November 26, 2011

BH90210 2.19, Fire and Ice: Toe Pick!

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Brandon is no D.B. Sweeney

Summary: Brandon’s playing ice hockey, so we can see how awesome Jason Priestley is. Dylan and Steve are also playing; Steve has been enlisted as a goalie, though he’s not very good at skating. As their team leaves the ice, some figure skaters start practicing. One of them accidentally knocks Brandon and Steve over, and Brandon blasts her for coming onto the ice before they were off. They banter about skating vs. hockey as sports. (If you were expecting this episode to be like The Cutting Edge, you will be disappointed.) The girl, Tricia, challenges Brandon to a six-lap race, which ends in a tie.

Tricia’s coach breaks up the fun, but Brandon wants a rematch. Tricia tells him she’s on the ice by 5:30 a.m. At home, Brenda gives Cindy a makeover, trying to get her to buy something. At 5 the next morning, Brandon drags himself out of bed to meet Tricia. She tells him she likes this part of the day the most because it’s when she gets to be herself. Brandon asks her out, and though Tricia says she’d like to accept, her coach probably won’t go for it. She asks him to stay and watch her practice.

Brandon chats with someone at the rink who tells him Tricia has “the fire and the ice.” She’s the kind of skater who comes along rarely. He also warns Brandon that her coach might not like it if he knows he’s there. Brenda gets up early for breakfast with Deidre; Cindy gives her some pointers for becoming better at sales. She isn’t that helpful, though, since she only buys $20 work of makeup. Deidre tells Brenda to think more like a shrink so she can tailor her sales pitches to each customer. She thinks Brenda has the right instinct to be good at sales.

Tricia’s coach meets Brandon, telling him this has been her worst practice in a long time, probably because Brandon’s there. Tricia could be a world-class skater, but she doesn’t focus on skating as much as she should. Brandon says he could walk out and never come back, but Tricia invited him, not the coach. He thinks someone should ask her what she wants. Brenda tries to sell Kelly and Donna some perfume, telling them they’re “buying self-image” when they balk at the $190 price tag.

At home, Brenda drowns her sorrows in ice cream, telling Brenda she worked eight hours but probably made less than $2 in commissions. She’s impressed by the way Deidre reads people. She also thinks their parents blew it by raising them to be nice rather than teaching them how to succeed in the real world. Brandon admits that he felt the same way when he saw how determined Tricia was. He could be a skating champ if their parents had put more pressure on him. The twins think they could “make up for lost time” if they worked hard enough.

Brandon sits in on another of Tricia’s practices, much to her coach’s dismay. Deidre sizes up David when he comes into the boutique, telling Brenda to sell to him. David’s looking for a belated birthday present for Donna, so Brenda pitches him the perfume she wanted to buy earlier. Tricia’s coach agrees to let Brandon drive her home, and Brandon notes that he’s overprotective. Tricia tells him she lives with him because her family’s back in Texas. Brandon praises her for her motivation and accomplishments; he feels like he’s wasted his life. She’s jealous of his freedom.

Brandon asks Tricia what her plans are after she’s done skating. She’s considering law school. Then she asks him where he would be if she weren’t with him. Probably at the Peach Pit, where David’s giving Donna the perfume. Kelly pulls Brenda aside to chastise her for selling David something so expensive. Brenda tells Dylan she’s feeling powerful for being able to convince people to buy things they didn’t even know they wanted.

Tricia and Brandon stop by the Peach Pit, where Tricia invites the gang to come see her at sectionals. Brenda invites her to the boutique to get some leotards. Everyone goes to sectionals, and Brandon proves that he’s learned a lot about figure skating. Brenda’s skipping out to work. Tricia falls during her routine, ending her season before the finals. Her coach encourages her to go home for a little while and decide whether she wants to try for the ’94 Olympics. Brandon blames himself for the screw-up. Tricia says her coach noted that she might not have wanted to win.

Brenda tries to sell Cindy more makeup, but this time she’s not successful. Brandon notes that she’ll say anything to make a commission. Brenda argues that she’s trying to put into practice what Deidre’s taught her. Brandon brings Tricia to West Beverly, where she meets Andrea, who admits to having a figure-skating phase as a kid. She thinks Tricia’s there for an interview, not a date. They run into Dylan, Steve, Kelly, and Donna, and Tricia tells them she’s enjoying the real world. They consider junk foods for her to try, finally settling on burritos.

Brenda makes some sales at the boutique, but loses her commission to Deidre when she takes over. Tricia takes Brandon to the skating rink so they can ice dance on their first date. The coach interrupts and tells Tricia she’s received a waiver to compete at sectionals. However, she has to be in Salt Lake City in five days, and they’ll have to start working tonight. Brandon reluctantly encourages Tricia to go for it. The next day, he goes back to watch her practice but learns that Tricia has requested a closed session.

Cindy learns about Deidre stabbing Brenda in the back and encourages her to get even. This involves Cindy pretending to be a customer at the boutique. Brandon, Dylan, and Steve go to hockey practice and Jim notes that Brandon’s distracted. He figures it has something to do with Tricia. Brandon asks why Jim and Cindy didn’t encourage him to skate competitively. Jim says they did encourage him, they just didn’t pressure him. Brandon thinks they believed he couldn’t take the pressure. Jim says Cindy met with a coach who asked if they wanted a superstar or a son.

As Cindy slips out to feed her parking meter, Deidre tells Brenda what great taste she has. She thinks Cindy will provide her biggest commission ever. Cindy returns and announces that she doesn’t need everything she was going to buy. Then she blasts Deidre for kissing up to her while treating Brenda badly.

Tricia stops by the Peach Pit to apologize to Brandon for closing her practice. He’s mad that he was just a brief distraction for her. He was willing to show up early in the morning to take what he could get. Tricia notes that that wasn’t fair to either of them. Then they make out. A few days later, Brandon, Brenda, and Dylan watch Tricia’s semifinals performance on TV. After her successful performance, she tells a reporter that the performance was worth all the hard work, but she does miss burritos.

Thoughts: Tricia is played by Gabrielle Anwar, who at the time was just coming off of one of my favorite ’90s movies, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. She’s best known now for playing Fiona on Burn Notice.

Brandon, stop chomping your gum with your mouth open. It makes me like you even less than I already did.

The coach comes across as a jerk in the beginning, but he turns out to be a nice guy. He doesn’t get mad at Tricia after sectionals, and he’s actually very encouraging.

While the kids are suggesting junk food for Tricia to try – Donna: “Gum.” Brandon: “Donna, gum is not food.” Donna: “I don’t care. Gum.” Love her.

I can’t see Cindy advocating, much less participating in, a revenge scheme. Not that her idea of revenge is very vengeful.



  1. Abigail said,

    Ha ha I came on this site because I was hoping I would find out what that growth was on Brandon’s face!

    • Anne said,

      Yeah, me too!! Any luck figuring it out what that thing is? Its gone by the end of the episode!!

      • Rileycat said,

        I’ve been on a quest to find this out also. He also has a cold sore going on at certain times.

    • Ariel said,

      Same! At first I was thinking maybe Brenda would hook up Brandon with some makeup to cover it up, but they literally never talk about his face or use it as a plot point.

    • Ariel said,

      Correction: I figured it out after rewatching the beginning of the episode. The ice skater girl knocks over Steve and Brandon and Brandon gets a “cut” on his face. A weird, circle-shaped cut that they thought looked realistic?

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