy but Joey’s a little distracted. At the end of the ceremony, they spot Pacey at the back of the crowd. Grams drives Jen, Jack, and Andie to wherever Henry’s bus is leaving from, and Jen goes looking for him. She tells him she’s had sex before but not with anyone she really loved. Then she kisses him in front of his whole crew team.

Back in Capeside, Joey tells Pacey that she can’t give him a reason to stay. She has too much to work through. He replies that she’s made her choice. It would have saved everyone a lot of time and energy if she’s just made it a few months ago. Dawson interrupts, leading Joey to make an excuse to leave. Pacey asks if she’s even going to say goodbye. She does, and Pacey tells Dawson that he won: “You got what you wanted.” He knows things won’t be the same between the two of them. Dawson agrees.

Jen sends Henry off and Jack tells her she has to leave the Bitter Club. Grams congratulates her granddaughter for showing so much courage. She’s pleased to see Jen so happy. Jen thinks they need to continue their “carpe diem road trip” in Boston so Jack can see Ethan. At the wedding, Dawson and Joey dance and she babbles about spending the summer together. She’s about two seconds from losing it.

The road-trip crew makes it to Boston, where Jack tells Ethan that he wants to show him he’s not afraid. He tries this by kissing him. He’s too late, though, as Ethan’s gotten back together with his ex. Dawson gives his best-man speech, talking about how happy he is to be part of what his parents have now, where everything is forgiven. Part of love is forgiving. Later, Joey asks Dawson if he meant what he said. He did, and he wants her to go to Pacey.

Dawson reminds Joey that she gave up going to Paris for him, and he should have made her go. He was selfish and wanted her to stay with him. He doesn’t want to make that mistake again. Joey says it might be her choice to stay, but she’s not fooling anyone. Dawson wants her to see for herself that this is the right decision. He can tell her that she’ll come back to him eventually, but they’re just words. Joey needs to find out.

“You want him like I want you,” Dawson says, the only difference being that Pacey wants her back. “You’re free. You can do whatever you want.” Joey tells him she wants them to be friends. Dawson repeats what he said about words just being words. He tells her again to walk away and go to Pacey. As she leaves, he cries and makes the iconic crying-Dawson face we’ve all come to know and love. Just then, the road-trip crew returns and Jen sees Dawson devastated.

Jack goes home and tells his father that he kissed Ethan, then found out he got back together with his ex. He tries to get Mr. McPhee to admit that the thought of two men kissing disgusts him. He spent a whole year working on his relationship, and now it, the entire year, and his life are a wash. Mr. McPhee says that’s not true – Jack had the guts to go out and work for what he wanted.

Jack says he has the same problems as other teens, but there’s another level. He had more anguish than most over one kiss. He didn’t ask to be gay. Mr. McPhee replies that he didn’t ask for a gay son, but he’s glad he got one. He holds Jack as he cries. Speaking of crying, Dawson goes home to mope, but finds Jen, Andie, and Jack in his bedroom. They want to cheer him up with a movie night, refusing to listen when he says he wants to be alone. Andie says their pain makes them real, but no one can handle it alone.

Joey runs to the waterfront, where Pacey is about to leave. He tells her it’s too late for him to ask her to go. She tells him she doesn’t want to stop him any more than she wants to be stopped. Pacey has challenged her all year, as well as been there for her. He tells her she has 30 seconds until the end of the episode he leaves. Joey hesitates, then announces that she thinks she’s in love with him. On second thought, she knows she is. And she doesn’t want to run from it anymore.

Pacey asks Joey what the next step is. She tells him she wants to go with him. She’s done standing still. Pacey points out that Bessie and the B&B need her, but Joey thinks Pacey needs her more. She starts to board the True Love, but Pacey makes her ask permission first. Then he helps her onboard and they make out. Moments later, they’re off on their summer adventure together.

Thoughts: How am I already halfway through the series? That’s just crazy!

Why does Joey go looking for Gail’s something blue? Her dress is blue!

Jack should have known Ethan was trouble when he saw his horrible hair.

The Jack/Mr. McPhee scene was sweet, but it felt really tacked-on and out of place in the episode. They should have stuck something into the episode earlier, maybe Jack calling his father from the road to say he was going to see Ethan.

I would totally want to be there when Bessie found out Joey had left for the summer without telling anyone.


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